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[1.78] General Feedback

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - November 03, 2022, 07:42:40
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Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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Hi devs! I really do appreciate the upcoming fogger update as im probably 1 of like 5 people who actually play fogg on rubi live server! But the feedback I have right now is for the reworked sadida passive, sadida prayer, as I asked about it elsewhere and in bugs and never got a response. As it sits right now the passive does 50% increased AG as long as the sadida didnt armor anyone in the previous turn. Nice and simple. The issue I find is that this also applies to the sadida self armoring. Seeing as the sadida does not gain the bonus from the AG effect of the passive, it doesn't make much sense that they would be penalized for armoring themselves. I also tried adding in Longevity to my build to allow me to still keep about the same AG on turns when Sadi Prayer is not active, but Longevity procs the passive as well, even tho this is indirectly gained armor. So rather than gaining 40% AG on the current turn and 50% next turn from the passive you simply lose the 50% again. When masq use their Unique Armor passive they also gain the effects of the AG on themselves even though AG is supposed to be for other target who are not you. I would suggest either allowing the sadida to also gain the benefit of AG from sadida prayer (NOT common ground) and leaving the passive as it, or making is so Sadida Prayer is only affected by armoring allies just as common ground is. It seems like the idea is that sadidas give their allies large armor but not themselves when using the 2 passives together, so making 1 of the passive give allies less armor when armoring yourself doesnt really make much sense. I look forward to your response!

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this is way off topic. please delete this

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Impressions about the patch are positive.

  • The visual style is very powerful. Clouds, light effects, small details. Woah guys! wub
  • More involved in the class identity Revamp 2.0. It's nice to see you returning to your fresh revamps to make the changes deeper and more positive.
  • Xelor bug fixes, hooray

of the shortcomings, the chef profession is very outdated, new resources are not used at all in the cook
handyman no new furniture recipes.
Would like some new rifts 
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Why the nerf to against the clock?

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Oh wow, new update already? Awesome!

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TripToMyHouse#2209|2022-11-04 01:32:40
this is way off topic. please delete this

nope! biggrin
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Im very glad for this way in the game, I think the game need focus on pvp there is a lot of problems in pvp like summons of osamode. when you lvl up you really make the effort to get best equipment and try to be the best in pvp any lvl. But with pacts and the reform of battle pvp every week..., its just hard to play for beginners players and old players are very abussive . Thats my recommendation smile

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