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Ankama Launcher Bug?

By OGBodie#5978 - MEMBER - April 01, 2022, 23:08:28

hey ive been playing Wakfu for a month and I like it a lot but ive had nothing but constant bugs. haven bag here, black screen from switching alts there. however, only one has really been bothering me without fail. the Ankama Launcher. first I know I have a Mac and its not a app game but I am still able to get through all of the minor walls from that.. but it seems like everytime I cut my computer off I have to redownload the launcher, after 5mins of me being logged in the launcher will give a option to restart due to some technical issue and now its been 4 days since ive played and its saying I need to repair launcher and when I click repair it says prioritize.. which is weird because I don't have anything else going and aside from already pre-installed apps on my Mac Wakfu and Ankama Launcher is all I have on here. ive restarted Mac and Ankama Launcher countless times, ive reinstalled half of that and everytime it says the same thing.. this is the second time its done this an last time it just popped bak on one day after me checking every other day.. anybody else with this issue?

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All I can tell you is that the steam launcher for Wakfu tells me that the new version of OSX is no longer capable of running the game because it is a 32bit app.

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