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[1.81] Eniripsa Class

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - August 17, 2023, 12:31:22
Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.
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G'day! I have the question if an additional feature could be added to the summon of the Eniripsa. The Coney should be able to be marked by the fireskills to be able to explode and trigger an AOE dmg/heal depending on the mark. The exploding Coney is a longrunning insider in a lot of guilds for years and if there is the possibility it would be nice to get an homage. I appreciate everyone that went through and spend time to read through the message and have a good day/night!
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Is the bonus knockback damage from Colimator indirect?
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I think because Unnatural Remedies now turns Eniripsa from a potent healer to a potent damager with mastery conversions, % damage inflicted boosts and propagator, WP cost is correspondingly expensive.

Which immediately begs the possibility of a passive for easier WP recovery and/or lowered WP cost at the expense of weaker boosts from stat conversions by UR

This is desirable for party compositions requiring the Eniripsa to occupy both roles every turn, instead of switching every two to three turns for those trying to conserve WP


Not to diminish the effort the animator has put in into the Eniripsa tracing out the Marks with wand movements, I do think they are intricate but because the character model is tiny they look really similar. Maybe add in some older animations for one or two marks?

I understand that each new animation cycle is not a simple to work on, and the more "acrobatic" classes like Masqueraider or Panda tend to show more large movements (somersaults, forward leaps, kicks, drinking/dancing motions), while for Spellcasters they may look more like simple gestures (Xelor, Huppermage) while the impressiveness should come from the vfx, but the motions for the water spells for Eniripsa are really done well, they are dynamic and have weighty motions.

If it was wand movements, it would look more visually impressive with large body movements to direct the wand -slashes, twirls, large uprising motions like the ones for Unnatural Remedies and the old Marks, swishes flicks... instead of being similar to writing numerals for a cheque in mid-air
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    Under the spell Unnatural Remedies, the Eniripsa loses 10 levels of Grace

Currently Grace does not decrease from 1) casting unnatural remedies, 2) casting spells while in unnatural remedies, 3) ending turn with unnatural remedies

    Passive 2 - Massacuring Mark
    +1 minimal Range
    The range becomes non-modifiable

While I understand that free heals from using this is quite powerful, it makes Guardian Fire and Corrosive Heal extremely untenable, set at fixed range 2 and fixed  range 3 respectively. Is there any chance of increasing their default max range by 1 while keeping min range?

    Passive 3 - Puncture
    When the Eniripsa has >= 80% of its HP:

Condition is not modified from taking with Expert Healer, maybe Expert Healer's wording should clarify it is for spells only.


Coney's Abnegation seems to want an additional animation - it is quite dry currently.

Is Coney suppose to have no spells at all? It was suppose to have a resistance reducing spell for dark coney and a heal spell for coney?

    Corrosive Heal

Hammle Mark's mark trigger is still missing a vfx - it is quite dry currently upon trigger.

    Passive 9 - Single Care
    After healing :
    -30% final heal (1 turn)

The reduction of heals performed currently does not display as a state, and doesn't seem to affect the shown value of % heals performed yet.

    Passive 11 - Transgression
    Maximum range of elemental spells reduced to 3

The range reduction is rather wonky right now, they are neither all reduced to 3 nor all reduced by 3. Some lose 1 range, some lose 2 range.

    Passive 12 - Deadline
    Healings are also stored on the target and applied at the beginning of its turn

This is currently missing a displayed state to remind players they will gain a heal at the start of their next turn. It is also probably good to add in the wording that its only for direct healing.

    Passive 14 - Alchemist Apprentice
    Each time the propagator is triggered :
    Steals -1 MP from the target

Directly in opposition with passive 8, Doctors without Borders, to consume propagator for heals but not a big issue given the massive amount of passives you can choose from. Although it would be nice if it really did give you or your allies MP directly instead (currently just gives you net 0 and halves propagation gains if you take both)

    Passive 16 - Marque anbareul
    Repulsion triggers the marks immediately.
    Repulsion no longer pushes marked targets

Traid Mark is unable to be triggered by this passive no matter with or without fulfilling the 50% health condition (in contrast, Refund Mark can be triggered even if the target is not next to an ally) . Coney fails to gain dodge and lock from Here Mark triggered by this.

    Passive 19 - Ambivalence
    Unnatural Remedies can only be casted if it is the first spell of the turn.

The restriction is currently not in place, you can cast Unnatural Remedies freely.

Any chance of the Eniripsa getting 1 more spell made into non-line of sight?(Ban, for example), as they have no way to make allies transparent, targeting in an crowded field is a nightmare

Topkcaj and Sylvan Awakening at least have an extra use when not used to cast on dead allies - is there any way Eniraiser can gain an extra effect that's used on non-dead allies to make it not such a dead spell as well?
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Casting Coney and Life-Giving Fountain, while having the Nature Morte passive, has a strange interaction. When the Eniripsa starts their turn with a Coney standing on a Life-Giving Fountain, the Coney will try to transform, but will recieve the heals from the Life-Giving Fountain, cancelling the transformation. This also applies when the Coney spell is cast while a Coney is in play, The Coney or Super Coney will be healed instead of becoming KO. This allows the Eniripsa to summon multiple Coneys and Super Coneys.

Spell order to reproduce bug: Life-Giving Fountain > Coney > Pass Turn until the Life-Giving Fountain is gone > Repeat
For best results, summon the Coneys diagonally, from top-left to bottom-right.

Example of the results:
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