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[1.73] Balancing: Pandawa

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - August 06, 2021, 04:22:40
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Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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I hope we will get more changes then just barrelhop range?

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*Okay, firstly I want to say that Thirst is a useless ability and should either be removed, buffed or revamped. The range is too short for it to be utilized consistently and the dizzy is negligible and can be switched for better spells.

*I wish there were more diverse passives to support Pandawa builds other than Tank(single target, AOE) 
e.g more dizzy consume effects that encourages strategical thinking.

*All of the Damage passives available are lack luster for majority of early game and only start to pick up later on.

*Poisoned chalice drawbacks make it too situational to be a staple for damage builds and doesn't scale with AOE.

*Maybe bring back incandescent milk in some form so that it is balanced.

*Light my fire is rarely used by tank and damage builds and the damage scaling is bad( plus it can only stack dizzy with barrels)

*One of the main reason why people play Pandawa is because of its versatility in combat.
So keeping this in mind this can be very beneficial to the class as a whole.

*Refreshment needs a change, there are better buff support option and takes too long to be reliable for damage builds.

*Lastly this isnt urging you to revamp the entire class, but to add more options for those who want it.*

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also it feels really weird to me that panda is considered a "healing" class but is also the only healer that lacks a revive spell (this could probably be fixed by turning exhilaration into a revive since it has a long cooldown anyways)

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Maybe its just for me, but run animation looks very weird and not authentic, especially if you need to move 1 or 2 cells. Could we perhaps get a toggle option for this feathure at the class temple in future? Pretty sure you could just increase turn time by ~10 sec to offset for slow animations, which also would help other classes suffering from similar problems.

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Or how similar Eliotropes teleport when moving more than 3 cells, Pandawas could have this neat animation where they throw the barrel up, hop to their spot and catch the barrel again.

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IMO this is a serious nerf. Limiting barrelhop to 1use per turn was harsh, but this makes it far less useful.


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yeah since I don't have my range taken away that often it feels like I'm consistently playing with a range malus

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Without Barrelhop used every turn panda loses it's positioning. I think this change needs a second check. The limited range was fair but a cooldown is an undermining, this would make a huge difference fin combat as most Pandas are tank/positioner. Panda has tanking/ positioning, while Feca has tanking/support, taking positioning from Panda makes it less appealing compared to Feca and breaks the balance in their rivalry. I like this update so far and this is the only thing that was shocking for me. I hope it'll be given another review, maybe there are other ways like limiting range and reducing it to 5 instead of cooldown. or making it cost 1mp/1ap to make players think twice before using it. A cooldown wouldn't be as intimidating and tactical as an mp/ap cost, the later adds to the tactical value each turn and make plans tighter. Thank you for revising Elio's passives on September's update and thank you for all your hard work and constant updates, it's the best mmo out there.

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Firstly, pandas are already the best positioner in the game by far. Even with a nerf they will still be the best.

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