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[1.74] Shustuft Crust Monsters

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - November 09, 2021, 11:42:17
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Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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I tested a bit of every mob, but for now the only ones I feel I can provide meaningful feedback for now are the Phytomorphs.

Red mushroom - Perfect, have nothing say besides that, I think all values are great.

Small mushroom - He feels like a nerfed version of the small tick mob from Osamosa's desert. Well, that guy was extremely annoying, but this guy is very manageable.
Maybe too manageable? I felt like he was always very easy to counteract, 1 AP from enu is enough to half his 4 MPs most of the time (in comparison to the tick with his 10 MP and really strong poison).
I know that game designers are looking for feedback on what players think need to change, not how they think it should change, that's the designer's job, so I won't ramble too much on that.

Big guy - Reaaaally weak, I understand that his main focus seems to be MP removal, but maaan he hits so hard, i thought someone was hitting me with a pillow instead of horned fungus man.

Dungeon room mechanic - Great, makes them considerably more interesting.

Boss - Fun, I really enjoyed the hiding / being visible mechanic, and all of the mob's buffs really synergize well with this (by that I mean they make it harder to obey the mechanics).
One thing though, one that I don't know if it's intentional:
Why does her melee skill seemingly doesn't follow her 400% DI rule? Seems like wasted potential, specially considering she gains +5 MP during even turns (and the fact that her distance spell wastes all uses per turn before she even walks).

Visually, I have no comments, I LOOVE fungi themed monsters, so I love these guys too


I said on the beta discord that I didn't have any feedback about the Streyes, however that is changed, slightly.

My opinion remains that that I think they're great, however one QoL improvement that I think would help a lot:
Some visual indicator of which mobs are "dead"

After they revive 6 times, they revive with only 1 HP, which means that you can't see which are dead and which aren't just by looking at the HP bars, something that almost screwed me over a lil' ago.

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now about them, right now they're GREAT


(weird that I'm having troubles posting this, it simply adds to my last post as if i was editing it)

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These are first impressions of the fights because I’ve only run each dungeon once (without Anathar), and haven’t fought the Voidivion boss.

Probably my least favourite mob family so far.  I think the mob mechanics are okay overall, except the Corruption state from the red mushroom takes too much MP.  I think -3 MP is unreasonable and -2 MP would make much more sense, especially considering the boss mechanic.

I’m not really a fan of this boss right now.  I think that the fight gets pretty boring after the mobs are cleared because there’s nothing to think about.  It’s just going back and forth between ending in and out of the boss’ LoS, which just kind of feels like a less interesting Grozepin to me.

So far I like these mobs.  I wasn’t able to find a full group to run it, but trying out the first room with 3, their mechanics seem to have a lot of potential for interesting fights.  The only thing I’m not really a fan of is the attack that makes a giant web glyph that removes 4 MP.  I think that attack is just kind of ridiculous, though maybe I’ll feel different about it when I’m able to run it with a full team available to disable that mob.

I like the mechanic of these mobs, except for the small biting one.  I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not how often it was able to stabilize my characters (and itself), but I think the fact that the one in the boss room had two of my characters permanently stabilized in the boss room was probably a bug (I hope?).  I like that the glyph mechanic the mobs share rewards a variety of damage types and positioning skills.

The boss fight has pretty interesting gameplay when it isn’t cheesed, but it has major flaws that allow it to be cheesed by AoE damage or rogue.  Even though I found the fight fun overall, knowing how much the fight can be trivialized by the aforementioned methods makes me not really want to run it again.

This is my favourite mob family so far.  I like that the mob mechanic rewards having a variety of damage types on the team and allows for some neat interactions.  Don’t have much else to say about the mobs other than that.

This boss fight was the one I found the most fun of all the new bosses.  I liked that the mobs persist throughout the fight so there’s a lot of going back and forth between dealing with the mobs and damaging the boss.

These mobs are alright.  There is a mob with invisibility, which is in my top 3 most disliked mechanics in Wakfu (invisible traps/units, stuns, and critical failure), but I think that this mob is actually tolerable because it does not have mobility spells.  I think that the residue mechanic is interesting.

I like the boss fight but would have liked if his swap and teleport mechanics were visible in a state during my first run.  I like the way his mechanics make the positioning in the fight quite dynamic.

Overall, I like these new families quite a bit.  I think they are very well designed.  I find them fair, not frustrating, and appropriately challenging.

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Bug, all mobs in Horridemon dungeon have 148.000 hp

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