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[1.78] Foggernaut Revamp

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - November 03, 2022, 10:50:26

Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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I love the general direction of the rework, but i do have some things i disagree with
1. The passives should not be unlocked up to lvl 190, i thought we were done with passives being unlocked after lvl 100 when we removed lvl 2 passives?
2. aspiration seems a bit much when we have magnetism on feca, magnet on rogue and MASS CHARM
3. Flaming rail passive shouldn't hurt you when you are in gunner mode
4. At the moment if you cast a special as the last spell in a turn, the turret doesn't activate. I think turrets should just ignore specials and only track elemental spells
5. Since fire wants you to cast spells on turret, i wouldswap the triggers, give the earth turret aoe to fire spells and have earth just shoot the 2 targets closest to you (and no damage)
6. The passive that allows 2 turrets shold probably also lower the cooldown on turret, it's super slow
7. The passive that gives you bonus max SP at the start of turn seams really weak
8. I was hoping for some fire-earth synergy, water-fire is ranged damage and water earth seems to be support or melee bruiser, but fire and earth just don't seem to work together

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Score : 660
*Edited for 11/17 patch*

Energy Moderator
Can't make sense of the %armor given addition but it's not hurting anything. May have preferred force of will, but it makes little difference to me.

I guess the damage and res maluses are fair trades :,)

Robotic Strategy
I think that switching the indirect damage buff and health steal was a good move.  Still think the health steal should use stasis damage when Fogginator is active.

Reinforced Armor Plating
Thought it was a so-so change until I made the connection between this and Hypertension.

Earthy Assistance 
Really nice change to blockades, although I can't seem to place more than one per turn now. Not sure if that was intentional.

Mechanical Substitution
Finding these changes to be way more useful than the previous version. And with the change to Buccaneering/Pilfer it opens up some pretty interesting movement options.

One suggestion would be to have Shebang's damage bonus apply on characters below 50% instead of above 90%.
I really like what the dev team has done, but I'm no authority on good mechanics. It was probably very fortunate that we got another revamp as soon as we did, so I hope this one turns out good.

*Also 'Hot Wheels' is the best passive name
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- I like the direction this revamp took, only need proper fiddling with animations and such, but so far its very solid, the turret feels like a very important mechanic, but just like Xelor's dial, it's not obligatory to work in every situation, for instance, Tanking feels very smooth and straightforward, the rails being on the third bar is much appreciated, and I love the idea of linking the blockade to a passive, although making the blockade last only one turn, with that little radius feels a bit too much, a larger radius would be better since AoEs make the block take 2x the damage and not really help the ally, the current blockade sure have a gigantic radius, but how about we stick to a middle-point of a 2-cells circle? or the very least a 2--cells cross?

- The turret's interaction with the elemenal spells feels very elegant, and regarding the passive with the extra effects, Passive 18, I'm not sure the water effect (pushing enemies) is a good one, since Water is mid-range combat, the turret pushing the enemies away feels counterproductive to the purpose of a melee brawler to stick to the enemy, especialy when the Fogger can already push the enemy on his own, I think the Passive should give another effect to Water spells, such as perhaps healing the turret or even healing the Fogger by the value of the Turret's damage when you end the turn, since you removed the passive where the Stasis damage heals you, Melee Fogger have no self-heal and the armor gain is still... a little bit low.

- Could Hammer Claw be reverted to the current one where you're able to pull three enemies in line? It was a very unique gimmick on Fogger and helped positioning even with finnicky placements (especialy if you want to use an AoE like Froth but had an ally adjacent to the enemy, Hammer Claw allowed you to move the ally out of the AoE).

- Aspiration feels absolutely irrelevant, we already have Mass Charm avaible to anyone who completes Huppermage Year 2, so why even bother? If my point about Hammer Claw proves anything, is that current Fogger already had a good tool of positioning. Otherwise, how about make it an interaction with Microbots? Cast an earth spell on Microbots, Targets are pulled 2 or 3 cells towards it in a range of 4 cells cross. Just an idea. Make it the effect on one of the passives if you must.

- For the fire spells, I see a little counterproductive issue: Casting on the Turret to affect the radius. In a fire, range built, your Turret will be away from the enemies, where it can safely Stasify and stay out of harms way, so here's a suggestion: Give Fire Spells the same mechanic as Water's "High Pressure" Stacks, where every Fire Spell gives you a stack of Overheating, and the third Fire Spell will have the altered AoE.

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Score : 2162

just a few questions,
1) why those have range for ants

2) can foggernaut have atleast one good +dmg inf. passive (passive 11 is bad; passive 14 is just bruh moment)
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Score : 10962

Water branch is more of a mid-range kind of damage with Evaporation being a straight-up teleport that gains more range with High Pressure, and unlike current fogger, isn't limited to 1 cast per turn, so you can really yeet yourself halfway across the battlefield for an emergency getaway. Also, all these (minus Evaporation)  have MODIFIABLE range, so this is just their minimun range displayed, if you get range from any other source like equipment, stats and buffs, they will reach further.

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Score : 10962

And oh, if I may, I would like to suggest some Passive names (and which passives fit with old names) smile

  • Passive 1: Full Throttle
  • Passive 2: Short Circuit
  • Passive 3: Adaptability
  • Passive 4: Point-Blank Cannon
  • Passive 5: Irradiation
  • Passive 6: Sufokian Transportation
  • Passive 7: Oktapodas's Blessing
  • Passive 8: High Seas Hijinks
  • Passive 9: Stasis Transfer
  • Passive 10: Gear Amputation
  • Passive 11: Limiter Removal
  • Passive 12: Top Brass
  • Passive 13: Light Alloy
  • Passive 14: Plundering
  • Passive 15: Energy Moderator
  • Passive 16: Running Fumes
  • Passive 17: Reinforced Armor Plating
  • Passive 18: Stasis Reservoir
  • Passive 19: Double Barrel
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Score : 2

Oi, Granthese! Tudo bom? smile Adoro seu nickname

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Score : 5417

Here's my ideas for passive names

  • Passive 1: Overdrive
  • Passive 2: Mass production/Assembly line
  • Passive 3: Gear shift
  • Passive 4: Heavy duty turret
  • Passive 5: Motherfogger
  • Passive 6: Railroading
  • Passive 7: Terrafrorming
  • Passive 8: Teleport pod
  • Passive 9: Gas cannisters/Stasis reservoir
  • Passive 10: Bucket of bots
  • Passive 11: Venting steam/Overheat
  • Passive 12: Ironclad
  • Passive 13: Power syphon
  • Passive 14: Limiter removal
  • Passive 15: Stasili plating
  • Passive 16: Trailblazer
  • Passive 17: Unshakeable skeleton
  • Passive 18: Turret MK II
  • Passive 19: Crossfire

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Score : 10962

Ooooh, love your names, especialy "Assembly line" and "Trailblazer". I tried myself to add some names that still relate to how sufokians are also sailors and all, hence "plundering" and "High Sea Hijinks", but a focus on the mechanical side can really give us some fun passive names.

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Granthese#6501|2022-11-05 04:25:14
Water branch is more of a mid-range kind of damage with Evaporation being a straight-up teleport that gains more range with High Pressure, and unlike current fogger, isn't limited to 1 cast per turn, so you can really yeet yourself halfway across the battlefield for an emergency getaway. Also, all these (minus Evaporation)  have MODIFIABLE range, so this is just their minimun range displayed, if you get range from any other source like equipment, stats and buffs, they will reach further.

double checked, spells on the picture have 3 not modifiable range, 3 doesn't feel very mid-range imo
also before first revamp movement spell was like this: 4AP/1WP/5 range/2 uses per turn
new one is 4AP/3 (7 if condition is met) range/2 uses
so fog can travel 10 cell max, just like prerevamp, but now with a condition and 2WP cheaper
basically, 1st revamp made it worse for the 2nd to return it to how it was, with a little tweak...
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Score : 5417

Sure evaporation is more limited, but if you use Mechanics, you basically turn rails into old xelor's dial for 2 turns, which is insane mobility

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Score : 65

For me the foggernaut gameplay feels unharmonic, because the turret and the fogger are extremely co-dependant, position dependant and vision dependant.
And neither have good tools to overcome this problem.

The gameplays also is trough turns... when the meta is "shorther the better". lol

Turrets are weak. Literally instakilleable.  And unpractical in comparison against others 3 star class invo(i think?).
Its impossible to play around turrets that you have to expose but they cant move unless you waste points to move it the next round or  4 proximal to rail because the enemy has priority to a weaker ally. 
Also there's the stasis mechanic that makes invocations even weaker.
In addition to the turrets they cover vision and place a glyph that damages allies, requires allies to be 1 of distance to give armor ... If before it was a problem to position the turret in the field to be useful and not be a nuisance was difficult now it is more hard because at least the -80% distance dmg was useful even for dungeon
The character essence that i feels from the class is like "i do many things but im not the better in neither" 
And that doesnt seems very usefull when you could use a "good damager"/tyma,xel,elio
"good support"/feca,masq,osa   "good tank"/panda,sacr,feca  "good positioner"/masq,panda,feca,sacr 
I even feel like isnt a good "all rounder" like the yop,ugi,sacri,masq,osa or sadi.

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Score : 109

Has the 50% DI from being in fogginator mode been added to the beta? While testing I notice that some of the spells do the same damage in and out of fogginator, and some just do about 150-200 dmg more(these were test on 0 resistance).Also how come the option to remove microbots has been removed? With all the potential positioning it seems like there could be, being able to move around microbots seems important.

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Score : 5417

You will be able to remove microbots by casting microbot on a microbot, they will add this feature next beta

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Score : 242
My Foggernaut Rework Review

The entire rework is well done, and I greatly appreciate the Ankama Dev team for putting this one together. Its direct identity feels much more cohesive than what it was originally, and of the many reworks this class has seen this one has come across as it’s best yet.I know the purpose of this forum thread is for constructive feedback so I will dive right into what I find may need tuning, but don’t want to detract from how ecstatic I am with Foggernaut getting this revamp.
  • Stasis Points: SP Generation is heavily influenced by Stasified which makes a ton of sense, and the mechanic here needs little to continue being successful. In the case your turret is rendered useless there should be a much slower rate of SP generation. I believe that “overpour” from WP generation should be converted to an SP point just like how WP is converted to SP at the start of the fight. Ex. I’m at max cap WP, the 1WP from natural generation turns into 1SP.
  • Turret: The turret is an extremely integral part of the Foggernaut’s kit and is a proponent to SP generation and damage (Furnace). The turret’s movement is null and void in most scenarios without an ability for resummon, a no line-of-sight destruction spell, nor a solid pull or push spell to assist here. The turret can easily be displaced and left in a corner of the map for most fights rendering it useless and a large portion of the kit in turn falls off. Additionally, the HP pool for the turret is extremely low which results in hard management of the Stasify debuff due to a high stasis monster or player destroying it with little effort. The turret can be armored and buffed to survive, but this is outside of player kit while other summons effectively survive, move, and offer more all staying purely within player kit.
  • Dissolution: The kit for Water is highly modifiable in range, but Dissolution finds itself with 1-3 range non-modifiable and straight line. I personally believe it would benefit the class to either remove the non-modifiable range restriction and reduce its base range by 1, or alternatively remove the straight line cast restriction and add 1 additional range to allow for better application.
  • Currents: Make the collision damage do stasis damage when in Fogginator.
  • Pummel: This spell needs to be range modifiable or needs much higher armor generation. Armoring at 1 cell range for allies will be awkward and difficult more times than not even though rails are definitely going to allow for some never before seen mobility.
  • Bombardment: Reduce the damage, and allow for it to hit empty cells. The DPA for this spell is insanely nice, but it will be useless in boss rooms, and Ultimate Bosses for the most part. It will be niche to hit someone more than once without harming an ally to do so.
  • Aspiration: This feels like a hard spell to argue to place on your deck. Make this also pull diagonally to increase mobility, and allow for variety from Mass Charm despite its range being better.
  • Embuscade: The delay in teleport time is immense, and easy to counter. Maybe add into a passive that makes it an instant teleport but removes the damage dealt on it.
  • Passive 7: This is an all-around great passive, awesome to see block become an innate build into the class. More % HP in trade for HP would be beneficial, way too lackluster if an AoE hits already and only last 1 turn so it negates very little for the cost.
  • Passive 16: This passive is amazing that it’s no longer reliant on Flambe application. I do think that it should do Light Damage instead of Fire Damage to best benefit multiple playstyle choices. It also should apply immunity to its dmg while on Gunner to avoid awkward gameplay interactions.

These are currently my only ideas/gripes with the rework. Phenomenal job, and I can say with gusto that I’ll be playing Foggernaut exclusively when it releases to live as this is my favorite class. Love what’s been done with it. I am no developer, and appreciate any ideas of mine that may be taken into consideration!
2 -3
Score : 5417
  • Stasis Points
I completely agree, it just makes sense
  • Turret:
Well you can move it with Ambush, but as with the xelor's summons, i think recasting it should just kill the existing one on the field if you exceed the max
  • Dissolution:
I don't really see a problem with a having one short range spell in water, melee fogger needs some love too
  • Currents:
Makes sense
  • Pummel: 
I'm ambivalent on this one, if the ratios are good enough i'm fine with it being unwieldy
  • Bombardment:
I disagree, if you can hit empty cells, the 1 per enemy per turn restriction basically doesn't matter
  • Aspiration:
I'd just rework the whole spell, we alread have magnet, magnetism, crossfire and mass charm that do almost the same thing (and clubs that does the opposite)
  • Embuscade/Ambush:
Personally, i'd just make it cheaper and lower the damage to match
  • Passive 7:
Personally I'd make them synergise with fire spells like the turret, bu yeah they seem a little bit underwhelming.
  • Passive 16: 
Makes sense
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Score : 1

My feedback for beta fogger :

1. Fogginator shouldn't trigger 3 turns cooldown when we click deactivated.

2. Passive 6 : Microbot's max range to 4 instead of 3.
It feels too short currently knowing its 2 uses per turn.

3. Passive 18 : additional effect to fire -> Stasisfied start at level 2 instead of level 1.
This will help fogger quickly reach high SP and make it easier to use surge voltage under fogginator for the high damage potential.

4. Surge voltage cost to 3 AP 1 SP instead of 3 AP 2 SP.

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Score : 5417

1. I agree
2. The range is 7 if you don't use passive 6
And you can use them 4 times per turn if you use passive 2
3. I think that might work considering it doesn't do damage, tho i worry doubling the SP regen might be overpowered, since it's the core mechanic of the class
4. It deals 6 AP worth of damage, lowering it's cost would just make it ridiculously powerful

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Score : 2162
Passive 17
  • At the start of fight: -2 SP max
  • 50% Block when Foggernaut is not in Gunner mode

it does not work properly with 8 WP build
instead of 6 SP cap character only has 4 SP max

(p.s. overall it's a nice passive in combination with Measured sublimation)
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Score : -9

In my view the Foggernaut has lost its focus. What is it to be a Foggernaut? is a character studies technology and uses stasis as a source of energy, so why is the Foggernaut so similar to other classes? Where's the technology? Where is the stasis, why would a robot use water for combat?
I believe that to improve Foggernaut we have to get out of Wakfu a little bit and think about other “robots” and technology scholars that we love
Because the Foggernaut is not inspired by Iron Man and uses stasis at its core as a source of energy to generate power in its attacks and perfect its abilities.
Why does the Foggernaut have a robot and can't merge with it to become even more powerful? Like the power rangers. That separately each robot does something and together assembles a super robot.
Because the Foggernaut cannot use the technology to create a landmine, a robot that when someone passes through a nearby area takes indirect damage. a robot that gives shield in area (better than that stone he placed) and can fuse with it to gain resistance and shield for a few turns.
because the Foggernaut has poison, if he is a robot because it is not stasis contamination, stasis radiation or something like that we could throw a robot that would cause this effect in a part of the map.
Because the Foggernaut doesn't have those cool moves like Genos from the anime One punch man. Genos is a great example of a cyborg as he can fight from a distance by releasing his super rockets and cannons and can also fight on par with other fighters thanks to the power of his core
That chair of his doesn't have much use for it. She could have a move that takes 1 turn to charge and could do very high damage and in area it would be top to use excess in this move and could justify a combo with other characters who manipulate the map.
He can have an area and distance fire attack that fires several missiles. it would be a very cool animation.
Could have a guided missile-type hit that would deal damage at the start of the enemy's turn (indirect damage)
it has so many cool possibilities I don't know why it keeps putting powers that other characters already have or is similar.
These are some ideas I have more the ones that I like the most would be these.

0 -3
Score : 10962

you’re narrowing down to only half of Fogger’s concept. Foggernaits are also deep-sea explorers from a sunken steampunk empire seeking a resurgence into the world. Hence water attacks and a new human form. Foggernauts are the original sufokians who mine Stasis ore and explore the depths of tye ocean. Their robotic forms were just an evolution to better suit their needs.

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Score : 91

The time delay on Embuscade makes area/range Foggernaut difficult to employ, particularly for Flambe, because it requires you to be able to predict a grouping of enemies a full round in advance.  I agree with Mobb321.  I would like a passive that allows for instant Turret placement using Embuscade, at the cost of using it as a damage tool.  Perhaps change the price to 2AP 1WP and range 1-2 instead of 3AP 1SP and range 1-4 to reflect the change from damage to utility?

Also, I agree with cody5 in swapping the fire vs. earth effects on the Turret.  Fire spells require the Turret to be placed near enemies to get the conversion in the spell's area, so the effects currently assigned to earth last element make more sense as fire last element.

1 0
Score : 10962

Exactly! Fire spells require the turret to be FAR from enemies, why is it the center of he AoE gimmicks insead of earth who lost he AoE of he two best spells Fogger currenly have in the Earth deck? (Shebang and Hammerclaw). I also proposed Fire have the same gimmick as Water, with stacks of Overheating, so your third fire spell gains an AoE radius.

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Score : 487

Why Ankama hates aoe so much?

First they removed Steampalm and now most of fire branch and Shebang became single target spells.

The turret is a worse version of cra beacon, you can't reposition it, 2 turn cooldown AND YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE(without a passive). 

And I don't like how much focus this revamp has on the turret, which currently is the least interesting skill in the fog kit, at least make it a controllable summon and it will be more interesting.

4 -3
Score : 5417

I think it would be nice if the turret had an animation when you shoot it with a fire spell or mechanical substitution triggers

1 -3
Score : 10962

Especialy considering the Turret always had a shooting animation, it woud be fitting.

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Score : 2602
1. Machinery (now)
  • 2 WP, 0 to 3 Range
  • Ally: Moving on rails only costs 1 MP (2 turns) (unnapplied while the target is carrying a fighter)
  • Enemy: Stabilized (1 turn)
  • 2 turns cooldown

Machinery (proposal)
  • 2 WP, 0 to 3 Range
  • Ally: Moving on rails only costs 1 MP (2 turns) (unnapplied while the target is carrying a fighter)
  • Ally: 2 Range and 30% Damage inflicted in distance (2 turns)  [taken from Stasis flux ]
  • 2 turns cooldown

2. Trampling (now)
  • 3 AP, 1 to 3 Range not modifiable
  • Cast on enemy: 69 Earth damage et -4 MP
  • Cast on ally: Stabilized and -2 MP max (1 turn)
  • 2/turn, 1/target

Trampling (proposal)
  • 3 AP, 1 to 3 Range not modifiable
  • Cast on enemy: 69 Earth damage et -2 MP
  • Cast on enemy a second time: 69 Earth damage, -2 MP, Stabilized
  • Cast on ally: Stabilized and -2 MP max (1 turn)
  • 2/turn, 2/target

3. Water spells: linear restriction.
Well, I recommend no linear restriction, in counter the special effect only can apply if the object is on you line.

4. Fire spells
Fire spells are not interesting, they just have more AoE on turret (come on..). Maybe you can reuse Overheating or change some Water spell effects to them.

5. Which type of dammages influences Fogger's indirect dammages?
0 -2
Score : 5417

1,2. Doubling the AP needed to remove 4 MP seems like a really big nerf
And allowing stabilisation every turn is also probably not a great idea.
3. The devs said they don't want non-linear push spells 

0 -1
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