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[1.72] Sublimations

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 19, 2021, 16:01:05

Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

First Ankama intervention

Replying to PhoenixFly


Devastate 2 won't have a rare / legendary version in order to stay at +3CH / block / FoW per level.

Bows hiting with melee mastery is not compatible with the game's balancing.

I'm not clearly against the rest of the post but we probably won't make any further changes on most sublimations for the 1.72 patch.

We'll discuss this again some other time !

See message in context
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Based on some comments from the mods on Discord, it's likely that the sublimations won't be upgradable through crafting. That's in itself a very bold decision, again forcing us to go back to the dungeons and grind for all those sublimations once again.

Isn't finishing a 1 hour dungeon and not dropping a single sublimation already discouraging and frustrating enough? Well, I guess it's not since now we're gonna have to go through the dungeons a bunch of more times to finally drop the right subli and be lucky enough it comes in the right rarity...

In my humble and honest opinion this simply adds way too much unnecessary grind to a system that's already extremely grindy. I believe this won't get players excited to run the dungeons again. It's gonna discourage them from doing so because instead of making it more convenient and enjoyable for the players, you're just adding extra layers to make us waste more time.

If you're not willing to reconsider this approach, at least consider making it so that s1+ only drops rare, s11+ only drops mythic and s21+ only drops legendary. This would at least make it less frustrating.


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Hmmm, do that mean those Sublimations obtain via Crafting will be dropable in dungeon fights too? 

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I love the slot idea and filling it with shards, but unlocking the item and getting 1 slot or even 4 slots in the wrong color order is so frustrating. I dislike the sublimation having to match the slot colors. I already feel lucky enough i got this rare drop, but now i have to also have to drop a rare sublimation in a dungeon where i need to have a team with good items to clear it, and it might not drop after like 25 times of running the dungeon. you need to drop another rare item to change the order or add more slots. 

I like finding and grinding sublimations, I like finding rare items, I like filling up my slots with shards, but I hate having to sublimation my items by color, I dislike having to unlock my items slots in the right color to match my sublimation.

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Good point.
I agree that the game, especially the enchantment system in this case, needs to have some sort of grind aspect to it. It keeps you playing longer so that you can finally achieve that perfect desired item and it makes you feel like you're working towards something that's relevant to you.  Then, it's rewarding to see when your hard work finally pays off.

Problem's when the grind goes from a rewarding process to a frustrating and inconvenient process.
And that is where I feel like it's going with them adding more layers of grind that's unneeded and unhealthy for the game.

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The devs are so out of touch with the community, no one wants even more RNG and even more grinding the same dungeon for the same small chance at a sub, and with your planned changes, that sub could be some barebones crap that would make us have to run the dungeon another 50x for the same thing to drop again... Rip this game if those changes go through for your players that actually have jobs and cant play 24/7.

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Completely agree with you here.
People keep complaining constantly about the abusive RNG grind fest this game is becoming.
Devs response? Finding new ways to implement more RNG into the game...
Seriously unbelievable, it's a complete joke at this point.

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Having the possibility to drop weaker versions of some ALREADY weak sublimations is possibly the worst idea you guys ever had! Sublimations can be already frustrating with their specific colour combination, and the only thing that could make it more bearable was if AT LEAST rare sublimations required only one slot and ALL scroll sublimations get an across-the-board buff.

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Sublimations do not need any rarity! It is already hard enough to get them in the first place.
In my opinion it adds another unnecessary layer of RNG to an already overboard huge pile of implemented  RNG systems.

If anything i would like to see it reworked into something like this:

Items have a fixed number of slots depending on the rarity.
Common and unusual items = 0 slots
Rare items = 1 slot
Mythical items = 2 slots
Legendary items = 3 slots
Relic, epique and souvenir = 4 slots

Remove the colours of the slots because it is way too restrictive!
It would give us more freedom of choice and build diversity.

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Woah woah woah, cheapskate builds rely on white items with 4 sockets of the doubled bonuses color. And not the same sacrificing white items for re-rolling colors and/or order than sacrificing yellow items. This would always mean that it's pointless to get any kind of equipment except the yellow ones.

Getting the right colors is the real pain, specially when all 4 are re-rolled again. Maybe some way to "lock" the desired socket so they don't change on re-roll would make it less frustrating and more flexible.

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If introducing new stuff, general train of thought to show appreciation for all the customers and time they devoted to the game is not to nerf their existing gear that was hard won and for a time optimal, but create better one for new uses and alt chars as well as convert existing sublis already slotted to the new high standards.
This downgrading comes from their willingness to further prolong the grind, invalidate customers efforts in a disrespectful manner and get them to a state of aversion toward mentioned grind and with intention to retain long time players, but inadvertently pushing them away all the same.
Shameful choice from their part.

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Well said!

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Mania Sub:

The melee restriction does not make sense since dist classes can suffer just the same or more reducing enemies armor. Plus you can use it on AOE skills being a pretty strong buff with such a low malus. I think it is better to make it for ST spells only.

Raw Power

The %DI should be increased to 3% per lvl. 2% is pretty low for it to be benefitial vs the malus it has. This would also help reduce the nerf ambushes have suffered for example or lone wolf have gotten.The drawback is strong and would recquire +Wp gear so it seems a logic buff.

Second Hand weapons sub

I get the point of it reducing armor, but what if we could wear a dagger or shield and have their effects become 0 and depending on the equipped item we get one buff or another?

For example: Having a dagger reduces dagger stats to 0,gives you raw mastery+armor breaking.
Having a shield gives you 0 stats, 30 res or something like block chance , +5% of your dealt dmg into armor or +5% of your lvl into armor per used spell. This sub would be better like this for shield users.Since right now it only works good for general mastery users since its better than any other dagger cuz of raw stat to abuse subs like alternance,elemental con. Etc.

Legendary influence

This sub is pretty strong and breaks the usage of other subs like the one that only works the first turn. Measured also becomes outdated even if its an epic sub(plus it has a condition to fulfill).
the issue itself is not influence but the other similar subs. 
The +10Crit chance t1 could be changed to +5crit per lvl and lose 1 level of buff each turn that passes. So at lvl 4 you would have 20cc t1 15cc t2 etc . .
while measured could give % crit DI +10CC if you have more than 40 block or maybe :
+10Block if CC>40
+10CC if block>40. Epic subs shouldnt have the same buff as a normal sub in my opinion.

On the other hand ruins should suffer a nerf too same as ambushes. 8% per lvl maybe or 6%.

Devastate 2

how would this work? It should be upped to +4 Cc,will,block at lvl 2 in order to work with the new lvl system ,no?

Devastate 1

Either remove the res buff or cap it(you already gain crit res and rear res)

Two hand weapons subs

In general, two hand weapons have high ap cost ,bad stats cuz they combine dmg+res stats and usually its worse than going for a shield and 1hand one. Please revise the -DI this subs give. On the other hand the dodge and lock stealing is very situational,maybe make the values halved but for a duration of 2 turns. It is not attractive enough when classes like enu reduce 150 dodge lock and mp for 1ap, enis with +250 ,feca with +215 and 100res etc . .Plus pandas or srams just make you untacklable. 

Aaaand ,maybe a sub that makes bows based on melee mastery? Just a thought for some content such nogord moon dungeons or steel beak where melee classes are a meme due to the mechanics of those places. 

Ps: id like to see a devs response for this proposed ideas, my principal thought process is to not let old subs become outdated because of new ones but instead have all their usefulness

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Devastate 2 won't have a rare / legendary version in order to stay at +3CH / block / FoW per level.

Bows hiting with melee mastery is not compatible with the game's balancing.

I'm not clearly against the rest of the post but we probably won't make any further changes on most sublimations for the 1.72 patch.

We'll discuss this again some other time !

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You ninja nerfed Blocking Expert sublimation without any mention in any changelogs. The new value is 8% vs 15% previously, with same -50 to resist. The sublimation says it gives 2 levels, but the stacking says max of 1 level. Is this description even correct? Since with with such stats, this sublimation becomes completely redundant.

If you have 0% resist and 100% block with Blocking Expert, your aggregate resistance becomes 28%. If you then remove the sublimation, you start with 50 resist (10%), and same 100% block, and in such case aggregate resistance is again 28%.

Same thing happens on the high end of spectrum. If you have 828 resist (84%) and 100% block with sublim, the aggregate resistance is 88,48%. If you then remove the sublim you have 878 (85%) and aggregate resistance of 88%.

And in case your block isn't 100%, then using Blocking Expert sublimation only hurts you.

Why would I waste a sublimation slot to have the same stats as without it?

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No one ninja nerfed the Blocking Expert sublimation.

The description isn't correct because it hasn't been properly translated yet. The french client displays the correct max stacking (2).
I fixed the state description so that it displays the -15% reduction at level 2. Note that there's no level 1 sublimation for this one.

From now on, I think you should assume it's a bug instead of something intended when facing such cases.

Thank you for your feedback and have a good day !

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May I confirm that resolute II now gives 15 FoW on trigger rather than 10?

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It's not intended, the max should be 10.

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Frenzy and Frenzy II needs a buff, as it is too hard to use them to get a net benefit per turn, ESPECIALLY as the battle goes on and there are less enemies. Currently they sell for too little, and no one uses them in their builds.

Seeing how resolute and lightness got a buff due to their lack of use, can this be considered for frenzy and frenzy II too?

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