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Beta 1.72 Changelog - 11 May

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 11, 2021, 14:56:48

Demonic Pacts


  • When the Pact inventory is empty, you can’t start a gathering phase or an extraction on an altar.
  • Harvests now stock the appropriate amount of resources in the Pact inventory depending on the Pact.
  • Sidekicks can now join Pact fights.
  • Item limits are now active: If the Pact inventory contains 50 or more items at the end of a fight, the items that should go into it will be destroyed. If there are 200 or more items in the inventory at the end of a theft, items normally acquired will be destroyed.
  • Altars now have a 10-minute rest phase between two gathering phases.


  • Clicking on an altar during the gathering phase now indicates that it is not ready yet for extraction.
  • Clicking on an altar without an active Pact displays an error.
  • Clicking on a statue while a pact is currently being activated will display an error.
  • The end-of-fight interface now uses the correct visual to indicate that an item is going into the Pact inventory.
  • The end-of-fight interface now displays items won and lost in a Pact PVP fight.
  • The Pact information interface (top left of the screen) is now complete and fully functional. It shows the time remaining until the Pact is activated. It also shows the status of altars that are not inactive in real time, including when reconnecting.


  • Logging out while a Pact is being activated no longer causes the Pact mechanics for the account to freeze until a server restart.
  • Extraction now correctly gives the stocked experience.
  • /suicide command cannot be used anymore when the character is already dead.

Dimensional rifts

Classic Rifts are added to Astrub, Sufokia, Bonta and Moon.

Ultimate Rifts are added to Harebourg Castle and Zinit’s Summit.

Devblog link:

Current, testable features in this Beta version:

  • It is possible to enter Rifts and start a fight. The fight ends at the start of the 40th turn (victory) or when all the characters are dead (defeat).
  • The monsters difficulty in the Rift is relative to the level of the characters in combat.
  • The difficulty of the monsters in the Rift increases with each defeated wave.
  • Characters receive a bonus in Ultimate Rifts. They also receive a bonus if they initiate a Rift fight with less than four characters.
  • Artifacts are correctly assigned to monsters and inherited from wave to wave.
  • Some monsters and boss mechanics are modified to trigger at the start of a new wave, or to disapply at the end of a wave.
  • Characters receive ultimate rift keys when they log in. It is also possible to find keys in the "Useful things" machine of Ecaflipus (this feature is specific to the beta server).
  • Life orbs appear when monsters die, they remain for 1 turn. (The visual is WIP though)
  • The end of battle interface displays the number of monsters killed, and the number of waves defeated.

Planned features that are not yet testable in this Beta version:

  • Rift specific rewards (pets, sublimations, resources) are not yet implemented.
  • Many artifact types are not yet integrated. For now, there are only Wakfu artifacts.
  • It is not yet possible to enter the ladder in the competitive mode of a Rift.
  • The difficulty as well as the different monsters compositions for the Rifts still need a lot of tweaking and balancing.
  • Many issues are occurring on the Frigost Ultimate Rift (wrong difficulty, impossible to pick up artifacts, wrong bosses appearing). We invite you to not test it for the moment.


Gear machines have been updated with the missing 215 items (rings, emblems, black crow items).