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[1.65 Feedback] Class Balancing: Sram

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - August 20, 2019, 10:00:00
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Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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I like the changes especially the go and back, but I kinda expected some more passive changes, the current ones are way too basic compared to the rest of the classes.

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Score : 52

I really think we need something to make CC builds more viable and/or backstab build more efficient(something like "turn the enemy in a critical hit")

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Score : 29

More poison Will be nice for other builds besides fire

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Score : 52

Absolutely YES. Maybe MP and AP poison dmg/per point used in Air and Water trees respectively.

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Score : 3093

In my opinion, those are pretty good changes. The health steal at low levels was very strong, specially on PvP. The change to Punishment is very good too, sometimes the Hemorrhage would build up very slowly and the enemy would even die before stacking enough to do something important with it, now it can be manipulated to release a strong damage earlier on the enemy and will be more easier to use.

Outside that, I think that the class is now pretty stable.

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Score : -3034

Even though the class is in a very solid spot right now, even the trap build, the fix to Health Steal not working with Heal Resist might weaken the Sram significantly (in comparison to the current state of bugged heal resist). 

The new active is nice and useful, but I think it's a bit too clunky to use - point-blank range and a cooldown. The low range means that it doesn't actually help Sram regenerate additional WP, since if you can cast Assassinate you can also cast Scam. I think the spell could provide additional effects other than making the target Scalded, or it should have a higher range to make it less clunky to use (perhaps just modifiable range). I think it's a very strong spell for the trap build, but it is hard to justify a spell slot for this in a conventional Sram build.

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Score : 3787

Assassinate would work well if it was range mod-able.

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Score : 244

i would like to see some more use from the Sram Double other than just the pushing.I wanted to see the Double with sram trap spells in its spell bar too but then that would require more AP so these are just my suggestions that can make Double more useful in Trap srams
-Make the Double not lockable
-Give Double the spell to remove a trap
-Add the removed trap into the Doubles spell bar, so that Double can recast the trap with no AP cost
-Can put a limit like 3 traps removable per turn or so, but cannot remove a trap when The Double already have a removed trap in it spell bar until it recast that trap

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Score : 3787

I think that your idea to make double able to remove or even reposition traps is a nice idea. Hope they add it.

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Score : 1198

Here's my suggestion for Sram.

Disclaimer: Yes, I play sram. No it's not my main character. No, I am not expecting any of these ideas to be used. I did this for fun and for design practice. You have permission to use any of these ideas.

Traps will now be considered main elemental spells and will have to be selected for your deck.
Old spells seen as used less often have been replaced.
There are new traps offered: Lethal Trap, Mass Trap, Dispersing Trap.
Traps would now be considered a core mechanic for all Srams to take advantage of.

A new passive which will make traps deal melee damage but also be direct damage.

First of all, Shadow Trap is removed as an active spell.
You will unlock Trap Removal as long as you have any traps in your deck.

Trap Removal --> Simply removes a trap free of cost.


First Blood - Removed --> Replaced with the current version of Laceration Trap.

Cold Blood --> Is turned into an AoE, horizontal line of 3. Otherwise acts the same, the heal is still considered Single Target.

I attempted to combine both First Blood and Cold Blood into one spell. I'm not sure if the heal should be considered Single Target or AoE. An argument could be made that it should be ST due to Hemorrhage being "Single Target" poison damage. However, the spell deals AoE damage and could offer a self healing option for "AoE" Srams if it was made to be based on area mastery.

Punishment - Removed --> Replaced with Lethal Trap,
Lethal Trap
2 AP - Moderate Range - 1 cast/turn
Single cell trap that deals massive damage (indirect, single target).

This trap should deal a lot of damage due to it's cast limit, even with it's 2 AP cost. I would venture to say it's fair if it deals upwards of 120 base damage. It also offers a new single target trap option, and it will be the only new one on this post.


Kleptosram - Remove--> Replaced with Mass Trap,
Mass Trap

5 AP - Moderate Range - Doesn't require line of sight - Linear Only - 1 cast/turn
Large AoE trap (circle 2, Explosive Arrow size) that deals great damage (indirect, AoE) and removes 2 MP (AoE)

This trap should be prove to be useful for it's potential to hit multiple targets and being the only trap that will not require line of sight to cast. The damage should be worth it, maybe around 150 base damage.

Swindlesram - Removed -> Replaced with the current version of Silencing Trap.

Swindlesram seems like the kind of spell that just never gets used. Maybe I'm wrong, but then again, I forgot this spell even existed.


--> Fear is now an ACTIVE spell and is replaced with the current version of Fog Trap.
Fog Trap
Stays the same except it can now be cast on the same cell where a Lethal Trap exists (and vice versa as well).

Being able to stack Lethal Trap with Fog Trap allows Single Target srams to make use of both single target traps at once with ease. 

Fear (Active Spell)
2 AP - Same range as before
Acts the same as before but instead of dealing damage, increases the damage dealt by 10% by the Sram for the rest of the turn.

Makes more sense to not be an elemental spell but to be an active instead.

Trauma - Removed --> Replaced with Dispersing Trap,
Dispersing Trap
4 AP - Moderate Range - 1 cast/turn
Small AoE trap (cross 1) that deals decent damage (indirect, AoE) and pushes targets away from the center of the trap. Does not hurt allies.

Extra effect: If the Sram currently has at least 75 Weak Points and an enemy is pushed into another trap --> The target will take an extra hit of damage (equivalent to 50% of Dispersing Traps base damage) and the Sram will regenerate 1 WP. Lastly, the weak points are consumed (This effect can trigger on multiple enemies pushed by the same trap before the Weak Points are consumed).

It might seem complicated but basically this spell will be helpful to chain multiple traps together and offer a lot of burst damage. It also acts as a new way to consume Weak Points that isn't Con or Execution, and is unique in that it could potentially result in gaining more than one WP if more than one enemy is pushed into another trap. The damage should be decent, maybe 100.

Chakra Concentration
Traps are now considered MELEE damage no matter where they were triggered.
Traps are no longer considered "Indirect Damage" (they will be considered Direct Damage).
At Rank 2: Traps can now critically strike, increasing their base damage by 25% when they are later triggered (Critical mastery applies on critical traps).

This passive allows two options.
1. Don't take the passive --> Old trap playstyle which usually consists of less than 10% critical hits and relying on traps going underneath armor. This also means that indirect damage buffs such as Scald and Ruin still apply.

2. Take the passive --> New trap playstyle where even if you are a melee or critical sram, traps will become extremely useful in dealing damage and contributing to your playstyle. Indirect damage is no longer applied since traps are now considered direct damage, which is a fair trade-off for having a much easier time setting up mastery.

This passive also offers another reason to leave Cold Blood as a single target heal, since, it is likely that "Brutality Sram" will be using this passive for it's traps. The major downside to that build would be your lack of self healing, in that case.


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Score : 3787

Interesting take on sram, I like most of it but fear if they implemented this, we would just have as bad a time as new rogues. (clearly an exaggeration but my fear none the less) Still really cool idea, though I like having some spells that aren't all purely traps because if a target is stabilized a lot of this tool kit is extremely limited. 

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Score : 407

About the Ambush passive , Traps doesn't seem to benefit from the damage inflicted bonus the passive grant per trap triggered, and so since the bonus only applicable to non trap damage and the stack is consumed after one use,its kind of useless in a trap build.I think making the damage inflicted bonus 30% at maximum stack and lasts at least one whole turn would be much better.

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Score : -3034

doesnt triggering traps with fear make use of the ambush damage bonus?

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