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Beta Update 1.65 Changelog - 22 August

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - August 22, 2019, 12:25:36


The barrel is no longer despawned if carried when a dungeon boss's or ultimate boss's swiftness bonus spell is cast.

Light My Fire
  • If cast on a barrel, instead of applying Flaming on the barrel, it now destroys the barrel and applies Dizzy (10 levels) on adjacent targets.

Explosive Flask
  • Now only applies 4 levels of Dizzy (instead of 6 before) when an entity is thrown with the spell.

Splash of Milk
  • The glyph placed by the spell is no longer removed when the Barrel is moved or destroyed.
  • The spell description no longer says that it stabilizes the Barrel.

Bubble Trouble
  • Applies Dizzy (3 levels).
  • Maximum spell Range is now 0. The push effect is not active when the Pandawa targets itself with the spell.
  • Three uses per turn is now 2 uses per target.

  • Applies Dizzy (2 levels) on the target.

Master of Merriment
  • The passive gives the Pandawa 2 WP if 30 levels of Dizzy are consumed at once.

Aggressive Barrel
  • New effect added: Increases the range of the Barrel by 1.


Defensive Stance
  • =1.5remThe duration of the Defensive Stance state is infinite. The active activates or deactivates the effect.
  • If the attacker's HP% is equal to or greater than the Iop's: damage is reduced by 20%.
  • If the attacker's HP% is less than the Iop's: damage is increased by 10%.
  • A Connection has been added:
  • Earth spells steal 100% of damage inflicted. When under the effects of this connection, total Armor cannot exceed 40% of the Iop's max HP.

Hour of Glory
  • The first casting is free.
  • The cooldown period is reduced by 1 after the first casting.

  • Now has the Furious Charge effect:
  • Increases by 15/20% the damage received from the Iop by the bearer of Focus.

Furious Charge
  • Modifies the Impact spell:
  • After its other effects, Impact sets the value of the target's Armor to 20% of the Iop's max HP.

Seismic Rift
  • No longer changes Hour of Glory's AP cost.
  • When Hour of Glory is first cast:
  • The Iop has 50 Elemental Resistance until the second casting.
  • The passive also gives 50/200 Dodge.


Cra Precision
  • Applies 3% damage inflicted on aligned targets per MP crossed (rather than 2), for a maximum of 18.


Characters can no longer ride their mounts when the mounts are out of HP.