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[1.73] General Feedback

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - August 04, 2021, 17:00:17
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Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

First Ankama intervention

Replying to Deltanoid

It's still in the process of being posted. Please wait a moment. Thank you for your patience.

See message in context
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where can we find a full list of the changes?

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It's still in the process of being posted. Please wait a moment. Thank you for your patience.

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I can not believe this. This is a dream? So many good changes for Xelor. I really can't believe this day has arrived.Thank you very much for listening to the community.
now Xelor can play not only damage, but and in their other roles (positioning and manipulation with AP). 
I am still reading the patch and testing the rest of the changes to write a more detailed comment. But for now, I just wanted to say thank you

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Not a fan of the changes to ecas.  double or nothing costs too much (wp +ap)  to debuff myself for -100 resist on enemies (3cards used to deal damage and  -60resist which made sense why it was 5ap to use). yet masqs can hit -200 resist on enemies passively while dealing damage, they can armor themselves and heal all in 1 turn, position enemies, backstab, -hp -armor gain on enemies. And ecas can only use double or nothing on 1 enemy once  for -100 and debuff themselves.

double or nothing was always a free skill for chance. to debuff or gain buff its high risk to use which makes sense it was free because you can kill yourself. now double or nothing has no chance of any buffs but it always give -100resist to enemies and -10%dmg or -50resist on yourself and it will cost you WP and AP. why would anyone use this? we already get debuffed a lot from tarot cards with -hp, -ap , -damage delt, on top of the debuffs enemies give us like -hpgains, -armor, -ap, -mp.

Clover pushes enemies 3 spaces. if they have something behind them they wont move anywhere. whats the difference from using craps to push enemies vs using clover? you're giving us skills we already have and the use of WP is even more now. to change tarots you need wp, to use abilities you need wp, to use double or nothing you need wp, i think the way ecas were set up before was just right. skills that had a passive ability now are no longer passive and costs wp and only gives things we already can do with another skills. You can push enemies with clover, we always had that why would i use clover? Maybe if it pushed everything in line back, but if its only pushing enemies 1 cell from me back whats the difference from craps? I dont get why ecas are getting doubles of abilites and passives we already have. pushing we got it, gain crit for 1 turn, we got it with fleas and lucky day, ok how about give mp to allies, we got it with felline leap. unintentionally nerfed everything lol

I dont know if the devs have ever played ecas, but this is not what they need. It doesnt make sense that 3 cards gives allies 1mp when feline leap gives allies mp already. at 5AP for 3 cards to give 1mp 1 range 50 resist, I cant even give myself these buffs. and at end game when people can gain 90% resist or even have 80% resist, +50 resist kinda useless compared to what it was before  -60resist on enemies.  on allies is too expensive for a skill we can already do. and now 3 cards doesnt do - resistance to enemies but still costs 5ap makes no sense why anyone would want to play this class over a masq now.

Literally didnt have to change anything with ecas before other than give them some better mobility to go over walls or through enemies or go diagonal or something. Id say they were already a pretty dang balanced class.

The changes the devs made to ecas, to line up all the abilities and passives to get the buffs from them cost so much and is actually a pretty difficult  playstyle.  Ecas are supposed to be a really simple to use class that used luck to become stronger . non of those elements exist in this class with these changes. they became harder to use, because the skills are even more expensive. with more things costing WP and AP,  passives that came with using an ability for free now are separate abilities that cost AP WP,  the buffs also debuff yourself. IDK i think the rework wasnt done well or planned well.

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I wholeheartedly agree 100%. Moving existing effects around doesn't really elevate the class, it's just rearranging furniture that has been there before.
To add to this other classes can easily achieve the same or better debuffs so I don't see the point in making Ecaflip a more mediocre -resistance debuffer all of a sudden.

Ecaflips abilities as they exist in 1.7.2 are a great foundation, it just needs a bit more number-tweaking and some ingenuity when it comes to the heart of the class  - luck and gambling. I don't mind trading 1-2 active skills for new ones but they need to hold up against other classes like masq.

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I wrote this as part of my Sacrier Feedback, but this (potentially) concerns all classes really:

[Spell UsePerTarget/Turn limitations]
I don't think it is a good idea to limit bread-and-butter spells like that.
(For 1.7.3 this mainly concerns Blood Rush, Rocky Foot, Wakmeha and Pulsation)

Some classes just need stupid unga bunga bread-and-butter spells. Instead of slapping a limit on it you should consider making the other options more attractive, otherwise these limits are just a game design crutch. Burning Blood was a solid alternative to Blood Rush in 2012 because it applied Flaming, but that has been gone for a while now. If Flaming would be reintegrated into Sacriers Fire Branch along with one of the other fire spells providing (modest amounts of) Scalding this alone would do wonders against Blood Rush spam. Slapping a limit on such simple spells and calling it done is just a bandaid.
You really just need to come up with nice combinations of secondary spell effects instead of outsourcing everything into new active elementless spells like you did with Flaming for Sacrier or resistance debuffs for Ecaflip.

For Eliotropes this even hinders them in other ways since Pulsation is used to both move portals and damage enemies.

I agree that certain more powerful spells need a limit per target/turn, but please reconsider limiting bread-and-butter spells like that! Make spell combinations more attractive instead of forcing them by adding arbitrary limits!

Long story short: These limits per turn FORCE the player to press something else, but they don't make other options more viable or cause the player to arrive at better spell combos organically. If someone wants to unga bunga just let them, but make more complex spell combinations more attractive.

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This is exactly what I think too, rather than limiting spells that are essential to a class it would be a way better alternative to just rework the other spells to be more appealing

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I am definitely not sure about the first and second iop nerf, but going for the third one "   [*]Flurry Combo
AP given by the Flurry combo are no longer given to the Iop casting the spell.   " is a huge mistake. 
First of all, I am not sure how you think about processing your balancing strategy, but it's totally pointless to check every class on its own, and make it " weaker " so that balance happens, it won't work, and I'm not even sure what are you trying to balance anyway; Pvp? Pvm? What the hell does " balancing principles " mean even?

Speaking of pvp: It goes without saying that 1v1 fights are pointless to try to be balanced. Simply melee classes will fail against most of distance classes. Example: iop vs cra / iop vs distance elio / iop vs foggernaut. Not only that, but also map matters, if it's huge, then the chances for an iop to win is 0.
Moving to teamfight pvps, from 2v2 to 6v6, the equipments factor will show up in here, especially in survivabily, so if we IGNORE this factor, then it will be a matter of strategies and match making, example: melee classes vs distance classes, the distance classes are more likely to win. Simply this cannot be " balanced " because it just makes sense, a melee class will rarely be able to reach a far target, thus fails to survive and lose. Again, we ignore this second factor, and we'll have no factors left, if everyone is well geared, if teams are well set, nothing counts more, and even if some classes are over powered due to their spells or passive spells, it won't be much relevant. So in this case I will understand that you are trying so hard (lulz) just to reach the perfect matchmaking and the perfect pvp fights.

As for pvm: It definitely makes no sense to create new overpowered gear and later weaken the classes themselves, so what the heck are you doing? I'll give you a former example that proved classes could do fine even without new gear. Lokkan was one of the first players if not the first in Remington server to beat most of level 186 dungeons that were new by that time, stasis 50, no new gear, no new runes nor sublimations, the past runes system was enough for him, the past gears were enough for him. And he managed to do all that, just with his strategies, his mind and his hard work, such thing looked impossible back then, but they broke the limits. The point is, if you're trying to balance pvm, whatever that means, you could always nerf the gear instead of the classes, it would be much appreciated.

Finally, moving to iop himself. Being a 5 or 6 years old player that only played iop for 99% of his time, I could clearly see that those kind of nerfs are just bullshit. For instance, why don't you nerf those unused filthy funny passives that rarely if not no one uses? Tormentor for example. adding 10% fd distance and that sort of crap. What the hell does this mean? I doubt any iop would use that anywhere, except for those players that already maxed everything in the game and trying to enjoy every little detail in Wakfu. So yes, if you really want to help, you could nerf those kind of stuff, and it is definitely okay to ask and take every iop's opinion seriously, and in worst cases go for a vote in which, if 90% of iops (that applies to all kind of nerfs and additions to game) do not agree, simply it won't be.

One last thing to add: I do understand that iop can be a beast and scared you too much that you decided to nerf it, but please note that only 6 boxers and such, that were able to make iops look so, if you're nerfing iop for this exact reason, then it makes no sense to focus on the exceptions and let the rest of players. I'm no more than an iop that has been struggling every since I started to have a decent gear to run stuff with my guild, just for the fun of it, and guess what, although I am iop, although my guildmates are eliatropes and srams, we don't even manage to win a stasis 21 mineral tower, or stasis 21 Dor mor, or any of the rest.

So please, not only as an iop, but as a player that has been trying to be as loyal as he can to the game, if my opinion is shit as an iop, take it as a request from a fan player that liked the game and stood the stand of warriors even in its worst states of wakfu. 

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moved comment to appropriate topic*

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Some changes are absolutely wild, to put it lightly. Most of them give me VICE magazine headlines vibe (I really hope you are not picking these changes in similar fashion).

1. This "x uses per turn/ x uses per target" obsession is really getting out of hand.
While I understand need  of limiting spells which remove AP/MP/range, I'm not sure if there even reason for most of these changes (in regards to general damaging spells) besides force people to use suboptimal spells or change their playstyle/builds/gear. If spell is performing too well - tune down the numbers or buff alternative spells to invite players to try different approach.

2. Why Execution is AoE cross now?
This makes no sense, even tooltip says it supposed to be used to finish off weakened enemy, it should be ST. Bad luck if you used this spell in your deck and had melee/st build, I guess. Also, now it is very hard to use it if ally standing next to target.

3. Why flurry combo is nerfed?
So after patch Iop will get nothing for himself for using it - no extra damage, no buff on next spell, etc. If you want to nerf it - nerf AP gains for allies, not for Iop, he is not support class anyway. Just because you can be somewhat useful if you landed yourself in a group for not melee friendly dungeon doesn't mean you should have less power when you alone.

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The way the Ecaflips have been nerfed is not fun. Not only is one of the most valuable spells getting reduced to a shadow of its former self, but we're also getting an active spell that does... nothing?

Craps, the bread and butter of the fire branch, shouldn't be able to lose all of its range like that. The reason it's so valuable in the first place was because Craps can reach places no other spell can! To reduce the essence of the spell down to 'push' is to take away most of the value of the spell. Sure, the main reason the spell exists is to push friends and foes out or into danger, but then again, no other spell reaches quite as far as Craps does.
And then we have Clover, which does essentially what Craps does with 6ap for 2ap and 1 Wakfu point. At first, this sounds great. "I can push three spaces for only 2ap and 1wp? Nice!" But then you realize that Clover, unlike Craps, doesn't allow you earn Lucky Day, not is it always available. Clover takes three turns to reactivate, and by then I could have pushed a target nine spaces if it didn't move. Additionally, Clover takes away 3 elemental resistance from the target per level of Lucky Day, which in theory should mean that at 42 levels of Lucky Day the enemy would lose... 126 elemental resistance.

Worse than Three Cards! Clover has no space in the Ecaflips' spelldeck. Why not, instead of all these changes, do away with Hot Potato? I don't recall ever meeting an Ecaflip that actually uses that passive.

Ecaflips, as they are right now, are perfect. Or, well, "perfect" in the sense that all their spells and passives make sense. It's just the numbers that have to be changed, or some small tweaks to spells. I've heard some great suggestion for Up to Scratch, like it being able to reach beyond walls.

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yeah i think ecas currently are one of the best balanced classes. I personally think the reason why a lot of the well rounded or heavy armor classes use a lot WP now is because of Ancestral Energy. Maintaining 6wp is what the devs don't want, but why is it bad we find a sublimation that fits well with a class? that you need to nerf the classes abilities, but whats not fair is for the people that never used Ancestral Energy but now have to pay 1WP + AP for all of the useful skills now. you want to -resist? well thats gonna cost you AP and WP,  you got a bad card? well thats gonna cost you WP,  want cat tree? WP,  water spell WP, fire spell WP,  we already had a lot of WP costs, but now they split some of the passives that came with our spells and just made it cost more AP and WP.  Clover? I see clover as another skill thats just going to sit in the skill box, another "hot potato" skill.  double or quits -100 resist but also -10% damage inflicted, well defeats the point of doing -100resist if im dealing less damage too. This skill has turned into "pay WP+AP so both you and the enemy suffer" why would i pay for that?
5ap for 3cards with no -resist, sure it gives allies 1mp 1range 50 resistance but thats so situational that anyone near enemies would benefit from that on their turn. what if they were a melee class that didnt need the mp range or resist. at higher levels people have a lot of resist. 5ap for that ... no thanks, ill use something else. sure +100resistance if you use it twice, but thats 10AP, i believe masquraiders can gain 100 resist +heal with 1 5ap spell. 
Battles probably the best update they did for ecas.
Craps only 1 line skill now? so its constantly always pushing enemies, why would they do that, it was so good that you were able to use it as a skill to reach enemies without having to move them or deal some extra damage if there were a lot of allies surrounding the target.

Yeah I dont think ecas needed anything more than just up to scratch being no line of sight and end up landing on the 3rd cell if no targets hit. i liked being able to recall cat tree or being able to teleport to a tree as well. i think thats all they needed.

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I'm not at the Beta, but I don't like a lot of the stuff I see for the Ecaflip...

Craps - use limited for lines. It was the long-range spell for excellence. Now it will just be a 3 uses per target push in line. Yeah, craps.

Battle - requires WP now. Either gain damage or lose 2 APs bet. Doesn't look too appealing in paper... How would it work if already having the God Ecaflip card and gets it again?

Three cards - now doesn't reduce enemy resists, doesn't harm allies, and chance to give them a buff out of 3, that only 1 of the 3 is practical. Because I would be using 5APs to get 33% chances of the resist buff. The sole reason to use this one now would be for attacking from behind your tank allies. The buff itself is negligible, and not debuffing and damaging the enemy makes it lose its main adventage.

Double or quits - Debuff two enemies like an Enutrof, and debuff yourself like a Sacrier doing so. But only for being used in melee range and needing WP for it. Not sounding very appealing for being in first line taking the hits against several enemies with this thing working. An Ecaflip for healing from mid-long range with this might have a chance. Otherwise, the price to pay is high. Does it stack with two Ecaflips in team or only has one level?

Clover - I'm reading that it has a 3 turns cooldown? Good spell for supporting your allies that use MPs for attacks and repelling surrounding enemies (very much like the combat bonus in that sense). For debuffing... not sure yet. That cooldown might make me consider if it's worth it to sacrifice a spell slot for it. I'm already struggling to decide what spells to take in combat.

(Just commenting, the potato is amazing for ranged earth healers. Possibly the only practical use right now due to the potato evasiveness.)

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TheRogueCat#6934|2021-08-06 04:51:37
Battle - requires WP now. Either gain damage or lose 2 APs bet. Doesn't look too appealing in paper... How would it work if already having the God Ecaflip card and gets it again?

They said it will stack with tarrot cards.

But yeah some hot potato support would be nice, if you decide to keep that passive once we get the new passives later in this beta
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Yeah, but HOW do they stack two God Ecaflip cards? Giving the positive card +20% x2? Maximizes damage x2? By the way, how does it exactly "maximize" damage? Because I got variable numbers for the same spell the last time I tested that card effect.

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Edit: Just noticed that additional Feedback threads for each class have been created, sorry.

[Ecaflip Feedback]

All these changes do is nerf Ecaflip and move furniture around that's already been there instead of elevating the class a bit.
Ecaflips Elemental and Active Spells are great already, doing these seemingly arbitrary changes just stiffles what already works. I'd rather see some simple number adjustments (which is what I expected from a "rebalance" in the first place).

3 Uses per target was enough limitation in my opinion, requiring being in line now is too much. This is a heavy blow to mid-range Ecaflips (I play a melee Eca but I feel my brothers and sisters here). The ability to use Craps diagonally to avoid the push was vital in dealing mid-range damage. I would just leave Craps as it is now on live.

This has some potential, but it may need some tweaks. But what was wrong with the old one?

Three Cards
I play a Fire/Water Ecaflip but I always had Three Cards (or Dice Roulette) in my deck for situational slight debuffs/buffs, now that spell is useless. I don't even see TriEle/Earth Ecas picking this spell up now. The +MP and +Range buffs are not useful since you would throw this new Three Cards into melee combatants. Granting +Dodge/Lock would've made more sense but that is still underwhelming for 5 AP.
If you really have to remove the Resistance debuff from Three Cards I'd suggest letting it provide a semi-random buff that is worth the 5 AP it takes to cast it, like +final damage, +resistance, +Crit/Block, something similar to Dice Roulette but in a line.

Double or Quits
What was wrong with the old one?
Edit: Received some clarification from Siu (thank you!), but I still think Dbl or Quits should be kept the way it is. The cost of this spell was the risk of buffing the enemy and it could be cheated by only using it on low-hp enemies you could kill afterwards - which is perfectly in line with the original vision for Ecaflip - manipulate luck.

Three Cards' main benefit has been outsourced into this new Active Spell, but I don't see a reason why this was done. Not to mention it doesn't stack up against the Resistance Debuffs of other classes despite debuffing the Ecaflip as well! Forgive my wording but this just seems so arbitrary and adds nothing to help Ecaflip excel.

Final thoughts
Please always consider the core ideas behind classes when revamping stuff. Ecaflips should be a class with a lucky gambling aspect, but also with tools to cheat the odds (Dbl or Quits). Eliotropes idea is still that of an extreme ranged class (with berserk close combat being a welcome variety) and the currently proposed changes work to dilute both of those core ideas.
Lately I get the feeling that some spells and abilities are changed for synergy with (and balance against) sublimations, which pretty much act like Passive Skills available to every class - but at the end of the day sublimations are just gear - and gear should never influence how classes work.
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This has some potential, but it may need some tweaks. But what was wrong with the old one?

-> Minimizing or maximizing the random damage is already in tarot card effect. I think this spell version adds a lot of gambling into the ecaflip's play while also adding a lot of gameplay.

Double or quits
What was wrong with the old one?

-> Free spell that requires two casts. Half-passive half-spell that adds a lot of length to an ecaflip's turn.

Thank you for your feedback !
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Double or quits is probably the most ecaflip spell there ever is, the ability to gamble your life or the enemies life for free! its always been free!  I dont like the new double or quits, should be named "No double just quits" lol.

There are some beast classes still out there. masq still op in pvp and pve, iops and sacs still so strong, huppermage omg.

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Hello, regarding Enutrof and his current state, suggesting minor changes that would make him more fun to play by adding 2 new passives. 1) Making Berserker Enutrof more viable and 2) Having a supportive spell that also helps his survivability 

Ruby/Berserker Mine: (Unlocks lvl 150)
Adds a mine higher than gold
Below 50% of your Max HP turns every gold mine on the board to ruby mines/ berserk mines
-150 Resistances
+100 Berserk Mastery
Gives treasures like a normal gold mine, berserk mastery stays until treasures are used.

[This forces the enutrof to keep his treasures so he can have the bonus 100 berserk mastery, and challenges him if he needed to heal he would use treasures to get above the threshold in hp and treasures]

Bribery/Ransom: (Unlocks lvl 100) Enutrof can pick up a purse from a broke target and uses the purse to bribe them taking reduced damage, -15% damage taken (Stackable) Allies can also pick up purses.

[Bribery/Ransom could be a good support spell as enutrof has no real immediate supportive spells and could be combined with Credit interest for a stackable effect.]

3 turn cooldown, Lasts for 2 turns

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This is the third time I've had to post this...

The changes to Pacts to protect high level players from low level players (level 1s) attacking them are smart, they stop cheap tactics like that.

On the flip side, there's the prevalence of people 100+ levels above other players just killing low level players and stealing their pact inventories. This is bad for both the low level players, because they lose their loot, and it isn't good for the high level players either, because they get items and xp amounts that they have no use for.

So I suggest that we make use of the level-down feature for pact fighting.

Set a minimum level to participate in pacts (say 35, when all skills are available to all players). Auto-adjust players who attack each other to the lowest level player (players below the minimum level are not counted) in the party.

This means that pvp players get good fights, and above all, FAIR fights. We'll get actual pitched battles in front of turn in points because people know they'll get a real battle, and not just a 6-party-level-215 curb stomp.
More importantly, this opens up the door to making pacts a little more formal and interactive. Highlighting players who have a lot of loot on them, for instance, or offering escalating pvp protection time upon winning a battle to create a scenario where you can turn in despite the point being surrounded by defenders.

Further, it creates a market for lower level gear (people may want to make low level sets for syncing down).

Please give this serious consideration, as pacts as they are discourage engaging in an actual fight in almost every single way.


Randgri#8503|2021-08-07 13:54:52
Unfortunately so-called twink gear is what makes this idea fall apart, Battlefields are a good example of that: Players are forced to level down for Battlefields, but can still invest millions to get the very best gear with optimal slots for that level, pumped full of shards and sublimations that still make them unbeatable for regular players of the same level.
Setting players to the same level is not a solution unless you force automatic gear conversion, which would force everyone to play the same build on that level and kill the fun that way.

I think that's an important point that could be addressed later. I'm not too experienced in the game so I don't know how many pvp players keep up alt sets, but I'd much rather go up against a tricked out player in a 2v1 or a 1v1 adjusted to my level than go up against a tricked out player 100 levels above me in a 1v1. The former gives at least a chance of me winning. The latter is literally impossible.

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Score : 989

Unfortunately so-called twink gear is what makes this idea fall apart, Battlefields are a good example of that: Players are forced to level down for Battlefields, but can still invest millions to get the very best gear with optimal slots for that level, pumped full of shards and sublimations that still make them unbeatable for regular players of the same level.
Setting players to the same level is not a solution unless you force automatic gear conversion, which would force everyone to play the same build on that level and kill the fun that way.

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Score : 743

Ton of changes with the latest update.
Am wondering regarding the Levitation run. Halo in it's path, as in on the ground indicative of where the char is, or?
Why not rather stick with the theme and leave a trace of small roman digits between teleporting, similar to now but smaller and not a bundle that appears on phasing.
Could even reuse a portion of Lucloak animation. Pardon the nitpicking, but rather liked the look of it as is. Am of the opinion a circle underneath will retract from the visual goodness for functionality sake when you can have both.

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Score : 85
  • Mentoring resources can no longer trigger Cap'n Atcha.
  • Harvesting a cutting or seed from a mentoring resource will destroy the resource.

Could the resources (mentoring) have a fixed 100% chance of planting?
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Score : 19223

Yeah, and if possible fixing the Haven World problem where anyone can alter or destroy all trees, plants, crops, deco-trees, deco-plants, deco-crops and monster mobs. Only those belonging to the guild AND with rank to manage the Haven World should be able to do that.

I'm sure they won't be very happy if those resources are harder to get in mass now, and if they get destroyed by any Iop passing by and need to be re-planted again.

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Score : 270

Looking through the new Changelog from the 19th things look better for Eliotrope at first glance at least.

However the limitations on the spells are getting absurd at this point, after taking a look on the beta server. I as a player still fail to see the point of limiting nearly every spell this way and still don't see the issue with spamming a spell. We already have perfectly fine working limitations with AP, MP, WP and cooldowns to avoid spamming strong spells. 
Limiting my spells this way leaves me frustrated with the mechanics and isn't really motivating me to try new things. It's just a neccesary evil then to use something else.
Give me good and interesting alternatives I'll gladly use them when I see fit. I as a player don't even have an issue with spamming my skill if there is nothing else in the round to do.

I'm really wondering why the devs choose to go this way

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Score : 85
  • Resources are added to the mentor's dealer in Astrub. They also have a 100% chance of plantation in the Haven bag.


Bouture de Rarebre not working. The tree model is not visible after planted.
Bouture de Petiti Orme - not tested, missing mentor tokens

All others is OK

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

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Score : 19223

Oh man, the good ol' Srambad trees. We were missing those. And more deco-trees and plants, good. One can never have enough of those.

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Score : 134


TheRogueCat#6934|2021-08-20 04:33:19
demrad#7775|2021-08-20 01:37:53
They could put again the xelorium eterny flower, it looks like metallic

You mean the "blackberry" thing? It already existed as deco-crop from the mentor machine.

No no, I wanted to say this, its like Eterny flower but metallic:

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Alright, I'll add it

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