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[1.76] General Feedback

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - June 01, 2022, 17:00:00

Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

First Ankama intervention
Score : 106

Huppermage flux and reflux missing part

Hello , I have noticed that flux and reflux doesn't give us 30% dammage for the next spell , it only give us 50 resistance or least the 30% part is missing in the in combat flux and reflux ui

See message in context
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Score : 606

You guys outdid yourselves with this update! Fantastic, highly welcomed changes all around.

If there's one thing I can suggest, would be that i'd like to see some love given to Inflexibility (Now inflexibility 1!?)
It lost so much of its power and space in the last few updates with recent changes, and especially with the rise of higher AP builds. Even Iops who became the only niche class that would use it, are now starting to move away from it as well.

So a little damage increase to it would be much appreciated.

Well, other than that, great stuff guys!

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Score : 532

Bug, choosing modulated 215 from characteristic page makes the character have 14.000 masteries 38.000 hp

other modulated levels from character page give more masteries than the sets of those levels

-Dungeons were made awesome. So fun and balanced dungeons now, addictive.
-Dungeon mobs room taking boss mechanics is fun.

-The ability to craft sublimations is interesting.
-The recipes to craft relic/epic sublimations are fair and versatile, encourage to do different content of the video game to craft relic/epic sublimations.

-Limiting flaming to twice the character's level is fair. New flaming is interesting.

-Removing relic/epic sublimations from the stasis chests is a great move to discourage exploiting and make the content more interesting for players. Being able to craft relic/epic sublimations means the players would grind more and would enjoy it, to keep testing different relic/epic sublimations, especially the players who don't have time to gether kamas and who like to play Wakfu for the video game itself not the trading aspect. For instance dungeons are the main attraction content in Wakfu and they are supposed to remain rewarding and fair.

-The new epic/relic sublimations are interesting, but I think that Sentinel is a bit overpowered, it's fair for healers they needed a good epic/relic sublimation, it also sounds like it's for Cra who converts range to dps%, since it gives 15% dps 15% heals 3 range if character has not moved. But it might be exploited by some classes that don't need to move at all to do dps and who are already top dps like Xelor who doesn't need to move and who converts range to dps%. Xelor is already top three dps in the video game, the gap between the top three dps and the other dps classes is vast, doesn't need to increase more. Cra and Hupper are left behind dps wise, and elio's forced berserk made the class abandoned by most players. Eni needs a huge revamp, the class can't compare to Masq, healing alone on eni and giving wp is not enough in high level content.

-The exchange system modifications sound good.

-The new stasis system is less confusing and more organized.

-Unlocking Ultimate Bosses dungeons and making them doable on stasis 1 encourages players to do them and train on them. The new Ultimate Bosses dungeons key fragments system is fair fun and interesting. The new update makes the grind more fun, reduces the obligation to grind, and encourages the players to grind more, because the grind became rewarding.

-Pandora needs mechanics nerf, the dungeon is too much for three players. The dungeon didn't change except that the mobs spawning from barrels are one now instead of three. The boss mechanism and hp didn't change still same it was for six players that weren't modulated, now it's modulated. Mineral Tower 200 dungeon is way easier.

-Rogue class having bombs cooldown made the class unplayable.

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Score : 13040

>>>>Bug, choosing modulated 215 from characteristic page makes the character have 14.000 masteries 38.000 hp 

it's intentional. there are no level 230 items and in order not to add them they did better, they just improved the autolevel emblems for testing content

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Score : 2329

if u have lvl245 planned. please don't do it. ever.

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Score : 13040

My feedback can be described in two words (if briefly) : half hype 
Let me explain why. 

  • The first is the drop of dungeon stones. You write that "The value of epic and relic sublimations is too high, which was driving players to enter competition in an unfair way." But wouldn't if we make the drop of these stones too rare, we will not find ourselves again in a situation where the value of epic and relics is too high? And what to do for players who do not have many hours to farm dungeon in the hope of getting at least one stone? Indeed, in addition to the stone of the dungeon, different resources are needed from tears to resources of level 230. How will epic and relic sublimations become available for new players? = so far dangeon stone not hype for me.
  • You said on stream that you don't want to develop a feature to find a group, because you think it has a negative impact on people's communication. However, for you there is a server with absolutely one mono language Pandora where everyone understands each other and an international Rubilax server where language chaos and your messages can get lost among other languages. Do you have any plans to improve the interaction between people on the international server? If there are no problems for you on Pandora, then please note that the international server requires special attention. Would it be possible to add language chats for the international server? for the failure to implement the group search function and the lack of a long-term improvement in the accessibility of people's communication on the international server = not hype
  • Some of the dungeons I've tested have empty rooms, like Nun. It would be much more interesting if such rooms had interactive elements that would bring more meaning to such an empty space. Half hype.
  • The Handyman profession is getting too big to involve crafting so many different items. Why not create a new profession like Enchanter with only orb and rune recipes? But what about the chef who still has no new recipes?
  • Auras. If in the long term, with the availability of stones, the dungeons will become more accessible, then the auras are the other way around. We are returning to the old era, when auras were elitist and not available to everyone. If I buy an item, I get an aura. In the new system, you are depriving players of easy access to many auras, so auras will take the place of runes, some of them will become too valuable. The aura of the eternal sword will become very valuable and expensive. I also don't like that the first aura study will become automatic and I won't be able to sell it right away until I get a copy. PvP auras are linked and cannot be sold. Not at all hype.
  • Speaking of PvP. Last summer, a feature was introduced that pushes players into a battle between each other (demonic pact). Based on Siu answer in the French forum, you don't plan to develop a colliseum system. But what about increasing the battlefields a bit? Due to the theoretical (I emphasize) accessibility to runes, we will see a greater satisfaction of players with their builds, which in the future will approach the fact that PvE content will become boring. Imagine a person who has collected the desired runes, desired items, and what should he do next? Spam dungeons? This will quickly get boring when the PvP experience offers a second life, including creating interaction between people. I met most of my friends on the battlefields than in the dungeons, which motivates you to play solo 6 characters to get loot or in the new system there is a better chance of getting a dungeon stone. PvE content in Wakfu is less about sociality than PvP. I'm sad that this is being ignored again.
  • Stasis. Mobs have more HP and less damage, right? And you've increased the amount of stasis to meet the needs of players who are looking for achievement and competition. However, GG for a new meta with Rogue and berserk builds.
  • I see that in this patch there are logical elements of balancing classes, taking into account the theme of the update - dungeons. I hope the next patch will be more about classes. Osa and Masq leave no chance for Eni about support. Feca leaves no chance for Ougi or Fogger when we talk about the role of the tank. Panda leaves no chance for anyone on the team when it comes to positioning, the nerf Xelor positioning is a prime example of this. Many classes didn't get the new passive system, and those that did need some balancing.

ok, now what I like (hype):
  • the ability to select auras separately from the relic
  • "quick exchange" features
  • dungeons for 3 characters
  • changes in epic and relic sublimation
  • no more abusing dungeon ladder
  • 10 free build pages

Thanks for your work. And remember that criticism is one of the desires to make Game better and should be viewed through the prism of logic, and not through the of interpersonal relationships.


Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

i read the french forum today and saw that the censorship of the word "gay" for 1.76 has been removed. Thank you Siu

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Score : 7

Regarding auras, I think you are wrong with that.
It's not coming back to the old times. Getting a relic is not difficult at all given that you can drop the fragments or get them easily. The only exceptions are auras that are from achievement or quests, but given the difficulty of those relics, it's still a nice feature and reward for them. 
Also I think handyman is okay like this. It needed new recipes, it was an almsot useless profession. Now it's not anymore.

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Score : 106

Huppermage flux and reflux missing part

Hello , I have noticed that flux and reflux doesn't give us 30% dammage for the next spell , it only give us 50 resistance or least the 30% part is missing in the in combat flux and reflux ui

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Score : 113


The sublimation Counterattack fails the challenge Focus. I do not believe this should be the case, as the attack is triggered upon enemy attack and is not an active player decision.

Thank you.

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Score : 1458

There are a few sublimations that regularly fail challenges, some of which are fair and some not so much. E.g.: 

  • About-face fails the "don't get hit from the front" challenge
  • MP Save (technically "Tolerance") uses 2mp per level of the state at the end of the player's turn, which often fails the "don't use all MP" challenge. Level 1 Tolerance means you have to end your turn with at least 3MP in order to not fail the challenge; level 2 Tolerance requires ending turn with 5MP.
  • Others, like MP and AP Return often make the 2-4-6-8 ("obsession") challenge fail, but it's avoidable
  • (I'm pretty sure there are more, but these come to mind presently)

I'd love for some of these things to change, but I'm inclined to just's a price we pay for using sublimations. Similar to how some passives make certain challenges difficult or impossible (cough massacuring mark cough). 
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Score : 606

Just saw some of the changes to the Nogord Items.

I'm a bit disappointed if i'm going to be honest here. Those are some extremely minor changes that barely improve anything at all.
Increasing a bit of HP or a mere 20 elemental mastery to some already insanely underused and weak items won't bring much new interest to these items or to Nogord as a UB overall whatsoever. 

Really hope you give this some thought and consideration, and give those items some much more deserved and needed love.

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Score : 2917

Wanted to give my two cents on Elemental Bombs real quick, will update this post if I have any more feedback.

TL;DR - 2 turn cooldown malus for bombs just makes the class slower and more boring. I suggest a minus to Critical Mastery for Elemental Bombs' drawback.

I can assume the devs already know a lot of what I'm about to explain, but I think it's important for anyone reading this to understand the context and stuff. 

The 2 turn cooldown for bombs for the ability to have 4 bombs of the same type out isn't terrible in my opinion. With that, the type of Rogue that actually uses Elemental Bombs would still be able to do exactly what it does now, it would just take longer. That's still a problem, because it makes, for lack of better or more polite phrasing, a tedious and boring rogue build even more tedious and boring.

The main rogue build that uses Elemental Bombs right now is one that is meant to kill bosses. The Rogue sets up bombs and does basically nothing else until it's time to kill the boss. Then the Rogue or their allies gets the boss vulnerable and positioned in the Rogue's bombs, buff the Rogue, and then the Rogue kills the boss. 

The 2 turn cooldown would, in a way, benefit a Rogue by giving them a turn between bomb casts to do something else. The problem with that is that Rogues don't have anything else to do to really contribute during those off turns, so at the moment with how Bomber Rogue currently is, the 2 turn cooldown just makes things more boring and take longer. This would be a much better malus if it came with changes that gave Bomber Rogues more ways to support their set up between bomb turns, or support their team between bomb turns. I'll make the assumption that's definitely not happening this patch since that's a much bigger change.

So I think a malus, drawback, etc. that would still make Elemental Bombs easier to use would be that it decreases Critical Mastery, which is still in the same spirit as the original drawback but doesn't come with the difficulties of making the passive work with gearsets that often contain -Crit Chance gear that therefore need the Rogue to end up with more than -10% critical hit chance.

Alright so Elemental Bombs 1.76 beta take 2 plus Explobomb buff: 

  • The passive Elemental Bombs have a new effect and no longer allow you to place 4 bombs of the same element on the battlefield:
    • Bombs have a resistance malus.
    • When the Rogue's bombs explode, he gains 20% Damage inflicted per different element of bombs in the explosion during the next turn (max 60%).
  • The critical damage bonus of the Explobomb passive is now 10% per level instead of 5%.

I'm going to have to do a lot of testing with this to see how deep the potential of this goes but I like this a lot. Might have to ask a few questions on the beta discord if that's still around.

Okay some feedback on Elemental bombs: it's slightly weaker than having 4 bombs of the same element was, but if the damage boost was increased by 5% to 25% damage inflicted per element of the bomb in a detonation on the next turn it would be just slightly stronger than 4 bombs was which I think makes up for it. 

Aside from that, and this is a huge shot in the dark I expect to go nowhere, I originally thought this passive's cap on damage inflicted (60%) might have been a soft cap. If you don't have Minesweeper equipped, the Detonation spell can be cast twice in a turn. I needed to test to see if separate explosions gave you separate damage buffs, but they don't, which makes sense. I did think it'd be cool if it did, as it would be an alternative to just always using Minesweeper, but I understand why it doesn't. 

a few other things:

you can still summon 4 bombs of one element with Elemental Bombs equipped

If you detonate one bomb, the passive (Elemental Bombs) will stop working and any detonations after that will not give you the buff.

If explobomb's state level goes over 50, the damage inflicted on critical hits reads as 25% instead of 50%

I thought about how Elemental Bombs might make Jackpot more viable but upon further testing, because Jackpot only saves you 1AP overall (something that Boomarogue can also do) it's still not very useful. If Jackpot's connection was to make the next bomb not cost any AP though, Jackpot would be incredibly useful in this passive combination.

might have more feedback soon but yea i still like both these changes a lot
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Score : 3047

I agree. Rogue is the most unlucky class, it gets patched and fixed far more often than any other class. May be the devs still can't decide on its concept?

The rogue currently lacks any flexibility. It's weird, isn't it? Yes, we can use melee/single/aoe/berserk/distance build, but in practice, in dungeons it always comes down to pretty much the same sequence of actions. Simply because that sequence is the most effective. The rogue's current role is that of boss killer and Horridemons dg cheat. For other dd roles, like full melee, ranged or aoe he's a poor fit, simply because there are other classes that do it much better.

So of course, just increasing the cooldown, without other useful changes (not just removing the malus) will only add to the boredom. Because we will continue to do the same thing as now, but it will take twice as long.

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Score : 456

Hi!. While I need some deeper tests in the 'revamped' dungeons, this update brings to the player some really nice changes. So here, my humble opinion about some of them:

  • Auras: although I'm gonna miss some of them till I do the quests it's a great change. Nothing bad at all. This is a top QoL change.
  • Dungeons 2.0: the idea is great as well. I haven't tried them yet though. But still, it brings new mechanics and gameplays to a large bunch of them.
  • [*]Flaming: although I find myself being a great-great fan of this mechanic since long ago I'm aware that it was being an OP-owerful tool with the introduction of the 'new Osamodas'. With the limit being twice the character level it makes more balanced when it specially comes to low level combats.

    Also the change to how it works makes it clearer for every player to avoid misunderstandings (AoE mastery all the time).

    Well... I think I'll miss the good 'ol days of chain exploding the mobs but this was very much needed.

    [*]Rogue: while it's clear you're reducing the potential dmg extending the needed time to 'farm' the bombs I think this change is effectively telling you: 'do not play this passive' which is not really good.

    It should be any other way to solve this. All players are aware of this class' "efficience" to bring down every boss in the game with no HP locks/phases. But also there's no other true gameplay to this class so that's their way. 

    [*]Sacrier: tbh, I don't see at all the change to the passive. I mean, a passive with a cooldown is very harsh even if we're all know that this class' dmg output is astounding. It'd be better a lesser bonus than this.

    Or if it's about of being too powerful bonus for a low level character (due to it's available from lv50), then the Impending Death state that grant the bonus might have a variable level depending on the character level. So a low level sacrier cannot have +3APs but +1/+2...

    [*]Epic & Relic sublimations: some of the changes are really great but I think many of them still won't be used at all or very little (as Robust).

    About the new ones I have some concerns on Sentinel. This one makes you to rely even harder on "positioners" although it's a win-win for a Xelor (+29%DI you said?!? XD).

    [*]About the new stones and the competitive mode (revamped stasis): I find myself with some doubts about it. The idea to get rid of the abusable current ladder is great. But I don't know if the rewards are appealing enough.

    The complete lack of something of interest in the chests is not a great value for some of the less popular dungeons which will propably remain almost forsaken.

    I hope the new stones bring some balance for some of the most wanted sublimations. It seems that sooner than later the market will have enough stock and the stone's prices will come down to the ground. We will see if this is good or bad.

I'm looking forward to the next beta update to see new changes. Bye nee!!
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    Score : 21
    Aura/Relic bug? I'm unable to craft Mori Momento relic from fragments, assuming because I already have the linked aura in my cosmetics inventory (obtained from the cosmetics machine). It gives an error about usage conditions. Hopefully this isn't intentional, as it locks out achievements and possibly being able to craft multiple relics/auras to sell or share. I will test this in a moment but I have concerns.

    Edit: Fragment description reads that we need a blueprint to craft Mori Momento. I'm guessing this is the cause for usage conditions error. Sorry I'm a derp.

    Alternative solution to the aura achievement link. The achievement should give a linked aura. Add a machine in Astrub Basement that allows for exchanging of a completed relic for that relic's aura (unlinked). The relic is consumed in the exchange. If we want another unlinked then we either collect frags again or craft them from.. handyman?
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    Score : -83

    revive some passives, like this:



    This will make it possible to deal damage now, and not later.
    Passive "JACKPOT" will make it possible to save 2-4 AP.
    Which is comparable to other classes that have ways to increase ap.

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    Score : 54

    Stasification became straight useless. I would appreciate if for the -10% damage inflicted other things could be granted instead, like a mix of critical hit and block.

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