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Beta 1.72 Changelog - 4 June

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - June 04, 2021, 12:23:43
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Demonic Pacts

  • In order to prevent some powerful strategies that allowed to extract safely, disconnecting will now return to the Phoenix if a Pact is active. In addition, activating a Pact will relocate all characters on the account to the activation statue (the Pact statue).
  • The areas where attacking is not allowed have been defined. If you can't attack in an area where you think it should be possible, feel free to report it by attaching a /pos chat command result.
  • The icon indicating that a pact is active is now correctly displayed when a character appears or switches to another active Hero.
  • The pact information interface (in the upper left corner) will no longer behave erratically when reconnecting and changing the active Hero.
  • Interaction delays are changed when a pact is active.
    • Interaction delays are disabled when interactions take place in an area where it is not possible to attack (for example: teleporters inside dungeons).
    • Teleport objects (Teleport of Scriptures, Eca-Teleport, etc) are not usable anymore.
    • Drago-Express is not usable anymore.
    • Zaaps, Boats, Choochoos have no delay anymore when used.
    • Entering a Haven Bag now has an 8-second delay.
    • Entering a Haven World now has a 5-second delay.
  • Fixed blocking cases when interacting with a character entering his Haven Bag (exchanges, attacks, etc).
  • Tutorial instances are no longer affected by the reservation of experience of a Pact.
  • The Pact inventory interface has been slightly reorganized and improved.
    • A tutorial button has been added.
    • The "Destroy" button now recycles unlocked items instead of deleting them.
    • A button allows seeing the stored experience when hovered. The raw values and the equivalent in level are shown (for example: Siuthegreatest - 123,456 - 99.99%, if Siuthegreatest was level 50 at 40% of his experience bar, after extraction he will be level 149 at 39% of his bar).
    • The pact inventory no longer opens automatically when a companion's inventory is opened, and the transition animation has been corrected.
  • The interface at the end of the fight will now display the experience stored by the Pact.
    • No pact: Classic display.
    • Cautious Pact: earned value has an "XP" icon, stored value has a Pact icon.
    • Opportunistic Pact: stored value has a Pact icon.
  • During an attack, especially with an outlaw, the theft will be effective in case of defeat only if each team contains at least one character with an active Pact. Accounts without an active Pact will not be stolen and will not gain any items.
  • Added sounds at the opening of the interface of the Pact statue, when activating a Pact, at the cast of an altar gathering, and at the end of an extraction.

Dimensional Rifts

Rift Loots
  • It is now possible to loot common drops in dimensional rifts (resources, sublimations and pets). The chance to get more rewards increases for each wave that has actually been defeated in battle.
  • It is now possible to obtain legendary and epic items in dimensional rifts. For classic rifts you need to have defeated 10 waves, for ultimate rifts you need to have defeated 5 waves. *
* (Not available in this beta version)
  • The reward factor (loot and experience) is increased to 6% per wave defeated, compared to 3% previously.

An orb appears on the cell of a dead monster. The type of the orb is random but has a 50% chance of being a life orb.
  • Life orb: by stepping on it, characters recover 20% of their missing HP.
  • Armor orb: by stepping on it, characters gain Armor.
  • Health orb: by stepping on it, characters lose % heal resistance for the duration of the fight.
  • Power orb: by stepping on it, nearby enemies suffer damage.

Life orbs stay on the field for 1 turn (beginning of the next turn of the player who killed the monster).

Ultimate rifts: three orbs appear when a boss dies.
  • An ultimate Life orb that heals more HP appears on the cell of a dead boss.
  • An ultimate Armor orb that gives more Armor appears on a cell near a dead boss.
  • An ultimate health orb that reduces more % heal resistance appears on a cell near a dead boss.

  • The bonuses of Wakfu artifacts have been increased.
  • Stasis and Shushu artifacts are added.
    • Stasis artifacts have twice the bonus (permanent) but the team that picks them up loses 10% of their max HP.
    • Shushu artifacts have a three times higher bonus (permanent) but the team that picks them up is immobilized until the end of the turn.
  • Some visual bugs are fixed.
  • Various improvements and corrections are made to the difficulty curve.
  • The rift rules now show the rift-exclusive sublimations.
  • Added a new wave notification.
  • Added a sound when entering a rift.
  • Fixed a combat freeze when a character left the fight in the placement phase. The end of fight interface will now correctly display any character who left the fight.


  • Several visual improvements are tested (especially on the Bow Wow).

  • The sublimation Save now removes AP from the Xelor if it has the passive Combat Mage.
  • Several visual improvements are tested (notably on the duration of the animations).

  • The Armor value given by Armature is reduced by 15%.


  • Recipes for making Haven World house blueprints are added to the Handyman profession.
  • Nations benches and stools can no longer be obtained as loot. Recipes to craft them are added in the Handyman profession.


  • The same sublimation can be obtained in its different rarities through the same means. If a sublimation can be obtained in a dungeon, then the legendary version can only be obtained with a Stasis level higher than 20.
  • The rare, mythical, and legendary versions have a different visual. In addition, their name includes I, II, or III depending on their rarity.
  • Many sublimations are renamed to avoid conflict with this new rule. (For now, the change is only in the french client)
    • Ruin II becomes Cyclic Ruin
    • Devastate II becomes Secondary Devastate
    • Evasion II becomes Slow Evasion
    • Ambush II becomes Gap Ambush
    • Tenacity II becomes Persistence
    • Resolute II becomes Stubbornness
    • Lightness II becomes Ease
    • Frenzy II becomes Fury
    • Return II becomes MP Return
    • Return becomes AP Return
    • Endurance II becomes Thrive
    • Reprobation II becomes Clamor
    • Frenzy III becomes Focus
    • Influence II becomes Slow Influence

Values that change with the level of a sublimation are displayed in bold in the description of the state.

Sublimation Balancing

Several sublimations receive some balancing. The following values are based on the rare rarity (1 level).
  • Devastate
    • The gain in all masteries becomes 5% of the level.
    • The gain in all resistances becomes 3 (fixed) per level.
  • Stupefaction
    • Added a 5% per level bonus to Critical Mastery for 1 round.

New Sublimations

Several sublimations receive various corrections. In addition, the following sublimations have been added:
  • Counterattack
    • No longer turns the state carrier towards the attacker.
  • Turnaround *
    • When the state carrier suffers direct damage on contact, once per turn of the attacker:
    • The bearer of the state turns toward the attacker
  • Courage *
    • 2% Non-critical damage and healing inflicted/performed
    • -2% Critical damage and healing inflicted/performed
* (Not available in this beta version)


  • Spell Gnaw of Accelerat & Rattler goes to 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target.