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[1.72] General Feedback

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 06, 2021, 09:00:00
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Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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Are all subs now mythic? Even those that cant be changed like Save? Is this how you guys are attempting to balance the subs by nerfing the hard work we did to get them and introducing better versions of the subs that we now have to get again? The new subs are pretty cool, no reason to nerf the old subs when you could just have them buffed, makes no sense to me but yall like wasting my time.

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no major changes for Xelor sad

  • the paradox is very limited.
  • sinistro - buffs enemies.
  • clock - low damage and close combat.
  • Dial master passive - does not reflect in any way that this is about a dial master. just a debuff that is strange to see for Xelor.
  • no, mummification, there is no way to heal dial.
  • no push in current turn as many class have.
  • course of time passive needs attention.
  • portent passive - a very harsh fine. Cra has a passive for range without fines. Just free +3 range
otherwise I have a positive impression of 1.72 
a lot of new content, thanks.
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I agree. If Ankama is not willing to do any drastic change like bring mummification back or the current turn push, AT LEAST they could let Paradox and Simmetry be 2 times per target instead of only 1. It really cripples the use of Cog when you can only trigger it once at safe distances.

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Agree with what others have said. Please, do not make us have to throw the sublimations we already have in the trash. There is no need to nerf current sublimations just to force us to farm the same ones again and upgrade them.
Also, lets  look at length for instance, unless max level for it is at least 9, it would be an unecessary nerf to ranged classes. This is terrible considering they are already underperforming when compared to melees,  so why take even more away from them? Lets be clear, the solution for this is NOT to simply nerf melees because I can guess you were considering doing exactly just that.
Anyway... Please make us wanna spend time playing this game. Simply forcing us to waste more and more time to grind for stuff over and over again is a complete joke and definitly not the way it should be.

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100% agree with this, and yes, I do use lengths and play ranged and if these changes are implemented I sure as hell am not going to waste even more time with the stupid low droprate of the correct mimic. I would probably just use this as my excuse to leave the game for good. 

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I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this but:
Any fight with a creature results in all the mobs just waiting out their turns without moving or casting any abilities.
As you can imagine this makes testing a bit... difficult? xD

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  • The sublimation Save now removes AP from the Xelor if it has the passive Combat Mage.

Any revision of values? I mean why does the game need xelor at all when there is Zobal class?
  • - revive
  • - stab
  • - remove res
  • - heal
  • - armor
  • - a lot dmg
  • - nice positioning
  • - no revive
  • - no remove res
  • - no heal
  • - small armor
  • - not very good positioning

after revamp Zobal is top 1 PvP class and very good PvE class. 
Xelor didn't get any balance after the revamp. They are still fragile and not competitive enough.All the  xelor does a good job of is sometimes making a massive burst of damage. They are so bored with playing that I am very sad to see that it is not getting enough attention.
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Well Zobal absolutely sucks at long-range damage and AoE damage, two things Xelor is still pretty darn good at.
Xelor have:

  • Burst damage
  • Area Damage
  • Long-range damage
  • AP theft
  • Indirect damage (a criminaly underrated mechanic)
  • Better mobility with Dial
  • Can give AP
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