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[1.76] Exchange Features

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - June 01, 2022, 17:18:17

Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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  • About the feature of moving items from hero inventories to main:

The idea is brilliant, but at the moment, for me, there are more inconveniences than benefits.

The new feature ends up moving the resources of the craft bag (profession bag / pets / resources / enchantment) - these are resources that I usually keep in secondary characters.

I also usually keep some items divided between the characters, such as: seeds, monster resources to deliver to the hunter daily.

If I may make a suggestion, I believe that a feature like moving all new loot obtained to the main character's inventory ends up doing better than a feature of moving all items to the main character's inventory.
  • About the feature of moving similar items to the chest, this feature is perfect.

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i think if the feature ignored boxes, that would be wonderful. allow the contents of boxes to be used to organised alts inventories, but all of the loose items can be transferred freely.

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--Group the Items in Main Inventory--
If you are someone who uses the Sort Inventory buttons, this feature works well. I prefer to sort my inventories manually, so as implemented, I don't see myself using this feature often.
What I would like to see is the Sort Inventory button turn into a "Bag Options" button. The options I would include are Sort Bag Contents, Enable/Disable Group Items, and Lock Bag.
Enable/Disable Group Items would prevent the contents of that bag from moving when using Group Items in Main Inventory.
Lock bag would stop items from automatically entering that bag at the end of fights, similar to the bag being already full.
The options button would also have the benefit of preventing accidental presses of Sort Bag Contents.
A different implementation I would also use is putting an option in settings. I would include "Only Group Pocket Items in Main Inventory" and "Only Group Bag Items in Main Inventory".

--Store the inventory items in the compartment--
An excellent feature that works as expected. I look forward to its inclusion in the game!

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 new option to hide chat looks great! has a positive effect on immersion in the game and the text is not distracting, a very good feature that the chat can be hidden and opened if necessary!! wow

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