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[1.65 Feedback] Class Balancing: Pandawa

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - August 20, 2019, 10:00:00
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Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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I think overall you guys did a good work on the Pandawa but I still feel like something should be done with the way they regenerate WP, the class is very WP hungry with multiple strong and useful spells costing it but the ways to regain WP are terrible, stacking 15 Dizzy and consuming it in the same turn is rather difficult and there is a high chance the mob might die in the process or someone else might kill it, the other way is getting back into Sober state which takes 3 turns to regain, at best with passive, 2WP.

If I may suggest, wouldn't be better if any of the Pandawa's passives increased the amount of Dizzy applied (or simply just increase the amount of Dizzy each spell apply)? Since now there's a passive that makes the maximum amount of Dizzy go up to 30 it would also be great to have a passive that increases Dizzy stacking so using the mechanic to apply statuses and regain WP would be more convenient.

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the problem of Pandawa confused passives still remains


Master of Merriment
-When becoming Merry, +2 AP
-When becoming Worn Out, +2 MP
-If the pandawa consumes lv. 15 Dizzy: +1 WP, +5% HP

Milky Instinct
If the Pandawa consumes Dizzy,
for each level consumed:
-Preparation (lv. 3)
At the start of the Pandawa's turn,
around the barrel:
-Dizzy (Lv. 8)
-When becoming Sober, +2 WP

At the start of turn, +20% Damage Inflicted to allies around the Barrel


Master of Merriment is a passive that rewards changing state, but also for some reason, rewards consumption of Dizzy.

Milky Instinct is a passive that rewards playing within the vicinity of the barrel. but also, for some reason, rewards becoming Sober (when you are holding the barrel, it does not cast its spells at the start of the turn, so you cannot reasonably become Merry while also taking advantage of the extra Dizzy).

Refreshment is a passive that rewards playing within the vicinity of the barrel.


these two seperate playstyles require you to equip multiple passives to get the maximum benefit, when you cannot receive all of the benefits all at once. if i were to play a panda that wanted to stack and consume dizzy around my barrel, i would have to equip all three of these passives.

there is a new passive coming that allows Dizzy to stack up to 30. so i would have to equip a fourth passive, to supplement ONE playstyle? it's too much!

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I like the new active spell that allow to become merry without using the barrel , so i might be able to do other things, like applying dizzy to allies, and to set up a teleport. I belive the spell that allows to switch places can help alot too, but i think It less impactful, because the situation It makes diference would be in battles that panda is used as a tank,that isnt as much recieved.

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@T1 and @Miky
Both of your suggestions are good tbh
I also think the biggest problem is the confusion coupled with how terrible they get WP back

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Alright, I personally don't think we needed anymore spells or actives considering we're loaded with particularly useful ones. But why not more versatile, so I approve.

However, I can't stress enough how much i want a target transport on blisskrieg. It's the only thing stopping me from Tank panda. Also yeah, panda is very intensive on WP, we need less strainus means regain it(I mean not force us use resources to regain, SRAM has a similar problem) and it'd be cool if that active let me switch merriment backwards next turn if I was holding barrel while using or something.

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I agree that the main problem with pandawa is the WP regen.. The balancing is good and fixes a lot of previous issues with the class but nothing changed addresses this issue.
I suggest maybe a passive +1 WP after drinking (ending turn with barrel in hand), similar to eliotrope in calm state or something

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An easy to use direct healing spell was just what was missing from the class. I like all the changes so far :3

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