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Beta Update 1.64 Changelog - 11 June

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - June 11, 2019, 14:16:05

Main Feature 

  • We decided to make a linear increment for Resistance Enchantments. It aims to follow the previous progression curve better. In other words, Resistances increase sooner, although they still give 25 for a level 10 enchantment. Furthermore, we have shifted the enchantment level curve. It is now possible to go up to the level 3 on lvl 51+ items, and 6 on lvl 96 items. Comparatively, it was 3 at lvl 66 and 6 at lvl 111. We think these modifications will provide better strength for mid and low level characters.
  • The Stasis Pact epic sublimation now gives 10 Force of Will and 10% Block.
  • Various fixes on sublimations.

  • Monster seeds should be plantable on Pandalucia grounds.
  • Ecosystems are parametered (Environnemental quests are now available).
  • Added very WIP secondary quests (mercenary type) on Clan Members.

  • When destroying autels, the summoned monsters have a change in characteristics according to the Stasis level.
  • The heal mechanic of the boss isn’t affected by the Stasis level anymore.
  • Autels can’t suffer damage from non-player entities such as summons.
  • Added achievements for this fight.

  • The Spotted state has a permanent duration. The state only loses levels when the bearer is attacked by a Blightopard.
  • Fleozone border cells work properly.
  • Blighticades now have 300 HP (3000 previously). If a character deals damage to a Blighticade, he gains 1 lvl of Spotted.

Pandala Ghosts 
  • The Ghostly Protection mechanic now works.
  • Tanukouï San HP are reduced from 1 000 000 to 200 000.
  • The Tanukouï Strike spell works as intended now, and will deal proper damage according to the situation.
  • Ghostly Fire triggers on a fighter turn start if the fighter stands on the glyph.
  • The Meteor Shower spell correctly removes any Ghostly Fire on which a fighter stands while targeted by the spell.


  • Characteristics balancing on Biddyplate, Tell-Tale Boots, Blightopard Ring, Black Turtle Shield.
  • Tell-Tale Boots now have the following condition : WP >= 8.
  • Krock Tails now have the following condition : MP <= 5.


  • The quantities of ingredients for every recipe that creates an equipment have been reduced (for now, upgrades recipes are excluded). It’s an overall 25 to 30% lessening in quantities.

Light and Stasis 

  • Fixed Light and Stasis damage computing.
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No news about those quest linked epic items which obtain once only? 

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