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By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - November 13, 2019, 07:15:24

Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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Since ouginak rework is still fresh and it seems like you're still interested in making changes to it, i'll give some feedback on it. (Disclaimer: I have a level 200 ouginak with a brutality and single target build, but it is not my main)

"Bow Wow
Bow Wows now get the damage bonus linked to Prey."

This helps the ouginak do a bit more damage but Prey is still kind of a weak ability. 1 WP is pricey for a class whose best damage options all cost WP. If you're single-target, crosshatch is necessary for damage but since it costs 2 AP and 1 WP you will burn through your WP really fast on just this attack. Not to mention, enemies die much too fast for prey to be worthwhile in PvM. I will likely get more damage output by simply saving the 1 WP for crosshatch, or weigh down if I am brutality.

While it's true that Ardor will allow you to gain a decent chunk of Fury when killing the Prey target, it's almost made pointless since you are unable to gain Fury while in Were-Ouginak state, which is where you deal the most damage and thus will be likely killing the target.

My suggestion would be possibly allow the Ouginak to gain more Fury while Were-Ouginak form, even if it doesn't affect the %-damage-dealt bonus, it is still useful for other abilities that consume Fury. Another option would be to make Prey cost no WP, maybe make it free of cost entirely and have a 2-turn CD to make up for that. Another suggestion would be to allow the level of Prey to carry over to the next target you cast Prey on once the first one is killed.

Another small change that would probably help a lot here would be if Crosshatch was made into a 3 AP 1 WP spell, keeping it's 34.5 base damage per AP and Fury scaling (with a 2 per target/turn limit instead of 3). This way our WP won't be drained nearly as fast on our main single target damage spell.

Has a new effect:

  • The Pugnacity poison inflicts half its damage at the start of the state bearer's turn and half its damage at the end of the turn.
  • Fury is only gained for activating the poison at the end of the turn."

This spell will be a little more useful as long as you have the passive, but now you're sort of requiring an entire passive for this spell to be any good. I think it would make sense for this new effect to just be what the spell is, and allow Exhaustion to just be it's own indirect damage bonus passive.

Unfortunately, Pugnacity is hard to use since keeping the target next to you normally means removing their MP, and since the MP removal spells are now area damage only, it's too high of a cost to go out of your way if you are built for single target damage (and thus, Pugnacity). And not only that, but if you were to remove their MP, then your other (single target) MP-use poison spell, Fracture, will now do nothing because you've removed all their MP. That being said, I think it would still be helpful if Fang In the Works (the 2 AP spell that removes MP) was given a single-target variation, when targeting an enemy or cast the area variation when targeting yourself. Also, I think it would be fair if Fracture (the mp-use poison) applied when the target had MP removed.

I also think it's hard to mention Pugnacity and Prey without mentioning Tracker and how it can be entirely interrupted if the tracked target doesn't have a free square in front of him. This happens a lot with bosses and monsters that just face a square you can't access, or a death tile, or in PvP the player will face a wall. I think that spell should allow the ouginak to teleport to any cell available in that case. Front --> Back --> Sides would be the priority order. If Tracker was more reliable I think both Prey and Pugnacity would both be much more useful abilities.

"Brawl and Watchdog
The "Gain Armor based on their Fury" effect has been unlocked for spells from level 60."

The change itself isn't very noteworthy but I think it's worth mentioning that Watchdog should probably be allowed to hit the Bow Wow summon and trigger the armor effect, since the area spells are limited in attacks that can finish off the Bow Wow when his hp goes low, and it would help generate more armor.
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