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Beta Update 1.67 Changelog - 21 February

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - February 24, 2020, 08:42:54

Haven bag



It is possible to exchange Haven Gems, even if decorations are on it.
It is possible to exchange the entrance Haven Gem.
Changed the appearance of the Deco Haven Gem (it is now a wood floor).


Haven Gems can be added or removed from a Hero inventory.
Fixed a bug where Display Windows couldn’t be used to sell items anymore.
When opening the Haven Gems management interface, the inventory is automatically opened.
Fixed a visual bug where the furniture would cut resources and decoration items.
The teleporter to pockets has a new appearance.
The pool pocket is improved : the bar is accessible, and seats are usable.
Fixed a bug where resources didn't block movements.
Removing a x2 Garden Haven Gem doesn't display an error message anymore.


Added information on the currently played music
Added a button to reinitialize the music
Added a button to play a random music
Added a "?" button tutorial on the interface
The research field now has focus when opening the interface




Added final visual effects on the Foggernaut spells.

WP Regeneration

Foggernauts gains 1 WP at the end of each turn.


Elemental spells apply Stasified on the last hit target.
When that target dies, the Foggernaut gains 1 WP.
The Foggernaut can kill a target, then gain 1 WP. It can then apply Stasified to another target : if that target eventually dies, the Foggernaut will gain 1 WP again.


1 WP to activate, lasts until deactivation
Casting the spell again deactivates Stasification for free
When wearing Stasification, the Foggernaut can't regen any WP anymore
1 cast per turn

Fire Path

Fire Thrower

Added a -1 Range malus in the spell’s area of effect


Reduced cost (5 AP -> 4 AP)
Range : 3 to 5
No longer regenerates 1 WP
108 Fire damage
Flame Return : 25 Fire damage


Flaming rails deal more damage (52 -> 69)


Now costs 5 AP 1 WP
150 Fire Damage
20% extra damage on a target that isn’t Stasified yet

Water Path


Reduced cost (4 AP 1 WP -> 4 AP)
92 Water Damage (en ligne jusqu'à la case ciblée)
Converts High Pressure into Overheating
Now has a 1 use per turn restriction


Increased cost (5 AP -> 5 AP 1 WP)
138 Water Damage
The spell removes 1 WP to the target


Range : 1 to 3
69 Water Damage
Converts Overheating into High Pressure

Earth Path


Now has modifiable range
+10% Armor gained per level of High Pressure


Range : 1 to 3


Now has modifiable range
42 Earth Damage
Each cast : 10% more damage on the next Bombardment
(stackable state, max 50%, then it is removed)

Non-Elemental Spells


Increased cost (2 AP -> 3 AP 1 WP)
The Blockade is now allowed to replace a former Blockade when summoned
The protection aura is now 3 cells
Increased HP value of the Blockade (15% of the Foggernaut’s HP)


Removed line of sight
Increased maximum number of Microbots (4 -> 5)
Range : 1 to 7
The spell gives 1 AP back if used to remove a Microbot


Increased attack of the Turret (84 Light damage)
If the Turret is standing on a Microbot: attacks in melee instead (84 Light damage)


Ironclad now lasts 2 turns
Removed the MP malus
Added a Range malus (-2)
Now has 3 turns to recast


Light Alloy

Reduced the HP malus (-30% -> -20%)
Note that it is a malus on the HP modifier, and not on the total HP