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Beta 1.80 Changelog - 25 May

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 25, 2023, 07:13:00
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1. Main features

  • Artifacts are now learned across the account and server. They can be found in the "Quest Items" tab of the inventory.
    • Several quest items are involved in addition to artifacts:
      • Key to the Throne Room of Wa
      • Scroll of Spells: Weapon Mastery
      • Scroll of Spells: Fluctuation
      • Scroll of Spells: Mass Charm
      • Scroll of Spells: Marrow Bone
    • Spell Scrolls allow you to use the associated spells for all characters in your account. They are automatically credited to accounts with a character who has completed the associated quests (Huppermagic School and Ouginak).
  • Transports are now learned across the account and server.
  • A new 3-player dungeon is added to Amakna: the Tower of the Miss Ugly (level 51-65).

2. Classes

2.1. Cra

  • Roly-poly gives the right amount of MP when the spell is cast multiple times in the same turn.

2.2. Eliotrope

  • Removing the bonus portal of Portal Disciple with the Interstellar or Transient passives does not restore max PW.
  • Only free portals are taken into account when the Eliotrope casts the Exodus spell on a target. If no free portals are within 4 squares of the target, no effect will be played. The spell cannot be cast on a target that is on a team portal.
  • The number of turns remaining is displayed on the portal when the Spacetime passive is equipped.

2.3. Osamodas

  • Both of the Gobgob's auras (solar and lunar) disappear properly when he dies.
  • The damage of the Zespadon summoner's Zestafilade spell is correctly increased as a critical hit.

2.4. Sacrieur

Changes have been made to the Sacrier. Its mechanics are satisfying, however, we wanted to go even further to diversify the playability of the class.

So we focused on the passives. These offered significant damage bonuses, which made their use necessary to perform well. We reworked them to enrich the Sacrier's gameplay without restricting it to a specific role. The natural mechanics of the class are rebalanced accordingly.

  • Fury
    • The Sacrier always gains 1 point of Fury for every 0.8% HP lost
    • The Sacrier gains 0.5% damage inflicted per point of Fury, to a maximum of 50%.
  • Bold Punishment
    • Bold Punishment has only 25 levels
    • Bold Punishment gives 2% Damage inflicted and removes 8 Elemental Resistance per level
    • At maximum level, Bold Punishment gives 50% Damage inflicted and removes 200 Elemental Resistance
    • The state goes up 1 levels each time the Sacrier suffers damage
  • Bloodthirsty Punishment
    • Damage taken at the end of the turn or when the status is deactivated is considered a Flame Return
  • Flame Return
    • Les retours de flamme ne peuvent pas tuer le Sacrieur s'il possède plus de 1 PV
    • Plusieurs sources de retours de flamme sont ajoutées
    • Les retours de flamme peuvent prendre de l'importance avec certains passifs

The values displayed are the values at level 200
  • Punishment
    • Reduced damage from 210 to 162
  • Insanity
    • Increased the range of the spell: it becomes 0 to 3 non-modifiable
    • The attraction is performed around the targeted cell
    • This simple change adds a very interesting movement option that was not yet present in Sacrier's kit.
  • Colonnades
    • Increased damage from 105 to 135
    • Increased Armor gain:
      • 100 to 150
      • 0.025 to 0.05 per missing HP of the Sacrier
    • The spell is limited to 1 use per turn
  • Smasher
    • Reduced damage from 108 to 100
    • If the target has Armor :
      • Damage is increased by 50%.
    • This change gives the earth branch a very interesting offensive option in certain situations.
  • Aversion
    • Additional damage is now inflicted if the Sacrier is stabilized, not the target
    • This modification allows to keep the spirit of the spell while making it more fair through the different contents.
  • Motion sickness
    • Motion sickness is replaced by a new Air spell
    • This was a particular spell that was struggling to find its place in the current Sacrier gameplay. Some of its effects can now be found in some passives, which are more suitable. This change also allows us to offer a new movement tool to the Sacrier to improve this part of the gameplay.
  • Projection (new spell)
    • 2 AP, 1 to 2 Range cast in line non modifiable
    • 54 Air damage (Enemies)
    • Teleports the caster symmetrically to the target
    • 3 uses per turn
  • Lightspeed
    • Reduced spell cost from 4 AP to 3 AP 1 PW
    • The spell is now limited to 1 use per turn
  • Sacrifice
    • Now requires a line of sight
    • No longer applies Sacrifice in a circle size 2
    • The Sacrier can apply Sacrifice in a circle size 2 only if he casts the spell on himself
    • The spell is now limited to 1 use per turn
    • The Sacrifice state lasts 1 turn less
    • Sacrifice is a very powerful tool, it felt too easy to use and too difficult to counter.
  • Burning
    • Burning is replaced by a new neutral spell
    • The effects of this spell were interesting and can be found in a passive, however we think that a new spell could bring more depth to the Sacrier's gameplay.
  • Blood Transfer (new spell)
    • 1 AP 1 PW, 1 to 4 Range non modifiable
    • The caster loses 10% of his current HP
    • The ally target is healed by the same amount
    • The caster exchanges position with the target
    • 2/turn, 1/target
    • This new spell offers a flexible but costly transposition option to the Sacrier.

  • Passive 1 - Wrath
    • Starting his turn with 100 Fury:
      • Loses all MP
      • 3 AP
  • Passive 2 - Tattooed Blood
    • Bonus HP for the Sacrier:
      • 800% of his level
    • -2 Range on his movement spells
  • Passive 3 - Wakfu veins
    • Movement spells cost 1 PW less but 1 AP more
    • When moving an enemy with a spell:
      • 31 Light Damage
    • When moving with a spell:
      • Flame Return: 5% of his current HP
  • Passive 4 - Mobility
    • When casting a movement spell (3 max):
      • 1 MP (1 turn)
      • 100% of level in dodge (1 turn)
    • At the start of the combat, the Lock is reduced to 0
  • Passive 5 - Blood Pact
    • When dropping below 20% of max HP (1x per turn):
      • 10% of max HP in Armor
      • 1 WP
    • If you go back above 60% of maximum HP (1x per turn):
      • 10% of max HP in Armor
      • 1 WP
    • -30% Max HP
  • Passive 6 - Libation
    • The natural regeneration of PW is deactivated
    • Every 4 Flame Returns :
      • 2 PW
  • Passive 7 - Transcendence
    • In Bold Punishment:
      • Adds Melee Mastery to Dodge
      • Reduces Lock to 0
    • In Bloodthirsty Punishment:
      • Adds Melee Mastery to Lock
      • Reduces Dodge to 0
    • Punishments cost 1 additional WP
  • Passive 8 - Blood trail
    • When the Sacrier suffers a Flame Return :
      • 100% of level in lock (1 turn, can be stacked)
      • 100% of the level in dodge (1 turn, can be stacked)
    • Flame Returns are increased by 20%
  • Passive 9 - Smasher
    • If the target has more % HP than the Sacrier :
      • 25% life stolen
    • Otherwise:
      • Flame Return: 15% of damage dealt
  • Passive 10 - Clinging to Life
    • After receiving damage, if the Sacrier reaches 100 Fury:
      • 20% of max HP in Armor
      • 50 Elemental Resistance (1 turn)
      • The Sacrier cannot go back above 20% of their maximum HP (1 turn)
  • Passive 11 - Blood Flow
    • -60% Armor received
    • For each enemy targeted by a spell during the turn:
      • 1 WP (max 3) at the end of the turn
  • Passive 12 - Dangerous game
    • If current HP < 35% :
      • 100% Heals received
    • Otherwise:
      • -75% Heals received
  • Passive 13 - Vision
    • 1 Range to movement spells
    • If the Sacrier does not have a fighter in contact with them:
      • -100% Armor received
  • Passive 14 - Burning Armor
    • Flame returns are transformed into Armor
    • At the start of the turn:
      • The Sacrier loses the remaining Armor and suffers damage
  • Passive 15 - Wakfu Pact
    • HP bonus for the Sacrier:
      • 400% of his level
    • For each WP used:
      • Flame Return: -5% current HP
  • Passive 16 - Sacrier's Heart
    • In Bold Punishment:
      • Melee Mastery is added to Ranged Mastery
      • Ranged Mastery is added to Melee Mastery
    • At the start of the turn, Bold Punishment is unapplied
  • Passive 17 - Motion sickness
    • 1 Range to movement spells
    • If the Sacrier has a fighter in contact with him:
      • -100% Heals received
  • Passive 18 - Pillar
    • At the end of the turn, per enemy in contact:
      • Healing: 10% of the caster's missing HP
      • 30 Elemental resistance (1 turn)
      • -1 MP max (1 turn)
  • Passive 19 (new passive) - Burning
    • At the end of the turn, if an enemy is in contact with the Sacrier:
      • 100% of the level in flaming
      • If no enemy is in contact with the Sacrier at the beginning of his turn:
        • Return of flames: suffers the flaming
  • Passive 20 (new passive) - Executor
    • If a combatant is moved by the Sacrier:
      • -2 MP (1 turn, non-stackable)

2.5. Foggernaut

  • Alignment shot and Destruction shot from the Turret can no longer target invisible or untargetable enemies.

2.6. Xelor

  • After the current hour does a full turn of the dial, an aura is added to indicate the level of distortion that will be applied.

3. Monsters

  • The Badgoat can no longer stabilize a fighter for several turns in a row, ignoring the destabilized state.
  • The range of Krobelle's spell (Orrok's Explosion) is reduced and its damage is modified.
  • Improvements have been made to the Ereboria Passage Special Challenge (Foggernauts).
    • The starting placements against Foggernauts Archmonsters have been changed.
    • Archmonsters no longer disappear at the end of the challenge.
    • A rare problem where Archmonsters would disappear in the middle of the starting phase is fixed.

4. Items

New Epic Sublimations and Relics are available. They can be crafted from new Handymanr recipes:

  • Sparkling
    • At the start of the turn, if the wearer has no armor: 20% damage inflicted, otherwise: -10% damage inflicted
  • Contact
    • At the end of the turn, for each enemy in contact: 5% of maximum HP in Armor
  • Face to face
    • At the end of the turn, if the wearer is facing an enemy in contact: 10% of maximum HP in Armor
  • Hypermetropic
    • 30% Damage inflicted on targets 7 cells or more away, otherwise -15%
  • Distribution
    • When the state carrier heals an ally, 50% of the healing is converted into Armor

  • Constancy II
    • At the start of combat, if the state carrier has <= 10% Critical Hit: 40% Indirect Damage
  • Elementalism
    • At the start of the combat, if the state carrier has 3 equal elemental masteries: 20% Damage inflicted and Heals performed
  • Chaos
    • At the start of the combat, the elemental masteries of the wearer of the state carrier are reduced to 0
    • 20% Damage inflicted and Heals performed
  • Abnegation
    • At the start of combat, converts half of the elemental mastery into healing mastery at a rate of 1:3
  • Commitment
    • At the start of combat, if the state carrier has <= 0 Healing Mastery: 30% Heals performed
  • Iron Will
    • At the start of combat, if the state carrier has <= 3 Range: 20 Force of Will
  • Disproportionate
    • At the start of combat, if the state carrier has more Block than Critical Hit: Block is converted to Critical Hit

New Sublimations are available (the values shown correspond to level 2 of the sublimation):
  • Blood Carapace
    • At the start of the turn, converts 20% of the current HP into Armor
    • Level 6 max
  • Armor Return
    • When killing an enemy, converts 5% of current HP into Armor (2 activations per turn)
    • Level 4 max
  • Profit
    • After removing AP or MP: +1 AP (1 max/turn per 2 levels)
    • Level 6 max
  • Light Strength
    • As long as the state carrier has no armor: 6% damage inflicted
    • Level 6 max
  • Vital agility
    • At the start of the turn, if HP >= 90%: 1 MP (1 turn)
    • Level 2 max
  • Vital strength
    • At the start of the turn, if HP >= 90%: 1 AP (1 turn)
    • Level 2 max
  • Vital influence
    • When HPs >= 90% : 8% Critical Hit
    • Level 6 max
  • Evasion
    • At the start of combat: 100% of the level in Dodge
    • Level 6 max
  • Escape
    • While dodging an enemy (with losses): 1 MP (1 max/turn per 2 levels)
    • Level 6 max
  • Intercept
    • At the start of combat: 100% of the level in Lock
    • Level 6 max
  • Interposition
    • When locking an enemy: 100% of the level in Armo
    • Level 6 max
  • Paradoxical influence
    • If a non-critical hit is performed with an elemental spell: a 10% Critical hit on the next turn
    • Level 4 max

The Sword of Valdain's characteristics are modified.

5. World

  • The Water Clocks that allow you to explore the temporal rifts have been visually revised. They become more discreet and better integrated into the environment. It is necessary to walk on them while possessing Xelor's Sandglass to activate them.
  • The Chafer King appears correctly and the combat can be launched in any case, even if a player leaves the room.
  • Killing monsters from level 135 to 155 correctly increases the counter in the context of the repeatable quest "Syncroportal (Re)Activation".
  • Exchange machines in front of every dungeon are removed.
    • A common machine is added to every island or territory group, located near the entrance zaap.
    • This change is in line with the Ereboria and Shustuft Crust machines. The intent is to improve the immersion and make it easier to access the machines.

6. Interface

  • Replacing the bag in a hero's inventory no longer replaces the main character's bag instead.
  • Modding: It is possible to change the color of the battle placement boxes as well as the colors of the server status text.
  • The text indicating the population of each team on the battlefield no longer exceeds the interface.
  • The sound of the loading interface has been reworked.

7. Miscellaneous

  • When a pet dies, the message 'X is weakened' now only appears once.
  • The Trade and Recruitment chat channels now require to be level 50 on at least one character in the account to be used.
  • The experience bonus from Demonic Pacts was removed.
    • Characters no longer store experience and get it directly at the end of combat.
    • This change will be effective when Update 1.80 is released. Experience will be removed from pact inventories, so you must get your stored experience before the update or risk losing it permanently.