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[1.78] Dungeons

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - November 03, 2022, 10:49:44

Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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My feedback for all the dungeons

Pirates (50):
Done with a party of 6, on stasis 3, all characters using the emblem.
Fun! Not much to say other than that, solid early game dungeon.

Deathburns (50):
Done with a party of 6, on stasis 3, all characters using the emblem.
My favorite out of the new low lvl dungeons. However, some feedback on stuff that might need rebalancing (not counting the few bugs):
1. Glyph placement by the mobs: I feel like the mobs placing glyphs directly under the feet of characters is a bit problematic. Both the bwork and the half-submerged mob are able to do that, the latter way worse.
A good way to counter this, I feel is:
- Make the Bwork place under itself when it attracts itself to the target, instead of the target.
- Make the half-submerged only place glyphs surrounding you, maybe also leave a gap for you to leave, like the Pingwin trapper or the Albatross on the Cwab dungeon.
2. Boss' damage seems a bit high? Was I doing it with emblems on s3? Yes, still, it looks like it's a bit higher than this level should be seeing, for a skill with global range and no LoS.

Bitter-Hammers (65):
Done with a party of 6, on stasis 3, all characters using the emblem.
Dungeon kinda WIP at the moment, so I won't delve into it rn.

Abyssal Creepers (230):
Done with a party of 6, on stasis 2 (ended up lowering to 1 on the boss, bc I was struggling with figuring a strat out, but I think I was able to do it on 2), with very good 215 builds (intentionally).
LOVE THEM! Specially the boss, great work on them! Seeing a new endgame boss with phases is great.
I enjoyed that MP removal is a bit more relevant here, most 230 dungeons enu is almost useless. Removing MP from the Sirens makes them very easy to manage, I preferred doing that to focus on the armor-munchers.
I also really liked the depth that the octopus added to the fight, you can leave it to clean up the death glyphs, or kill for an AP buff.
I don't know if I'd want any changes in this dungeon honestly!

Steamers (230):
Done with a party of 6, wasn't able to finish the boss bc I was running the dungeon for like 6 hours to get the strat, ended up figuring out a way but I was too tired and decided to go to bed (almost worked, ended in the wrong place in the burst turn, f).
Also really liked them! A good change of pace, some of the 230 dungeons feel a bit too oppressive with how fast you need to kill stuff, Horridemons, Voids and Streyes come to mind specially, so it's nice to see a dungeon that feels like you can / should take stuff a bit slower. Needing to wait for the remaining mobs to use their charge at first before resuming to kill them was a bit jaring at first, but once I understood how to deal with them properly, and who to let alive, the fight became a lot clearer!
Also, the boss is epic! Really glad to see a new 3x3 boss in the endgame, feels almost like an UB with the amount of stuff he does.
One small issue, is the gunner's stasis burst based on the amount of stasis charges on all mobs in the field? If so, ain't that a little excessive? If it was just his charges it would be fine imo.

Other than that, I really liked this update, specially the 230 dungeons, more than all of shushu tbh.
Can't wait to test Cire out!


Edit 1: Ignore what I said abt the Deathburn boss! Just checked, it needs LoS, all good with it then, imo

Edit 2: I think removing the RNG from the Mechanic's discharge would be good aswell, in 2 of 3 configurations of mobs, you are kinda forced into letting at least 1 Mechanic alive in the last 3 mobs (due to the discharge of the artillery being way too powerful), having to pray for it to not hit the boss is something I don't think adds anything to the dungeon.

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As ALS fan got lured into checking them, quickly. Don't know anything about modern day endgame so it's not for me to judge 230 duns.

Pirates seems alright tho I feel they lack something to unifiy them as a family, maybe going with this stasis dmg type more? Liked this about them and made dun bit more tricky due to need of balanced res. Anyway I could belive that all of them are part of different theme if not for the visual aspect. The design is really simple overall, it's not bad per se but they feel disconnected.
In dung tho its tad annoying clearing mobs first leave the tentacles alive and force you to destroy them one by one on R1 which take turns out of the game. I think that the tentacles should despawn after the mobs in R1 are defeated.
The boss itself is simple and fun, bit of distance hate. Hiding phase is pretty cool. Nice design for low lvl duns. (edited)

Undead tho... that some real shit, love the spamming with the curse glyphs, give me nice vibes of doing shroom dung on last boss phase tho not so deadly oc. Anyway love the main mechanic, challanging with all the -res, healing rec and armor rec.
Mobs are alrighty tho the small dwarf undead tend to go crazy, need to work on his AI many times he is in range of my heroes and decide to run in different way and cast his spells on air. I realize he want to spam even more marks but he can also deal dmg with his spells so I dont get the need for such behavior. I dont get why when big guy is pulling himself towards you he create the glyph under himself its not a dealbreaker but I just don't understand the idea behind it. The design overall is clear.
Boss looks cool af, you dont even know how happy I am when we phase out of hitting cows, bears, badgers, crabs and everything like that. Nice positioning mechanic with -200 back res tempting you to think a little every turn, since boss is throwing you back on front at the start of his turn. The hp lock got my by surprice, didnt expected that, especially since you can ignore a freshly respawned mobs and try to finish boss (wont work on high stasis most likely but who knows) Wanted to check if boss doing something speciall when I have max stacks of Curse but nothing happens, missed opportunity in my opinion. Also wasnt able to clear all Curse marks at the same time, maybe this will make another interaction. Anyway dung is rather nice place, have a feeling it will be a bloodbath on high stasis runs 

The Dwarfs well, I was most hyped about the dwarfs and they end up kind of the let down for me. They are lacking mechanics, the bell ringer and hammer blondie have lucklaster range dmg dealing spells. The only mechanic on mob seems to be on shield guy that rebound the dmg you deal from front. And I think introducing this mechanic so early is a good sing bc later on in a game dmg rebound based on position or other variable is a common thing.
But thats all from mobs, they are bland, without character. For such great graphical design and dwarven feel I was hoping for some more thematic approach to them.
The boss is a big mechathingy that grants other mobs the resist buff that can be taken of slowly by hits in line with them. This mechanic and fact + push away of enemies and allies from the boss suggest me that the planned way to go thru dungeon is by killing boss first. The task aint to hard but the from the T2 the boss put the ressist mechanic on himself greatly deminishing the dmg output for first 5 hits.
I think that the global passive from boss and how big of a struggle clearing room before would be is a main reason why solo mobs are really lacking in flavor. Im personaly not a fan of such design. In my opinion Dwarf dungeon is clearly the worst one out of 3 new ealry game duns

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