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[1.65 Feedback] General

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - August 20, 2019, 10:00:00

Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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I was expecting some kind of fix on enchantment system. Im saddened to hear nothing it's happening, even with the ton of flaws it has in the insane grind aspect.

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Still no changes to having to WASTE A RELIC/EPIC to turn ANOTHER ONE of it into a (potentially) decent version of itself, BY CHANCE?!

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Everything I will say bellow is about my concerns and things I think needed more work, anything that I haven't talked about means I am in agreement, so lemme tell my piece!

- IOP -
The only thing I didn't like with Iop was the nerf on the Focus spell, sure, the damage was transferred to the new passive effect on Furious Charge but the resistance debuff was more usefull since it also helped allies, frankly I always thought this spell didn't needed any changes, it was powerful, yes, but it had a long cooldown in so it wasn't like Iops could spam that away and with other classes being able to remove resistance every turn this change just puzzles me..

I really loved all the changes but I still feel like one their massive problems is still there, the fact that they are terrible at regenerating WP while being a WP hungry class, for me, Pandawas need a better way to stack Dizzy so stacking and using it would become easier thus regenerating more WP as, most of the times, the target you're stacking either dies before you use and stacking and using in the same turn is difficult if you don't have your AP boosted, the other way, going back to Sober, takes 3 turns to regain, at best, 2WP so it isn't really reliable specially because it forces you to go to Worn Out where your damage will suffer.

"Wait, but there was nothing about the enchantment system, why are you placing this here?" that's exactly the problem.. I was expecting Ankama to do some work in polishing the new system by next update but nothing.. I really would love to see most of this RNG going away by:
   1) Whenever you sacrifice an item to increase rune slots it would always increase in +1 instead of just giving a re-roll.
   2) Whenever you sacrifice an item to change a rune color it would always allows the player to choose which color they want (except, of course, the yellow since it's a jocker and people would always choose that one).
   3) Whenever you sacrifice an item to change the order of the runes it would allow the player to choose in which order they want the slots to be (or, at the very least, allow the player to switch two runes around).
These changes, in my opinion, would massively reduce the grind and the RNG and reward player's hard work, nobody likes to farm a second Ogrest's Wrath to sacrifice to scramble the order or the first one just to it to come with them in a order you did not want so now you have to get a third one..

Aside from those points above, overall, I think the update is alright but I am disappointed mostly on the fact Ankama didn't even touched the new enchanting system..

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Anyone talking about the enchantment system getting downvoted?
But yeah, no change on enchantments..... Bummer.....

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- SRAM -
The changes in the Sram are fine, but should change the trap system to be similar to the Rogue bombs, where even the distance the trap damage is melee and area or unique target in the case of the air trap, so As the rogue bombs work, with the current trap system it is very weak and inefficient and ends up sidelining for 95% of the game's Srams.

and not let the critical domain be totally lost
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100% agree with you.. Since Rogues can now make their bombs be the preference of either AoE or ST or Distance or Melee I think a lot of classes need this feature as well, Sram Traps and also Xelor's mechanisms, the Hydrant is always Melee Mastery, for example.

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By the way, do that mean pets/mount will get hungry faster than before? From 72 hrs per feed to 60 hrs? So needed to grind more Osamodas Powder later. 

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I've noticed a new bug introduced with this beta release.

On my sacrier when I use spells that have a limited number of uses per target, the uses are counted for all spells together instead for each spell separately.

Which means if I cast Sacrier Fist (2 uses per target) I can no longer use Cage of Blood  (1 use per target) or Smash (1 use per target) on that target until next turn.

If I cast Smash or Cage of Blood first, then I can cast one Sacier Fist or Assault on that target. Casting two Sacrier Fists prevents Assault and vice versa.

This bug does not manifest on Mr. Punchy, but everywhere else it does.

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That seems like a bad time for any class... um, hope it doesn't make its way to live. 

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Do those 5 mentioned class (Iop, Cra, Pandawa, Sram, and Ouginak) have a free restat after this minor tweak? 

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