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Beta Update 1.69 Changelog - 18 August

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - August 17, 2020, 08:20:37
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Mineral Tower

We've made significant modifications to the Mineral Tower. The main changes are:
  • Added an additional floor for levels 201-215
  • Removed the daily access restriction of one attempt per day
  • Removed monetized tickets from the Shop
  • Incantations can now be crafted with a handyman recipe (one boss resource + a cost in powder)
  • Score system has been replaced by the Stele system
  • Changing the Stasis level no longer affects the available rewards, except for epic and relic items

Learn more with the dedicated devblog.


  • Fecas have new animations and spell icons.
  • You can now visit the temple in Bonta to disable the visual for Peace Armor.

  • The Rage passive can no longer be triggered during the placement phase.

  • The Bravery passive grants 1% Critical Hit for 2% Block, instead of 2% Critical Hit for 1% Block.

Changes have been made to Rogue spells.

We decided to focus on this class to provide more gameplay options. The goal of these minor adjustments is to make gameplay smoother by giving Rogues more tools to react to various different situations.

An overview of the changes

Abilities for controlling fighters have been added.
  • Rogues now have tools to place allies or enemies.
  • Not having these tools made Rogues overly dependent on grouping up.

Adjustments have been made to casting conditions for the three bombs in order to differentiate them.
  • One issue with this class was that the uneven costs of different elements made the air bomb not so viable, for example. Varied conditions will also add strategic value to bomb placement.

Values for a number of spells have been adjusted.
  • We think that making certain abilities more viable will add variety to decks and play styles.

"Combo bonus" effects have been removed from bombs.
  • We decided to remove them because this ability made bombs dependent on their use. Removing these effects will add more value to the Rogue's other options.

Elemental Spells

Barbed Fire
  • No longer affects bombs
  • Range is now 1-5 (previously 3-5)
  • Increased damage

Blinding Bomb -> Paralyzing Bomb
  • Range is now 1-5 unmodifiable (previously 1-6)
  • Deals slightly less damage
  • Removes MP instead of Range

  • AP cost is now 5 (up from 2)
  • Now limited to 1 use per turn
  • Damage doubled if a bomb was destroyed by an opponent on the previous turn

Piercing Shot
  • Fire damage no longer increases based on the amount of WP
  • Fire damage has been increased accordingly

Machine Gun
  • Range is now 2-4
  • The spell requires a target
  • Earth damage is now single-target and has been increased
  • The Rogue moves back 2 cells

  • The spell no longer increases bomb combos
  • Earth damage has been increased

Paralyzing Bomb -> Blinding Bomb
  • Range is now 1-5 modifiable (previously 1-6 unmodifiable)
  • Straight-line casting, no line of sight
  • Removes Range instead of MP

  • Increased Earth damage
  • The Rogue loses all their MP
  • No longer has an alternative effect if cast at start of turn

Suffocating Bomb
  • Range is now 1-3 unmodifiable (previously 1-6 unmodifiable)
  • Increased damage

Non-Elemental Spells

  • Switches places with a fighter (not necessarily a bomb)

  • Moves the fighter (not necessarily a bomb)
  • Now limited to 1 use per turn
  • Removes Connection +2 MP

  • Boombots have the Reconversion spell by default
  • Reconversion can no longer extend the Boombot's bomb limit (3 bombs per type)

  • Is now a passive

New active – Magnet
  • 2 WP / 1-4 Range
  • Must target a bomb
  • Attracts aligned targets to the bomb by 2 cells (not limited by distance)
  • 1 use per turn

Smoke Bombs
  • Range is now 0-3
  • Removes current effects
  • Applies a barrier to ranged damage (1 turn)
  • 3 turns to recharge


  • No longer unlocks Reconversion
  • Cost of Boombot becomes 1 AP and 1 WP

Evolved Gadgets
  • Range bonus removed from non-elemental spells
  • -3 Control
  • 15% damage inflicted on critical hit

Bomber Fan
  • No longer increases passive Combo generation
  • Bombs lose 75 Elemental Resistance

  • No longer changes the Range of bomb spells

Rogue Master
  • Dodge bonus is now 100% of the Rogue's level

  • Previous effects removed
  • +5 Combo to bombs placed
  • Bombs explode one turn after detonation

New Passives

Surprise Shot
  • At start of turn
  • Connection: +50% damage inflicted on aligned targets
  • Connection: -100% damage inflicted by bombs

  • Max Combo: -5
  • Each bomb that explodes gives the Rogue a bonus (15% damage inflicted; 2 turns)

  • At end of turn
  • The Rogue switches places with the last bomb placed

  • Bombs explode when destroyed
  • If a bomb explodes in this way, it gains 10 Combo before exploding


  • The Bag of Potatoes has 1,000,000 HP.


  • Added level 135 Handyman recipes using brackets and divine planks


  • Corrected a repetition in the description for Easepaulettes


  • Added portals (Dragoturkeys) for fast travel in Osamosa
  • Region banners have been added to the areas of Amakna, Sufokia, Bonta, and Brakmar


  • Items and consumables that modify character colors apply correctly.


  • Fundamental changes to the achievement and quest system to improve server performance.
  • Changed the way dates are stored in memory to improve server performance. The difference shouldn't be noticeable on the client side.

In addition, we will be testing the server merge process in this beta. 

As a result, we will import characters level 30 and above (instead of the usual level 50) in a future update. This import allows us to examine in detail the merger process, in particular the server's stability and the impact of the various optimizations applied.

This first beta version will import characters from a previous beta as a first step.
Moreover, the rewards, the sidekicks and the haven bag chests won't be available in this beta version.

The characters will be reimported with each beta update.