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[1.76] Sublimations

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - June 01, 2022, 17:00:00

Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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I am looking forward to sublimations being crafted. It helps with the sense of progression, rather than waiting for a random chance.
Will the recipies that do not include Dungeon Stones be changed? These include Rebirth, Pillar, Peaceful, Outrage II, Outrage, Longevity, Controlling Space, and Ancestral Energy.
Will the sublimations have varying crafting levels? For example, Steadfast can be crafted with Astrub Rocks, so it could be available to craft at a lower level.

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I'd like to also raise this question as it doesn't seem like some of these recipes are designed to be more accessible than before. Take Peaceful, for example. It requires both monster materials from level 215 monsters AND a legendary 215 weapon in its recipe. This feels like the sublimation has become even less accessible than before if you aren't level 215 or stunningly wealthy.

It is my understanding that a major motivation for adding recipes to the sublimations was to make them more accessible to every level bracket (hence the dungeon stones only being droppable when level-scaled). If that is so, it does not seem like Peaceful (and some other sublimations that do not use dungeon stones in their recipes) fits this mold. I urge you to reconsider the recipes for these sublimations so that they are fairly available to level brackets lower than 215.

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I think the change made to Measured was really justified. The older version was subpar when compared to COMMON sublimations such as Influence III, which gave 9% CH without a condition.

But one thing: The change isn't listed in its the effect description yet.

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Stasification needing an ungodly amount of turns to get to 20% while Constant starts at 20% from the get-go was horrible. Simply there is nothing to justify picking stasification now. At max stasification there must be something that outshines others to compensate for all the waiting, otherwise it`s a useless concept.

Can you imagine if slow influence gave the exact same critical hit as any other flat critical hit sublimation? Add other things to stasification on top of the 20% otherwise you are just murdering the sublimation all together.

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