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Beta 1.74 Changelog - 17 November

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - November 17, 2021, 12:19:28

Shustuft Crust

  • Vaal'Enthia 
    • Reduced the duration of the Ancient Vaal resistance malus (-1 turn)
  • Horridemons
    • Slightly modified a few of the boss and monster spells
  • Streyes
    • Added a rear resistance malus on the boss
    • Streyes now have fake death / revive animations
  • Destroyers
    • The game client doesn't crash when K'abah'al casts its "Tearing" spell
  • Anathar
    • Increased the total HP of Anathar
    • Modified the Anathar dungeon gameplay in the Voidivion dungeon
  • Shustuft crust monsters
    • Tweaked several monsters characteristics
    • The following monsters can be captured by an Osamodas: Devilshroom, Inanite


  • Shustuft Crust items
    • Added the missing Armor received bonus that was planned on the related items
    • Tweaked some items characteristics
    • Implemented Anathar's rewards
    • Implemented Souvenir items
  • Ancestral Energy (Relic Sublimation)
    • Modified the damage and resistance bonuses: it becomes 4% DI and 15 Resistance per state level


  • Fixed an issue causing AI misbehaviors on some monsters
  • Disembodied heroes are properly brought back to life at the end of fights

UI Modding

  • Following player feedback, we made some colors modifiable (for example: Marketplace, Haven Bag interface).
  • Added an interface tab in the game options (echap). It includes :
    • The interface scale parameter (previously included in the video tab)
    • A button that instantly refreshes/applies a personalized theme, without having to reboot the client
    • A button that opens the personalized theme folder


  • Improved the Beta server performances and stability
  • Fixed the adaptative lighting on some world backgrounds
  • The day and the night are reestablished in the Mount Zinit Summit area
  • Added a significant amount of translations, but it's not a definitive version yet