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Beta Update 1.68 Changelog - 23 June

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - June 23, 2020, 15:24:30
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Arid Wing, the fourth and last Osamosa area, is now accessible.

Various changes and fixes that include:
  • Croupiers
  • NPC dialog portraits
  • FX and animation for monsters
  • Equipment visuals


Natural change: 
  • Shields cooldown lasts 1 turn instead of 3.
  • (It essentially becomes all shields once per turn and per ally.)

New Passive: Master of shields
  • Shields trigger instantly
  • (Drip refunds the last AP/MP loss the target suffered)
  • (Crashing Wave applies resist for the last suffered hit's element, standard = fire)
  • Shields apply a 3t CD (like now)

New Passive : Elementary shields
  • Shields can only be applied to allies
  • Fire shields : extra 15% DI (1 turn)
  • Water shields : extra 1 Range (1 turn)
  • Earth shields : extra 1 MP (1 turn)

Passive "Elementary glyphs"
  • Merges all three former glyph passives

Bastion (2 AP earth spell)
  • Cast on ally, redirects 20% of the damage suffered by that ally towards the Feca

Avalanche shield
  • Costs 4 AP (%Armor from the shield was lowered accordingly)

Telluric Strike shield
  • Gives 1 MP and 1 range to the teleported ally

Rampart shield
  • Gives 25 Flaming per enemy in close combat
  • (triggers at the start of the next turn)

Crashing Wave shield
  • The resistance is gained before the damage received

Natural attack
  • Modified range of for the spell : it is now 1 to 4 range non modifiable

  • Exchanged with Peace Armor

Feca class temple (Bonta)
  • It is now possible to interact with the class temple to choose whether the Armor Peace visual is applied or not


  • Damage redirected by Sacrifice is based on the resistances of the spell's target and no longer on those of the Sacrier
  • Reduced cooldown to 5 (previously 6)

  • Applies 100 Elementary Resistance to sacrificed allies


Sylvan Awakening
  • The duration of the Armor is infinite
  • Armor Gain Value: 15% of Sadida's max HP
  • Applies "Awake": -100% Armor received during 3 turns
  • The spell can now be cast on a target that is not KO

New Passive: Common Ground
  • 50% Armor Given
  • -10% Armor Given for each ally with Armor
  • Unlocks the spell "Fertilizer"

Fertilizer (unlocked at the beginning of the fight)
  • 3 PA 1 PW - 1 to 4 Range
  • Cast on enemy: -150 Elemental Resistance (1 turn)
  • Cast on ally : at the beginning of the next turn of Sadida, 1850 Armor
  • 2 turns cooldown


  • Added recycling values for items in level 201 to 215;
  • [*]Elementary masteries for monsters that are level 171 to 200 are reduced by 10%; 
    (Shadowfang and Ogrest are excluded)
  • The Ecaflip All In spell has a new animation when the character has 10 AP or more at the time of casting the spell.
  • Improved Beta server stability and performances.


  • The boss cannot be locked;
  • The boss is now forced to move next to a player within his reach;
  • Reducing Damage dealt by the Center cell of the Meteor Rain Spell.