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[1.76] Dungeons 2.0

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - June 01, 2022, 17:00:00

Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

First Ankama intervention

Replying to PokeDoll


This is an issue we're investigating, it should be fixed in the next beta patch. Thank you for your report !

See message in context
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I spent an hour writing an extremely ellaborate answer going over each dungeon, and for some reason it just didn't post, so I'm making a briefer one now

Dungeons I really liked:

  • Vandals
  • Sunsloths
  • Supervillains (this one's a 10/10)
  • Kali

Nothing else to add, great job on them.

Neutral Opinion:
  • Trool Academy
  • Ratical
  • Xelorium Present
  • Flaxhid
  • Pandora
  • Kaniball

Nothing agains't them, just didn't really capture my attention as much.

The ones I have some negative opnions on:
  • Plantiguards: The mechanic isn't really bad, I enjoyed the change on the mage bear so he doesn't remove WPs anymore, but the room mechanic just seems a bit weird and inconsequential.
  • Scramshell: This one was just weird. Wasn't a big fan of the earlier one, but this new one, plus the lack of a state explaining what triggered the place exchange bothered me a bit. This one seems unfinished overall (that sounds a bit harsh but it was my first impression of it).
  • Spectrex: As Tokki said, too squishy. Agree 100%.
  • Fritney: This one confused me a bit. The old mechanic seems to be gone in favour of a new one that is basically the opposite? The boss' passive effect of TPing to her allies seems weird now, because before it was something to get in your way, now it actually helps you. Meh, not a fan of how this one became. Another thing I thought when doing this one was that the resistance gain from the monsters was a bit small? Idk they seemed very killable with their +300 resist, but that may be bc I tested on low stasis.

I don't wanna end on a sour note, I'm finishing this post with some negative feedback, but overall I really enjoyed the changes. Specially on Kali and with the new Super villains!
I do feel like new Kali is easier than the current live one, but I admire how you managed to redo a boss that was very developed already, making a completely different fight, yet still keeping the same feel of the old one (be it easier this way or not).

Great job guys! :giblove: :gibcoffee:
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i'm not a big fan of the new monster passives in Ow El. i think they're a step too far over the line. perhaps best reserved for stasis 8? the boss is also just too cryptic. it's not too bad when you already know everything that's going on, but performing the fight is a little exhausting and i'd really like to see this boss's mechanic tweaked to be something that's fun to engage with rather than like. step on the tiles...

kannilooni i'd just also really prefer to see simplified. his mechanic in the first phase is kind of annoying and always has been, especially now that you have to do it in the first room too. i'd much rather that he just be unable to lose more than 5% of his hp per element per turn and hitting him with an element reduces your res to that element. since he hits hard in all four elements, it's still risky to do so.

that said, i do love the new direction of the dungeons. i completely agree that they should be accessible and quick content you can pick up other players to do and clear in a short amount of time, and this is a huge huge step in a very positive direction. let ultimate bosses be hard, let rifts be time consuming, let dungeons be fun. massive improvement to the game overall.

have you considered removing trash from the boss room? one of the huge draws of ffxiv i'm finding is just how few barriers there are to doing the content. if you want to do a boss, you just press a button and you're there in the boss room ready to fight it. i'd appreciate wakfu taking more steps to drop barriers, i'm on the cusp of being able to recommend this game to friends again (i just think acquiring equipment takes way too long and can be inaccessible, and having to recover hp / de darm out of combat just sucks, but those are unrelated to the topic at hand).

still checking dungeons one by one, but so far so good!

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The Puddly Dungeon in Sufokia is not functioning correctly. The barrels (which are integral to the dungeon's design) do not spawn in fights unless the stasis modifier is set to exactly 5. This means that the spell the Royal Puddly casts that kills a player unless they end linear to a barrel is a sure death sentence and thus does not seem intentional. I hope this can be fixed soon.

Additionally, I believe that Hagen Daz should be changed. His mechanic is frustrating, based upon random luck, and seems designed to waste player time. If the idea for the dungeon is to make a fight where Hagen Daz needs to be moved or controlled for a certain amount of time while avoiding his extremely strong attacks, I believe this can be done in a more elegant way than 20 successful AP reductions.

Thank you.

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  • Kannibal's Dungeon

The boss mechanic applied to monsters that forces you to deal less than 20% damage of max health, doesn't work very well, when you find yourself at lv230 and want to complete the first room on S1.

I tried to make a test (with the parameters mentioned above) but I was forced to abandon the game because it was not possible to do any damage to the enemies.
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This is an issue we're investigating, it should be fixed in the next beta patch. Thank you for your report !

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Wabbit dungeon, Can not access second room 

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--3-Player Dungeons--
3-Player dungeons feel really good to play. S1 Pandora and S1 Kali feel more difficult than other S1 3-player dungeons. I am not sure if other dungeons should be brought up, or if Pandora and Kali need to be reviewed. I used Automatic Emblem gear for these runs.
*BUG* In the Kali dungeon, the mobs spawned right next to the entrance door, allowing the fight to be started without a key. This also locks the player inside.

--2 Room Dungeons--
Extra Mechanics with non-boss mobs is a lot of fun! I hope that the faster dungeons help with group finding, which lowers the feeling of needing too much time commitment.

Steles on some of the dungeons do not work, but I assume that they are work-in-progress at the moment.

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I'm returning to this post to point out some specific dungeons that I think probably need some touches / slight rework:

Tsu Tsu Tsar:
I don't know why or how, but after the nation rework that increased the max lvl of that dungeon, it lost its identity?
The moskitos that used to swell up and explode don't do that anymore, the boss' mechanics seems very disconnected with the mobs too and the poor mushd mob doesn't even have animations for its spells.

I saw some comments on Hagen Daz on the french side of the discord, and completely agree that it's a boss in need of some reworking for sure.

Another area / monsters / dungeon that I feel needs some attention in the future is Calamar, but I doubt it's feasable / gonna happen for now. 

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Grandmeow's house dungeon needs an update, even in stasis 10 is very very easy and everybody can pass it, dropping the companionship stone with many facility.

There is already 10 pages with players in stasis 10
The result. And it's only been two days since the update. 
 In comparison, there are none of the other 3 stones on the market yet.
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