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Mini map gone.

By Nox16 - MEMBER - February 10, 2014, 10:18:53
Hello while in beta i found that my mini map is missing. As well the hot key for making it appear is gone so i wonder is this and inteneded feature? Regardless.

Name: davros *but it happens on all my characters*
display name: Nox16
Date and time: all the time every day this has happened.
Map: well it doesnt show up anywhere i happen to be.
Bug description: the mini map is gone and you cant bring it back.
reproducible: Just log on and see if you see a mini map or try to bring one up or look under the commands menu in options to see there isnt any commands for the map anymore.

i really hope this is just a thing for the beta server if not that makes me sad sad
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i've been having this problem too. i thought i just messed something up but i guess it's a glitch. D:
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They removed it...and yeah theres no shortcut option for it anymore either. Its either removed permanently or, everyones got the same bug. But we want it BACK....miss the minimap. And so what if not everyone used it all the time , it was already programmed just bring it backsad ....BTW on the normal Nox servers its gone as well.
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Still waiting on minimap, didn't think it would take so long to get it back *_*
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Can we please get this back? It's annoying when I'm mining and running around and having to check my map constantly.
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