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Beta 1.73 Changelog - 10 September

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - September 10, 2021, 11:50:49

Player vs player

  • Battlefields are now selected on Monday at 1:00 AM (Paris time). The battlefields of the week are still displayed in the dedicated interface ( Ctrl + B shortcut ).
  • Fixed the anti-stalling PvP state. Additionally, the state is now applied in PvP battles in Battlegrounds.
  • Anti-stalling state: Characters now gain MP bonuses and resistance penalties every 4 turns to prevent fights from dragging on.
  • Agressions will now be properly locked by default, if the defender has the option enabled.
  • Heroes are correctly saved as being in the demonic Prison.
  • Heroes added during the extraction interaction no longer unlock their experience.
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn't possible to leave a Battleground if the player wasn't in a group with heroes.


  • Kamas amounts in the exchange interface are now displayed with the thousands separator. Changing the trade amount can now be validated with a button or with the Enter key.
  • Improved the system that shows the average price when an item is dropped in the marketplace, so that it is not possible to start typing a price before the average price is shown, thus generating a large fee for inattentive (and quite rich) players.
  • Tokens are now sorted by decreasing level, then by decreasing creation date in the quest inventory.
  • An option to hide relic auras has been added. It is now possible to hide the auras of other characters only, or all auras without exception.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some summons to visually remain on the map at the end of a fight.
  • Removing a Hero from the group will correctly remove them from characters with an active temporary inventory. If there is no more temporary inventory after the removal, the interface will close.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Heroes from being displayed correctly in the group search when they were added or removed.
  • Item sets without description won't display a text key (!content.xx...) anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow to join locked fights.


The following values are at mythic level (2)

Amakna's Rift
  • Invigoration
    • -10% Heals performed
    • 8% of the heals performed on allies are given back to the bearer of the state
    • Max level : 4
  • Technical critics
    • The first critical strike of the turn inflicts 12% more damage
    • The following ones inflict 6% less damage
    • Max level : 2
  • Precaution
    • When ending your turn with less than 50% of your HP:
    • Heal: 10% of missing HPs
    • Max Level: 4
  • Foresakenness
    • At the beginning of a fight, if the secondary masteries are <= 0 :
    • 1 Range and 1 WP max
    • Max level : 6

Osamosa's Rift
  • Offensive Block
    • When blocking a direct enemy attack:
    • 4% Damage inflicted (1 turn)
    • -10% Block (1 turn)
    • Max level: 2
  • Tactical crits
    • 6% Critical damage inflicted if the target has > 50% HP
    • -6% Critical damage inflicted if the target has <= 50% HP
    • Max level: 4
  • Neutrality
    • At the beginning of a fight, if secondary masteries are <= 0 :
    • 16% Damage inflicted
    • Max level : 4
  • Pretense
    • At the beginning of the fight, if secondary masteries are <= 0:
    • 10% Block
    • Max level : 6


  • Riddling Arrow and Burning Arrow
    • Removed the casting limits per turn for these two spells

  • Concern
    • The malus (MP divided by two) becomes a malus of 25 Willpower
  • Shield of the End
    • 2 WP max
    • -15% Damage suffered in melee
    • -15% Damage inflicted
  • Sword of the beginning
    • 2 WP max
    • 15% Rear damage
    • -1 max range on all Eliotrope spells

  • Glyphs
    • Feca's offensive glyphs are limited to 5 triggers per turn.

  • Jabs
    • The Jabs combo steals 150% of the damage inflicted

  • Barrelhop
    • Removed the change on unmodifiable range
    • The spell can now be used once every two turns

  • Spiritual Tempest
    • Minimum range increased to 2
    • Removed the restriction on casting in line

  • Counterclockwise
    • The issue with a move from the current hour to hour 11 in reverse has been fixed


When switching to Phase 2, Solkrupt now sets players' HPs to 1 even if they are carried (Karcham or Cat Tree).