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[1.77] Ouginak Revamp

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - August 17, 2022, 07:16:40
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Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

First Ankama intervention

Replying to KyrieZalzy


There won't be any change in the direction of passives, we want to push this direction for all the classes in the game.

We strongly believe in our vision for passives. The downsides introduce different ways of playing the class. They actually create a lot more gameplay than just free buffs. They bring a lot of variety in builds.

That being said, there are certainly points that can be improved on the ouginak passives specifically : it's only the first iteration of the rework after all.


See message in context
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Score : 809

Was excited for the revamp but then disgusted by the sheer number of penalties literary on almost every passives.

11 direct applying penalties on 14 available ones, 1 with condition(fair enough),  with 2 more WIP passives.

I remember when passive penalties were introduced, the devs stated that penalties were for building different distinct roles, so what roles do Ouginak have other than as a bruiser?

Positioner/Healer/Tank/Support? We all know this isn't it.
At this point, the logic behind building different distinct roles don't stand anymore and its just becoming the norm of applying because that's how we do things now.

Really hope you guys know what you're doing to the near-extinct race of Ouginak in Wakfu.
Save the puppies and say no to penalties turning into the norm.

6 -1


There won't be any change in the direction of passives, we want to push this direction for all the classes in the game.

We strongly believe in our vision for passives. The downsides introduce different ways of playing the class. They actually create a lot more gameplay than just free buffs. They bring a lot of variety in builds.

That being said, there are certainly points that can be improved on the ouginak passives specifically : it's only the first iteration of the rework after all.


Score : 2067

aftera quick read: i don't like this "revamp"
feels like Foggernaut is getting new buddy in his gotta be slow club

3 -4
Score : 336
Rework Ouginak v.2  - 22/08

Prey: Give Instant Rage, and 1 WP regen when killings things, as passive. 
Were-Ougi: 3t CD feels so bad, this shouldn't have any CD. 
Bow Wow: Good, but deals almost no damage. 

Active Spells:

-> Hunter: Perfect
-> Momentum: Perfect
-> Canine: Good 
-> Appeasement: It should give a base amount, let's say 10% + Extra fury. 1 less turn. 
Even this way Sac spell it's still better and less pricy. 

->Tracking: This spell is plain bad and it should be removed. 
Idea: This spell now also stabs Ougi and target; Needs to be prey. The stab can be removed if the target moves (Gives nice combo with tanky part, lock + MP removal) 
Or some other thing: If the target moves it leaves a trail that gives +5 DI and 1 MP per glyph that you step on, MAX 30 DI 6 MP. 
Bow Wow: Cool

Water spells: 

I like all of it. No complain. 

Earth spells: 

-> Fits: Good.
->Crosshatch and Brawl: Those two are very cool concepts but it should give a "punch" state to the Ougi, instead of the mob itself. Better in rooms/Rifts, otherwise they are both useless since all mobs die in 1t. Worries me that the "Power Level" of this class gets meassured around the possible amount of damage this can do. 

-> Fang in the works: Good
-> Watchdog: Armor and damage, both are really low. Ap cost it's huge. 

Air Spells: 

-> Sweeping: Good. 
-> Contusion: Good. 
-> Big Dog: It should jump and then do damage, instead of doing damage and then jumping.
-> Bone-breaker: This took a massive nerf in my opinion since the AP element of it was removed. I liked a lot more the old version. Also every mob in this game only makes 1 movement even if they walk tile per tile. 
-> Pugnacity: This spell actually it's insanely powerful. Too much in my opinion. Base damage it's huge. Maybe the cost makes it so powerfull, and making it 4 AP could make it more flexible for multi-dotting. 



Passive 1 - Sidekick
 Don't really understand why this is here. 

 Passive 2 - Haggling
 I don't think it fits a lot since Ougi cannot generate rage very fast nor regain WP without losing all its rage. 

 Passive 3 - Wise strength
-10 max Rage
20% DI

This passive it's really good. Better for shorter fights where you want faster WP Cycles. 

 Passive 4 - Obstinate
20 Force of Will
+4 Rage when Ouginak removes 1 MP on its enemy.
-10% DI

This passive it's actually quite interesting. 

 Passive 5 - Open hunt (Not available)
Let's see but the name blasts, don't let me down! I expect something related to allies and prey. 

 Passive 6 - Assimilation
-10% indirect DI
+4 Rage when Ouginak deals indirect damage

Hmmm, don't know what to think. 

 Passive 7 - Canine energy
3 max WP
-20% DI when in Were-Ouginak

I understand the direction of this passive but right now it doesn't fits the current gameplay. 

 Passive 8 - Ardor
30% Melee DI for the next turn, if the Ouginak ends their turn next to a Prey
-1 max MP

I would change Melee DI to plain DI. 

 Passive 9 - Fury
+10 max Rage
-2 max WP


 Passive 10 - Exhaustion
50% indirect DI
-2 Range

Very broken stat stick. 

 Passive 11 - Back on track
20% rear DI
-50 Elemental Resistance

Okish passive for a glass cannon ougi dd. 

 Passive 12 - Sniff
1 max MP
Prey max Range is now 2

Mandatory passive in my opinion, it's just a counter passive to ardor. 

 Passive 13 - Canine Art
-10% indirect DI
Lifesteal: 40% of all indirect DI


 Passive 14 - Burrow
At the end of Ouginak's turn:
Exchange position with its Bow Wow
At the end of the Bow Wow's turn:
Exchange position with the Ouginak

A lot of fun, but hard to control. 

 Passive 15 - Cunning Fang
Ouginak converts their Block into Critical Hit (1:1 ratio) when becoming Were-Ouginak
20% Block


Passive 16 - Canine tracking
Per Tracker level:
2 Elemental Resistance
If the Ouginak doesn't end their turn next to a Prey:
-15% DI
-30 Elemental Resistance


 Passive 17 - Dog Handler (Not available)
The Bow Wow replicates the Ouginak's spells
The Bow Wow cannot cast any spell on its own

Let's see!

 Passive 18 - Raiding
-10% DI
30% Received Armor
400% of Ougi's level in HP
At the start of turn, if a Prey is in contact:
12% of max HP in Armor

I would revamp this into 2 passives, one for armor and one for HP.  
"At the start of turn, if a Prey is in contact:
12% of max HP in Armor" This part it's almost impossible to acomplish. 

Wish List: 
-> Better sustain, plain armor source. 
-> Complete rework of watchdog. 
-> Prey passive for faster fights like rifts:
  -> Prey refunds its cost and gives X bonus to the ouginak when it's killed by the Ouginak. 
   ->  -2 WP. 
-> Different kind of playstyles, very defined by: 
  -> Were-Ougi: Very aggresive playstyle. 
  -> Bruiser: Tankier, still good damage. 
  -> Human: Way more tanky, less damage. 
0 -2
Score : 6467

The point of a 3 turn cooldown is so you can't spam were-ougi to get full WP every turn
BUt on the other hand, now you get +50% damage untill you run out of rage (can be more then 2 turns).

0 -1
Score : 49

Need more armour, please.

4 0
Score : 6467

Tracking should teleport you on the nearest free cell if the front of the target is blocked, otherwise you just wasted a spell (especially one with such a long cooldown).

Also I would make tracking teleport at the end of the the tracked's turn, but make pugnacity trigger at the start of your turn. Would make them synergise better.

I also think we need at least 3 poisions if poisons are a "thing" now with all the poison pasives. Maybe bone breaker could trigger if the host attacks you, if the AP-specific poision is getting removed. Or maybe that could be put back on contussion, if bone breaker is strong enough on it's own.

As for passives, most of them feel either weak or just bland? I don't want more passives like eliotrope's Trepidation, I want passives that actually change the gameplay.

0 0
Score : 747

Super happy to see a proper doggo rework at last, and after fiddling around with all the new toys on beta my impression is far more positive than not. I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't textwall regardless though, so I bring lists and specifics. \o/

Things I like

Prey changes: so much yes. New version is much more practical and reliable.

Core spells on third bar: could never be unhappy. My build and I thank you.

Water branch: feels more coherent and every spell has its place. I don't love Momentum as Rupture's mobility replacement but I do like Rupture's new role on its own. I am VERY happy to see old ruckus replaced with a new idea that has a nice niche, though I think it suffers a bit by comparison to Sweeping which has both a better ratio and an easier condition (more uses per target or more range maybe?)

Earth branch: I like most of the spells individually but it also feels like it has an identity crisis trying to be both about armor and a half-return to Ougi's original ratio insanity. More on that later since most of my confusion/criticism can be framed from here, but I will say I'm delighted to see Fits and Starts have a unique, worthwhile place once again (without just... breaking the game).

Air branch: very, very yes. Sweeping and Contusion's updates feel fantastic, and I am so happy to see Pugnacity become the super-poison it always deserved to be. Sad to see overloaded Bone-Breaker go but I completely understand why it did, and Big Dog losing both minimum range and damage (for 1 more ap too) feels a little excessive, but I'm still happy to take the trade to have so much range on it again personally.

Specialty spells: love the improvements to canine and hunter, very on board with the appeasement changes (if not necessarily what it's now being asked to do but we'll get to that) and completely in love with Dog Pack (fun thematically and feels good to use).

Passives: I don't think I'll ever be convinced by all the tradeoffs (I can definitely see how they encourage diversity, my complaint is just that they so often "feel" bad to take), but I like the tweak to Raiding, Cunning Fang and Burrow are both cool and unique, and thank you for Canine Tracking to help push Ougi out of only-ever-offtank limbo.

Things I don't like or which maybe just confuse me.

Harder to organize but much of this is in or near the earth branch. In isolation I like the armor generation spells very much (Watchdog feels undertuned, but I guess that's in line with Colonnades), my issue is that unlike the comparisons that spring to mind, there isn't anything filling Brawl's previous role as a simple, reliable way to do it. Appeasement is incredible, but relying on it means trading out damage for armor in a big way. Which is... defensible I guess? But doesn't feel great.

Similarly, Crosshatch and Brawl are so strong I expect them to become downright problematic as old Fits and Starts was (if only because the Bow Wow can prime them for you repeatedly starting from turn 2, which maybe isn't intended?). And on that note, poor Wee Doggo is really showing his age from a design perspective considering you can't heal him, can't really afford to armor him, and don't even have a proper way to re-summon him if he made it that far. The passive which helps him stick around longer prevents him from fulfilling the priming role outright, so as with Appeasement my thinking is... if it's clunky precisely to counterbalance its strength, I guess I get it, but it seems strange. Also as I discovered with old Ruckus, the fact that he doesn't inherit many of your damage bonuses really shows, and it's even harsher now that he no longer benefits from Prey.

Next up, I should fully admit my bias here in that I have been, and will continue to run an indirect-damage-focused build, and I'm very happy with where that is as a whole. With that said though, Exhaustion's 2 range penalty feels extremely harsh given the Bow Wow can't buff it anymore, and a poison build generally wants to spread the love (though admittedly this mindset may come from Bone-Breaker dominating over Pugnacity, which has certainly flipped).

Finally, this is strictly nit-picking, but the notes suggest that Boney-O was changed to only trigger for allies, and currently on the beta it can still be stolen. I don't like it when things steal my bones. >sad

Any case, think that covers everything I meant to, and I want to reiterate that while it's super easy to expound on the complaints that I do have, if the current state of doggo on the beta was final, I would still be very, very pleased. Reworks are scary and I thought I might be crying today, but I was very pleasantly surprised. \o/

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Score : 809

With this passive seeming very powerful:

 Passive 10 - Exhaustion

  • 50% indirect DI
  • -2 Range

But actually there's not much poison going on to really make it shine and the strongest poison of all which is Pugnacity needs some really hard condition to trigger for the second damage. Not mentioning some Boss mechanics non-bypass-able, wanting certain Bosses ends next to you is just insane.

I suggest that there's some sort of build-up poison like Panda's passive poison chalice or Sram's spell Hege to really make it feel like Ouginak is becoming one of the Indirect DPS, that would make them unique in their own way of using Air spells.

Something like Exhaustion now makes Preyed target stack poison by every air spell inflicted like Panda's poison etc, you can even add-on penalties like air spell now do less damage which you would find it pleasing I assume.

Else this is just Ouginak being the next overused Flaming character and that is not fun on its own, needing others to position mobs around you to trigger flaming. There's nothing unique to that playstyle and its overused and was even nerfed too.

Bone-breaker need to use the highest melee or distance mastery for the poison trigger or fixed on melee mastery like Rogue's bomb, if not its just pointless as a damage dealing spell. The trigger condition is also awful in PVE, some either move once or non at all after damaging reachable targets within its LOS.
I suggest making it, if move = deal dmg, if not moving, gain certain debuff like more damage taken afterwards or give buff towards Ouginak +DI.

Lastly, even though the vision is to add penalties for diversity, this is overkill adding penalties on everything you see.
This is killing the fun and excitement for the revamp and depressing news for the future class being worked on.
Put on good passives first and then slowly alter them by putting the penalties later on, if not this is just pure agony and frustration to look at and think of. It feels more like a punishment to choose a passive more than rewarding character advancement.
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Score : 6467

Looking at passives, they are super bland and boring:
2, 3, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 are just stats
8, 15, 16 and 18 are conditional buffs

Which leaves us with exactly 5/17 passives that actually change your gameplay (of which 2 just give you more rage)
That's (8,4,5) is down there with the sacrier (6, 8, 4)
So i'm hoping we get some more interesting passives next beta patch

2 -1
Score : 2067

if i want to continue playing aoe ouginak, it will be much harder (and anoying), here's why:
from all new passives only those are good, for dealing dmg:

1) wise strength:
>no complains, is nice
2) ardor: finish your turn near prey to get 30DI on next turn
>imo concept of finishing/starting turn near enemy for a buff is cringe
no way i'm finishing turn near any of those (and bunch of bosses, due to mechanics and stuff)

3) back on track: 20% dmg from behind but lose 50resi
>bearable in rifts, i guess 
4) cunning fangs: converts Block into CH on transformation
>good passive
and that's it, from 16 new passives i could only find 2 nice ones, 1 half decent and 1 bearable...

also did some testing on a dummy (aka in vacuum) with those passives:
and in real fights it will be even worse 

also tested those new earth spells (ones with 2x and 3x dmg on following turn) - nice vs a dummy but couldn't use it even once vs players, why can't players just play like dummiesmellow
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Score : 4891

While I don't mind the rage generation. I feel as though it contributes to the "wait a while for Ougi to do a thing" gameplay. Which I feel is a large enough problem with poisons. I also wonder what role is indirect damage supposed to play with the class. It feels more as though it's trying to preserve the spells similar to their prior iteration rather than improving to function in its gameplay fully. Pugnacity for example - This spell seems more like a fighter spell rather than a spell for a "tracker". That's just for identity, but gameplay-wise, it's also just plain.  The difference between it and flaming is the direct damage, which makes you wonder what was the point of the indirect portion.
This is an important part for the indirect portions of the class in general, with the exception of bone-breaker (which is a very interesting spell), the poisons aren't a very interesting playstyle for the Ougi. Yes, there's an off-tank or PVP build that could in theory happen. But is that as far as we wanna go with a whole section of a class?

I also think you're doing yourself a disservice by adding momentum back. This class is very lockable as a weakness. It's very interesting having a mobile class being lockable.  I think constraining it to adjacent to prey or bow wow would serve it better.

Here's my take on the indirect damage. I think the direction of fracture is excellent. Punishing the enemy for attempting to escape should be the direction rather than attempting to limit them. A more proactive approach rather than a preventative. 

As for the Rage - I don't think forcing the player to wait is ever a good idea. I think you could play with conditionals more to trigger prey stacks during a turn. MP of the target for example could be a passive to trigger the stacks instead of the next turn.

I have been complaining about the class a bit too much I suppose. So some things I like about the revamp

  • Sweeping - Really cool design, I like this spell a lot. Great direction.
  • Were-Ougi - Pretty good, simple design I like it. I also like the modifications in passives. Overall I'm happy with simple Ougi. CD is LONG though. Putting a hat on a hat with rage.
  • Brawl - Pretty good, I like the idea of a leaving a wound.
  • Weigh-Down - Also Really good. I like these types of finisher spells being heavy DD.
  • Bone-Breaker: always been good.
  • Rage control in passives pretty good.
  • Dog pack is pretty cool. Just ya know... Better naming scheme.
  • Andor - Very good passive. On track to what we should be aiming for.
1 0
Score : 6467

My problems with poisons

Pugnacity is better in melee
Bone breaker will be ranged when it triggers 90% of the time
Canine glyph can be ranged or melee

So you can't build melee cause bone breaker
You can't build ST becasue canine glyph
You don't want to build range because pugnacity
And you only have 1 AoE poison so no

Canine glpyh removes MP so it can be used to lock enemies or to prevent enemis from approaching
Pugnacity does a lot of damage if the enemy stays in melee
Bone breaker deals damage if the enemy moves

So if you keep the enemy locked, bone breaker never triggers
If the enemy runs away, pugnacity does less damage
So the only way both trigger is for the enemy to run towards you
But canine glyph removes MP so they can't run

So each of the poisons suggests a completely different build

2 0


We sincerely want to address you our thanks for your valuable feedback.
We won't be updating the beta server this week. However, we want to write here the changes we've been working on, so you can already provide feedback on it.

Reminder : Tracker is the DI state from Prey. The former spell "Tracker" will be renamed Pursuit.


  • General
    • All indirect damage inflicted by the Ouginak's own spells will take into account its best mastery out of melee and distance
  • Bow wow
    • The effects from the WP spells from the Ouginak are applied by the Ouginak
      • (For example, Curse's lifesteal is given to the Ouginak, Pugnacity's poison is applied by the Ouginak)
    • Brawl cannot be reapplied every turn by the Bow wow
    • Sniffing can be cast on the Bow wow itself
  • Spells
    • Water
      • Ruckus (values) :
        • Increased damage ratio
      • Weigh Down (change) :
        • 4 AP, 1 Range non modifiable
        • If Ouginak has >= 90% HP:
          • 125 Water Damage (vertical line size 3)
        • Else:
          • 100 Water Damage (vertical line size 3)
        • 2 uses per turn
      • Gash (change) :
        • 5 AP, 1 to 4 Range, cast in line
        • 135 Water Damage
        • Incurable (level 6: -60% heal received)
        • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target
    • Earth
      • Watchdog (values) :
        • The spell now costs 4 AP
        • Reduced damage, although the damage is ultimately increased in proportion to the AP cost
      • Crosshatch (change) :
        • 2 AP, 1 to 2 Range non modifiable, cast in line
        • In horizontal line size 3:
          • 56 Earth damage
          • Crumbly (level 4: -40% Armor received)
        • 3 uses per turn
      • Fits and starts (Values) :
        • The spell now costs 5 AP
        • Increased values accordingly
    • Air
      • Big Dog (values) :
        • The spell no longer costs a WP
      • Pugnacity (values) :
        • The spell now costs 6 AP 1 WP
  • Passives
    • Haggling (change) :
      • When becoming Were-Ouginak, per Rage point:
        • 3 Elemental resistance (3 turns)
      • -5 Rage at the start of turn in Were-Ouginak
    • Canin'Os (new passive) (it's actually a Growlithe reference, not sure how to translate it) :
      • 300% of the level in Lock
      • In Were-Ouginak:
        • 100% of the Lock is converted in Dodge
    • Open hunt (new passive) :
      • -10 maximum Rage
      • Dealing damage to the Prey instantly gives Rage and Tracker
    • Fury (values) :
      • Reduced downside to -1 max WP instead of -2 max WP
    • Back on track (change) :
      • 20% rear DI
      • 1 max MP
      • Prey can only be cast from a target's rear
    • Sniff (change) :
      • When applying Prey:
        • X Indirect Light damage
        • Y Indirect Light damage each time the Prey starts their turn
      • Prey costs 2 WP
    • Canine art (change) (this one's supposed to be an Arcanine reference) :
      • -20% indirect DI
      • Steals 40% of the indirect damage inflicted to apply armor on the Ouginak
    • Burrow (technical change)
      • The exchange position is done after the majority of the "end of turn" effects
    • Canine tracking (change) :
      • When ending your turn next to a Prey:
        • +10 Tracker
        • Tracker gives 2 Elemental resistance per level instead of DI (until the end of Ouginak's next turn)
    • Wise strength (change) :
      • Transforms MP removals
        • No longer removes MP
        • Indirect light damage at the start of turn

Thank you as always.
Score : 6467

For the pokemon references, maybe Grow-Lite and Art 'o Canine?
Sniff could be called Hound down (houndour)

As for wise strenght, maybe something like venomus slobber?

0 0
Score : 747

Thank you for posting this next wave of changes ahead of time, they're looking great!

A lot of the passives especially feel much better than their previous iterations, and I'm happy to see that we're getting (thank goodness!) help with lock to further facilitate a full tank position. That being said, that's exactly what I want to address because my impression is very much that supporting that role appears to be intended, but I have a couple concerns.

To the extent that doggo has ever had an identity as a tank, it's sort of danced around between relatively high damage, good self-sustain, and (at times ridiculous) mp-removal. We appear to be joining the huge-bonus-resist club so it makes sense to be losing some of that, but with these changes all of those bonus resists are (like Appeasement) slow to activate. This is something I know pandas have (rightfully, I think) protested for ages and I'm late to that party, but if your job is to go hug a big scary boss immediately and exclusively, it's concerning to do that with so little help from your build on turn 1.

That being said, I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing for doggo to continue to function in a non-standard way as a tank, and needing more help to ramp into your defenses compared to other tanks makes much more sense if you're gaining something extra for the risk. So back to self-sustain and hitting harder than a traditional tank-noodle, my thoughts would be maybe sticking to Canine Tracking's distanced penalty on the beta currently so you still get a big damage bonus (even when trading your rage in for armor regularly), and/or doing something more tank-friendly with Canine Art like the percentage-healing version on the live server.

Regardless, I am still exclusively nitpicking because there's nothing in here to pick at but nits. Please keep up the great work and thank you again \o/

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Score : 2067

new update from Siu means new whining from memellow
another spell got "If Ouginak has >= 90% HP" condition
idea is fine but % is horrible, getting hit even by lvl200 monster drops character under 90%, as shown on picture:

another thing about Weigh Down change is that it got weaker:
before it costed 3AP 1WP and dealt 36 dmg per AP;
now it's 4AP and deals 31or 25 dmg/AP.
Won't go in details about everything..overall, strong AOE spells got weaker and i would recommend making ST build, as those spells are stronger now.
P.s. before Sram gets butchered too i rather play it, than Ouginak
0 0
Score : 6467

Yeah 90% seems like  too high of a bar in theory.
But on the other hand a healer can just get you back to full before your next turn.
Or you can get armour so your HP doesn't drop

1 0
Score : 40

why can't get rage the turn when they transformed out of were-ouginak

0 0
Score : 424

With regards to passive that have a downside, I think you should make passives with conditional bonuses more numerous. Having to satisfy a condition every turn is a downside since if you don't satisfy the given condition you have a wasted passive slot that turn, but it is way more interesting than just a stat malus as a negative since you are forced to think during your turn. It also makes you think about how your opponent might disrupt you and prevent you from fullfilling the condition.


3 0
Score : 1723

Hey, it's Bari. I've got a couple issues I wanted to bring up here.

First one is on the topic of poisons and their mastery. Since we're addressing how mastery applies on poisons now, I think it would make sense to consider solving the issue of critical mastery and rear mastery being moderately bad on any class/build that applies poisons. For example, Canine Glyph cannot critically strike. Neither can Prey, and if you are using the Sniff passive, that means that will never use your critical mastery or critical strike chance. I think those could be solved by allowing them both to critically strike. I also don't see any issue with rear mastery being applied the same when the poison is applied from the rear. Obviously there are some exceptions (like Wise Strength passive).

Second issue is on the topic of Brawl's bonus damage effect. In the previous beta it simply disappeared at the end of your turn, meaning the Bow Wow would never get to benefit from it and he'd just reapply it for your next turn. I know it's mentioned that the Bow Wow won't be able to apply it every turn anymore, but I think it would also help to simply change when the effect ends. For example, if the bonus damage effect disappeared at the end of your Bow Wow's turn, then he could never reapply it on the same targets AND he would also benefit from that bonus when hitting those targets.

Third issue is on the topic of Bow Wow's mobility. He's got those stubby 4 MP legs and no teleport. He's having a hard time keeping up, and with the removal of the WP cost on Big Dog he won't be able to cast it anymore. This means he'll have an even harder time keeping up with the fight.

Keep up the great work!

2 -1
Score : 6467

Actually I heard if you are using sniff, Prey can critically strike

0 -1
Score : 809

The turn that Ouginak transform out of Were-Ouginak, we can't generate any rage.

I hope its not intended, imagine at the start of your turn with max AP now but only have 1 Rage left and you used a spell and now you're human Ouginak, then you start to do your prep, end turn, and then you still have 0 rage next turn.

Passives that grant rage does grant them but only end of turn +15 does not.
End of turn tracker DI still applies but not rage.

Tried re-applying Prey on human-form doesn't work too so it must be hard locked to not generate rage the turn we turn out of Were-Ouginak.

This complicates and punishes people holding too much rage and not able to spend it before the next turn.
That 50%DI on Ouginak is lost at the start of turn if you only have tiny bit of AP left & you can't gain rage too after.
That whole turn you are a Ouginak but without rage, therefore you're nothing but a class without definition the whole turn.

I noticed water branch now had one spell stealing 1MP but its not in the latest changes notes put here. Would be great if its intended because we lack spells to generate more indirect damages with the new Wise Strength passive.

0 0
Score : 6467

While not generating rage on the turn you transformed back makes sense, stuff that happens at the end of the turn (like rage from prey) IMO shouldn't be affected by that since your turn is already over.

0 0
Score : 747

Really like the new role for Ruckus and the diversification of self-sustain, and Dog Handler is adorable. As usual I'm really excited to see all this go through and the trend is super positive, despite which I'm going to use too many words for the things I think could be even better.

So originally I was going to talk about Wise Strength and Watchdog, wrote as much, and realized I had neither good complaints nor good solutions. So what I'm going to say instead is simply that Wise Strength is a fun idea that also sort of works against Pugnacity's bonus condition, which feels weird but is probably fine. And Watchdog is like having Colonnades without Rocky Foot and Smasher, which feels weird but is probably fine. So on then to the concern which I do still feel strongly about \o/

Flail feels a bit left behind both as a sustain option and as water's singular WP spell. Brawl and Pugnacity are build-defining juggernauts, where Flail is... trying to be, by enabling water's high health condition, but it's not necessarily the clear winner at doing that. It's not a bad spell, and I know hybrid spells will always be odd to balance, but of the three that Wee Doggo traditionally inherits this is definitely the one that smells funny. My boring thought is something like... more damage when you're above 90% and/or more healing when you're not, rather than just being a bit "meh" at both (if only by an admittedly-staggering standard). Alternatively, I like the idea of turning friendly fire into something actively good instead of just "well, I'll put some of your health to good use I guess." I'm probably in the minority but I really like this rework's more supportive "pack leader" theme, and it's a cool aoe pattern which... gets me in trouble more than I'd like as is.

Everything else springing to mind has probably already been said, except that Assimilation's healing is both exactly what I asked for and... probably too strong. Please be gentle. I do have an accompanying rant about how oppressive heal resist feels currently though, especially as compared to the power of armor. And I like armor, so there's that, but my heart broke a little when it occurred to me that "being an amazing healer" feels unworthy of a slot in 6 nowadays. Mostly for good reasons (love the osa rework and flexible supports in general), but I don't think heal resist making pixies cry is one of them. I get why it exists, but the same argument can be made for armor and holy crap it builds fast with the strength of things these days. Anyway!

Super eager to hit the ground running and solo-murder some rifts new-doggo style whatever that turns out to be when the patch hits, thank you again for all your work and consideration \o/

EDIT: wording and forgot to mention that I do still think Watchdog at least and probably Fits as well should gain armor benefits from crits, as most such spells now do.

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