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Beta 1.76 Changelog - 22 June

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - June 22, 2022, 08:59:14


The Horned Glacier
  • Monsters are pushed when they take damage from an aligned fighter only if they are 2 cells or more from the attacker

Flaxhid's Sanctuary
  • The central totem is correctly summoned

Srambad Dungeon
  • Changes and balances are made to several boss mechanics and spells

Kali's Lair
  • The group of the boss is now present in the room
  • Monsters avoid going into the Stake cells

  • Pandora's characteristics are have been decreased
  • Some mechanics are clarified, others are slightly modified

Kanniball Dungeon
  • Elemental counters on the Kannilooni no longer get stuck at an abnormally low value when the boss has low HP

  • In the first room:
    • Summoned Kokonuts always play first in the timeline
    • The Kokonuts are disembodied if the 3 monsters that have the Kokobust are dead
    • 3 Kokonuts are summoned in the first turn, a new one is summoned each turn
  • Koko the Nutt has more HP but no longer limits damage to 5,000 and no longer gains elemental resistance with each hit

Kannivore Dungeon
  • Changes and balances are made to several monster mechanics and spells

Crocodyl Dungeon
  • Reinforced Scales gives a 500 Elemental Resistance bonus instead of immunity
    • The bearer of the condition must suffer a collision to lose the bonus and no longer an AP withdrawal.

Badgerox Dungeon
  • Changes and balances are made to several monster mechanics and spells

Dor'Mor Dungeon
  • Only one javelin is placed on a player at the beginning of the turn in the first room
  • Gulnaz has 200 rear resistance instead of 500 barrier
  • The Gulnaz's Flaming Shield has a new effect and no longer returns damage:
    • Reduces front and rear damage by 50%.
  • War'Hg's Cloud of Ashes no longer deals damage when using AP

Pandala Tomb
  • Tanukouï-san has a Warm-up state (only in the dungeon) in the first turn: 
    • Damage inflicted by Tanukouï-san is reduced by 50%

Sunsloths Dungeon
  • The Paralyzing Poison text has been updated to make it clearer
  • Particles are added when the Scorpetineur or the monsters (in the first room) gain bonuses following their state of management of WP

Crabstaceans Dungeon
  • The range of the Cerebratacean's Water Jet spell is increased to a minimum of 2 range

Voidivion Dungeon
  • The aura of the Void no longer changes form when a player dies
  • The damage of the Void Aura is reduced and becomes progressive as the same character suffers it several turns in a row

Level-based HP increments for some bosses have been lowered

New testable two-room dungeons:
  • The Undieworld
  • YeCh'Ti'Wawa's Kennel
  • Srambad Dungeon
  • The Stalagmotel
  • Bistrogue
  • Mecha Factory
  • Crocodyl Dungeon
  • Kannivore Dungeon
  • Badgerox Dungeon
  • Crabstacean Dungeon
  • Tundrazors Dungeon

New items are added as loot on the following dungeons:
  • Trool Academy
  • Supervillains' Lair
  • Flaxhid's Sanctuary
  • Tormentor Pit
  • Kali's Lair


  • Additional effects are applied to monsters from Stasis 5 and 8


  • Surgical Precision Epic Sublimation now has a crafting recipe
  • The texts of the sublimations Controlling Space II and Inflexibility II have been corrected and correctly specify that they are set on epic items, not relics


  • In the build manager, selecting a build no longer moves the list up to the first item
  • Added the possibility to sort the build
  • Added the option to collapse bags and categories in the inventory
  • Added a filter by type of item within the machines
  • Removal of the duplicate "Total Price" column in the sales history of the Marketplace UI
  • The button displayed when you have pending rewards is removed in favor of one of the new notifications (in the form of "Toast")
  • Fixed the filters in the machines and the achievement UI to make their accent insensitive
  • Added an option to reduce the chat interface to the input field
  • The size of the minimap is now modifiable
  • The map displayed within the minimap is also more complete
  • The dungeon entry interface has been updated
  • The dungeon list now allows to sort the dungeons by type


  • The passive Elemental Bombs have a new effect and no longer allow you to place 4 bombs of the same element on the battlefield:
    • Bombs have a resistance malus.
    • When the Rogue's bombs explode, he gains 20% Damage inflicted per different element of bombs in the explosion during the next turn (max 60%).
  • The critical damage bonus of the Explobomb passive is now 10% per level instead of 5%.


Changes to the management of the following Sound options:
  • If no account is logged in then the global preferences are applied;
  • If an account is logged in then a settings inheritance is applied, i.e. the settings for this account define the preferences and if not we use the global preferences mentioned above, otherwise the default settings.

Fixed overconsumption of shards if consumed in two stacks from two different bags.