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[1.65 Feedback] Class Balancing: Cra

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - August 20, 2019, 10:00:00
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Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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Finally some unified mechanics, cra used to have more passives and conditional buffs then xelor

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Score : 380

I don't really like the new Precision passive, the damage inflicted from it is very smal (12%) for the condition you're putting on it, I would argue the generic Carnage passive (15%) is better because it adds more passive damage inflicted while not being bound to the limits of precision, the other benefits from precision don't sell the passive over Carnage, the Connection bonus is somewhat nice but I don't think its that useful.

Perforation and Converging fire are amazing passives to the line-up, Cra was lacking some damage inflicted in comparison to other DD's

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I like the overall idea of giving some well deserved fresh power to cra.
While the new passives allow for new builds and playstyles to come into play here, I feel like the change to the Cra Precision passive was a bit too much. In my opinion it could kill lots of the existing builds instead of just enabling the possibilities of new "viable" builds for the players to experiment with. That's not very encouraging considering that many players, including me, are still getting used to rune changes and were already working and progressing on new builds before this was announced.

The old Precision was a very enjoyable passive to play around and being able to reach 100% crit chance with it was one of the things that still made cra shine in battle. Damage inflicted sure is nice, but not as fun as crit is.
I also agree that not only is the change very drastic, but the new Precision itself is not so useful.

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Score : 8898

I like the abolishment of the Reach and Flamboyant stuff. And the Powerful shooting change is awesome. Fire beacons with the Scout passive sound interesting. But let's get to the important thigs...

Cra Precision...

OMG, WHO IN THE NAME OF CRA (God of ARCHERS!!) comes up with this s...tuff???

"Duh, I am an archer, not only am I utterly inapt to utilize balistic trajectories (still just a single spell without LoS, with pathetic range), now i can also only use my full strength against enemies in a straight line with me and guess who is standing right in front of said enemy, MY MEELEE based comrad, cause he wants to keep same enemy from flatening his squishy Cra-friend in the back."


Cras do not WANT to expose themselves to enemies, especially with the ridiculous amount of lock-avoiding and dash/pull/etc abilities you are giving enemies in recent times.

"The Cra Precision mechanic was debatable [...]"
It was the base idea of an ARCHER, run, shoot, repeat. Stay away from the enemy as far as possible. Hide behind comrads and stuff.
In other games this is called "kiting" and if you can not do it, then you basically suck as a ranged damage dealer.

Seriously, what is the idea here?? Waste 2 ap every turn by having to shoot your tank/locker, who is SUPPOSED to stand between the enemies and his team, with Homing Arrow first???

" We preferred to make the passive stronger but more difficult to take full advantage of."

I am an Archer, I shoot people. From a distance.
It SHOULD be simple.

If you want to make Cras more difficult, "TO MASTER", NOT "TO PLAY", do something like:
"reduced damage to enemies after more than 2 damage spells, increased damage if you alter targets for each spell" (enemies become aware of the artillery shooting at them)
"increased damaged to isolated enemies" (taking out the enemy artillery).
give them some actual usable debuffs (biting blow: lvl THREE incurrable every THREE turns... hurhurhur, still laughing about the usability of THAT part of the spell....)
prior to these changes party members could at least take advantage of the riddled stat as well.

PLEASE, rethink that Passive once more....

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Score : 1673

Yeah, now the new Riddled basically is same as Pandawan's Dizzy in another term... What a streamline after all? Then what is the unique of different class or playstyle?

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Score : 56

Still don't think that replacing crit for dmg inflicted is the right approach for Cra Precision. This makes cra a lot less reliable when it comes to situation where you need to be certain you're going to kill a mob, especially in high stasis dungeons. Even more now that in both turns 1 and turns where cra isn't evasive, the class is much weaker.
This is going to have a permanent impact on the playstyles that the players who still play cra (over fogger and xelor) rely on and enjoy. This passive is one of the main things that sets cra appart from the other dmg classes in the game. I strongly believe that changing such a crucial mechanic for the class does not feel right.
To make one aspect stronger there is no need to kill another aspect of the class. Especially when you consider that cra was heavily nerfed last time.

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Score : 294

I agree, Riddled has to stay. It allows the Cra to contribute to combat in a significant way, especially against bosses. 

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Score : 78

999% agree

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Score : 33

I agree with everything stated above regarding Cra Precision. I worked hard to get a crit build recently and now i'll have to throw it all away.. the class could be usable in crit form at lvl200 with sublimation etc ( thus demanding a gigantic tons of work on the build ), but not everyone is lvl 200 nor have the time to do so.. and being forced to be aligned with ennemies, when you play with melee comrade that is a pain. They'll always obscure your line of sight, needing to spend 2ap to get through every single turn... I much prefer my crit chance and ability to hit in diagonal and such. and being far away and untouchable from all those long range pull/dash mobs have. Though the removing of non crit damage on the other passive is ok, giving us a more stable dpt if we can't have a high crit chance value yet ( build under lvl 100 ? )

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Score : 56

Agreed. Cra is not the aligned dmg type of class as we have Foggers and Huppers for that. Being a versatile archer, dealing dmg from any direction and being able to kite mobs is a characteristic that shouldn't be taken away from us.

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Score : 78

The crit removal on the passive Cras precision hits me so hard in regards of my build, i use Ogrest Fury with some sublimations to be able to reach 100 crits and without that passive my build become  useless sad  there are many ways to reshape a class but i dont think that destroying existing "calculated" endgame builds would help... Please think of your players putting effort into a build before making a big change!

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Score : 33

I am very bummed about this too if the patch goes live with those changes... I can't play much, spent most of my time trying to get a 110 crit build which i'm very proud of ... I invested in it everything i have, if the patch goes like this it is good to be thrown to the bin... And the cra can also be shelved... Being align with a target.. your melee tank/dps will always be in your sight, needing to spend an extra 2 ap per turn just to be able to play... I despise this changes tbh.. i much prefer the highly mobile cra as he is right now, with his crit chances.. theres not many classes who can build arpund distance mono crit... Soon to be none.. sad

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