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Beta Update 1.66 Changelog - 13 November

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - November 13, 2019, 09:41:27
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Sadida Kingdom

 The Sadida Kingdom has been completely reworked. It now includes six zones that will give you access to new achievements, monsters, dungeons, and equipment:
  • The Sadida Village, a meeting point for adventurers, but also a place of immersion, as it is now more faithful than ever to the WAKFU animated series!
  • The Tree of Life and the iconic locations of the Sadida Palace can be explored.
  • The Boowolf Clearing is full of Boowolves (levels 66–80) that have been given new combat mechanics and a new dungeon.
  • The Web-Entangled Hill is home to Arachnees. Arachnoshimas are disappearing and becoming Arachnees (levels 66–80). They have new mechanics and a new dungeon. An Archmonster and hordes of Arachnees can appear in their zone with exclusive loot.
  • A new monster family, the Gerbeans (levels 171–185), can be found in the Gerbean Galleries.
  • A new monster family, the Bubourgs (levels 186–200), can be found in the Deforested Forest. It seems they have something to do with Count Harebourg…

An intervention stele can be activated in the Bubourg and Gerbean dungeons. Count Harebourg then partners up with the team of monsters for a fight. New exclusive loot has been added for these fights.

Haven Bag Chest

How the Haven Bag chest works has been improved:
  • It now includes three tabs with 100 slots by default.
  • An extra tab is given to all accounts that have already used a Booster between the 13th of November 2018 and the 10th of December 2019.
  • The chest's contents are shared by all characters on the account.
  • Running a search lets you quickly filter the items within a tab.
  • Tabs can be renamed, sorted, filtered, and organized by color.

A devblog article about this is available here.



How spells cast by an entity being carried by a Pandawa are managed has been modified:
  • If the spell is cast only on the caster (e.g. a transformation spell), then the effect applies only to the entity being carried and not to the carrier.
  • If the spell has an effect on a target that is not limited to the caster (e.g. a healing spell), then the effect applies only to the carrier and not to the entity being carried.

The spell now requires two turns to be recast.


The % damage inflicted bonus values based on Range (applied by the natural state) now match those displayed in the game.


Bow Wow
Bow Wows now get the damage bonus linked to Prey.

Brawl and Watchdog
The "Gain Armor based on their Fury" effect has been unlocked for spells from level 60.

Has a new effect:
  • The Pugnacity poison inflicts half its damage at the start of the state bearer's turn and half its damage at the end of the turn.
  • Fury is only gained for activating the poison at the end of the turn.

Cunning Fang
The bonus is now +30% Critical Hits with a Were-Ouginak (versus 20% previously).


Leather Dealer
Crafting leathers now requires eight resources instead of 10.


The "Only display the lowest price" option is changing. Instead of simply displaying the lowest price without taking into account the variants the same item my have, items matching the following criteria are now displayed separately:
  • Pets that don't have the same experience,
  • Sidekicks that don't have the same experience, and
  • Equipment that doesn't have the same number of sockets or the same sublimations (the lowest price will be displayed for the oldest identical item with one, two, three, or four sockets for each combination of sublimations applied to the item). For example:
    • A 2-socket Dora N.I.O. without any sublimations and a second 2-socket one with a "Heartbreaking Blood" sublimation will both be displayed simultaneously with the "lowest price" option.
    • If someone puts a 2-socket Dora N.I.O. up for sale, it won't be displayed unless the first one is sold or removed from sale.
    • The same is true if someone puts a 2-socket Dora N.I.O. with a "Heartbreaking Blood" sublimation up for sale.
    • However, if someone puts a 2-socket Dora N.I.O. with an "Excess" sublimation up for sale, it will appear.
    • The same is true if someone puts a 3-socket Dora N.I.O. up for sale.
    • If two Prismatic Dofus are on sale without any sockets, only their sublimations will be taken into account to differentiate them. With identical sublimations, only the oldest one on sale will be displayed.

This is, of course, only valid when the "Only display the lowest price" box is checked; it works the same way as before if the box is unchecked.


 The epic and relic sublimations of items without sockets are now displayed correctly in their tooltips when the items are hovered over.


  • The gift interface no longer freezes when collecting the items inside it very quickly.
  • The Ohwymi map has been improved visually.
  • The problems displaying the Al Howin costume have been fixed.