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Beta Update 1.64 Changelog - 5 June

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - June 05, 2019, 07:10:06
DevTracker AnkaTracker


  • A new expansion meant for adventurers level 140 to 200 is available: the island of Pandalucia.
  • Access Pandalucia via boats of the main cities.
  • On this island, you'll discover new environments along with 4 monsters families and their respective dungeons, over 150 equipment items, 1 main quest, 4 secondary quests and achievements.


  • The Smithmagic system has been replaced by a new Enchantment system.
  • Each piece of equipment has slots (called sockets) with the capacity for additional effects (enchantments).
  • The shape of the socket determines what type of effect it can be used for.
  • You can break down equipment to obtain magic shards which are required to add (and upgrade) the effects placed in the sockets.
  • The combinations of socket shapes can unlock additional effects called sublimations.

You can learn more about Enchantment in our devblog.


  • The recycling system has been fully updated. It can now be accessed from the character inventory, allowing you to very quickly recycle any items to free up space in your inventory, while also generating value.
  • Recycled equipment will generate magic shards that are needed to add and upgrade enchantment effects (placed in sockets).
  • All other recycled items (resources, etc.) will generate powders that are needed in many recipes in the game (e.g. to increase the rarity of certain equipment items).
  • Magic shards themselves can be recycled into powders.
  • The amount of magic shards and powders obtained depends on the item's level and rarity. When recycling items, the amount of magic shards and powders that can be obtained are previewed as you mouse over each item.
  • Recycling unidentified items will generate 20% more magic shards.

Background Animation

  • The world is getting more vibrant! Many background elements are now animated: grass, water, flowers, and more.
  • You can put the "level of detail" option to its lowest setting to disable these environmental animations.


  • Markets in Haven Worlds now have a flat tax of 5%.

We decided to modify the tax on Markets in Haven Worlds to partially compensate for the fact that enchantment costs zero kamas.

We believe applying percentage-based taxes to Markets is one of the best ways to proportionally remove kamas from the game's monetary supply.

The ability to sell items in a Market tax-free amounted to both an unfair advantage for Haven World owners and a source of excessive monetary inflation.
  • A new "Zoom" button allows you to filter your search by a specific item.


  • All Chromatic effects have been replaced by Light-type effects.
  • Numerous descriptions of effects and states dealing with healing and damage have been improved.
  • The visibility of values appearing above characters in combat has been improved.
  • Armor gained or lost during combat is now displayed as values that float above characters.
  • The Elemental Mastery bonus (40-100%) for completing the "A bit of Elemental Mastery…" quests, available from level 40 to 120, has been removed. The bonus had been added to compensate for the loss of Mastery when spell levels were removed (these provided Mastery for their element type based on their level), and it is no longer necessary.
  • The Scalded state works differently; it now increases all indirect damage. The increase value has been reduced from 40 to 30%. Indirect damage is that inflicted by a unit when it's not the unit's turn.


  • Elemental gains of Blockades' max HP is now increased by Single-Target Mastery and Melee Mastery.
  • The Big Dog spell no longer produces a visual double of the Bow Wow if the Bow Wow casts the spell on a target with the Prey state.
  • The passive "Canine Art" properly renders the Ouginak immune to MP reduction from the Canine glyph.
  • Bombs can no longer be killed by external effects that activate during the detonation phase (e.g. a damage effect around a monster activated on its death would destroy bombs that were meant to explode).
  • The Heart of Fire spell no longer plays its animation twice.
  • Flurry Combo no longer allows a single target to receive AP twice.
  • The active "Prevention" can no longer revive an Eliotrope that dies on their own turn.
  • The passive "Advanced Geology" only affects the range of Excavation starting at level 2.
  • The common spells "Mastery of Weapons", "Mass Charm", and "Marrow Bone" incur an MP cost with the Drhellzerker.
  • The Sacrifice spell can be cast every 6 turns (up from 4).
  • The Sacrifice spell applies the Scar state to targets of the spell, which prevents them from regaining the Sacrifice state for 5 turns.
  • The animation for the spell "Hornito" no longer plays on a loop when seen from behind.
  • A Masqueraider will return to the proper stationary animation after moving in combat.
  • The spell "Crackler Punch" can no longer be cast on an Osamodas if they're not in dragon form.


  • The healing effects of the Drive spell now have a 1-cell cross area of effect (instead of a heal with 1 rebound up to 3 Range).
  • The effect triggered by Alternating Gravity when cast with a higher level of Air Mastery no longer adds a second line of damage, but instead increases damage dealt by the spell effect.

  • The spell "Rage Toxins" now allows Armor to be stolen from the target (ally or enemy); this replaces its previous effects.
    • Level 1: -2 Armor and steals 150%
    • Level 200: -400 Armor and steals 150%


 Rogue Dungeon
  • Characters can no longer move anywhere on the battlefield during a Boss fight.
  • Reduced the base damage for some of Remington Smisse's spells. This change applies to Manhunt, Rogue Strike, and A Friend of Mine.
  • The Rogue Rtist no longer improperly comes back to life after dying while under the influence of Sadist Mark.
  • Bombs always inflict the same amount of damage, regardless of the dungeon's Stasis level.
 Hoodlum Dungeon
  • Hoodlum Mages can no longer double their Willpower increase from the Stasis Bonus state.
  • Hoodlum Assassins can deal damage to Summons that are normally immune to localized damage.
 Dark Treechnid Dungeon
  • Soft Oak's HP has been doubled. The amount of Armor generated each turn is the same as before. This change makes the Boss mechanic less punitive.
  • Mechanical information added to the states of members of the same monster family (they suffer 50% extra damage when they don't have any more Armor).
Shhhudoku Kingdom Dungeons: the four dungeons now function differently
  • Global mechanic: Completing a dungeon will always drop a Haiku for characters that defeated the Boss. As long as a character has the Haiku corresponding to a dungeon, they can't re-enter the dungeon.
  • It is always necessary to have the three Haikus to enter the Hushquarters. The three Haikus are removed from the character's inventory after Master Shhhudoku is defeated.
  • A new weekly quest, available when you reach the island, asks you to defeat Master Shhhudoku in return for a large sum of experience.·
  • Whisper Crisper: The Standard-Bearing Sergeant's stats are more in line with a Boss at his level. They have been increased but are still lower than those of a classic Boss (around 20% lower).
  • Killing the Standard-Bearing Sergeant instantly eliminates all the sleeping Cracklers.
  • Crackapult Range: The Whispered Crackrock Lieutenant's stats are more in line with a Boss at his level. They have been increased but are still lower than those of a classic Boss (around 20% lower).
  • The Rock: the Whispered Crackler General's stats are more in line with a Boss at his level. They have been increased but are still lower than those of a classic Boss (around 20% lower).
  • Bosses now drop emblems.
Mineral Tower
  • Leaving the Boss fight no longer causes the Wakfu client to freeze.


  • Scaraboss: The Aerial Barricade state no longer reduces melee damage in addition to ranged damage.
  • Kanniball Et: The Elimination state works as described.


  • Hammalayas: The achievement will be properly confirmed.


  • A League Under the Sea – Nekark: Fixed the animation of characters wielding a harpoon.
  • Spores?: Ogrest correctly appears at the end of the hallway when the quest is done as a group.


  • Companions' character sheets correctly account for stats increased by equipment.


  • The stats of Epic- and Relic-rarity shields and daggers have been reduced by 10% of their total points. This change aims to prevent these items from becoming overpowered relative to Epic and Relic items containing sockets.
  • Special quest relics:
    • The Ogrest's Wrath relic can be dropped by Ogrest for characters that have completed the quest and achieved a damage score of 5 million.
    • The Prismatic Dofus relic can once again be dropped by Nogord for characters that have completed the quest.
    • The Belt of Shadows relic can be dropped by Shadofang for characters that have completed the quest.
    • The Otomai's Pilgrim Shoes relic can be crafted using a blueprint given to characters that have completed the quest. The relic's stats have been changed to be more offense-based.
    • The Kel'Dwa relic can be obtained from the Drheller Machine in exchange for the Imperfect Kel'Dwa, for characters that have completed the quest. It can also be dropped by Rascal.
    • The Imperfect Kel'Dwa relic can be obtained from the Whirly Machine in exchange for the Weakened Kel'Dwa, for characters that have completed the quest. It can also be dropped by Silmawhirly.
    • The Otomai's Disciple Armor relic can be crafted using a blueprint given to characters that have completed the quest.
  • The Eternal Sword reduces or increases damage by 800, up from 400.
  • Positioning Knowledge: penalty increased to -200 Rear Resistance.
  • Inflexible: bonus lowered to 15% Damage Inflicted.
  • Excess: no longer consumed by casting a Swiftness Bonus.
  • Items with a Critical Hit penalty in their characteristics now have the equipment condition "% Critical Hit > -10".
  • Enurado Chest Plate: can be improved from common to rare.
  • Hoodfella Amulet: can be worn by all classes.


  • The Mercenary Post in the Upper Slope (the area with Kali's Henchmen) is accessible to characters at the area's level.
  • The Drhellzerker no longer invalidates the Obsession combat challenge.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent shortcut bar 3 from being properly cleared when logging in with especially old characters (particularly those inactive since the update that added spell decks).

Updated 12.06.2019


Main Information

 The transition formula has been implemented for items with former set runes.
Resistance enchantments now reach a maximum level of 25.
(We're still thinking about how resistances will increase when leveling.)
Various bug fixes have been applied and clarifications added to sublimations.


 If the quantity of the item consumed is greater than 1, this quantity will now be indicated in the item's frame.
Tutorials have been added.
The "Apply" button in the "Effects" tab has been improved so as to provide clearer information about what will be consumed or restored.
Charges have been added to the item details in the various related interfaces.

Bug Fixes

Costumes will no longer be removed in certain special cases.
First Ankama intervention

Hi there,

For future feedback, kindly post them in our latest changelog.


See message in context
Reactions 22
Score : 1040

There are some unique gears that can't be obtained a second time and that are not mentioned on this changelog. For example
Are all unique gear getting a second way of being obtained?
What about old items?

2 0
Score : 403

Yeah, did they missing out the Bagus Shushu actually? 

0 0
Score : 2354

Awesome update! Just a question: What will happen to the items obtained from the Shop? I still use my makabre ring that reflects dmg and the other that increases PP. 

0 -1
Score : 566

for all people that already did the quests we will be given all the Blueprints?

0 0
Score : 54

Hi, i have one bug to ask for, when using some skill or to atack an enemy sometimes the name or stats of that enemy prevent actions on him, so need to click on enemy sheets (combat only) or move the map with low time for that,  that turns the gameplay little hard in some situations and that is happenning since the 1.62.

1 0
Score : 236

there are no items with control!  so we have to hide our osa again.......

0 0
Score : 249

It's already been said but again, please consider making the tax on sale rather than posting. Taking kamas out of circulation is fine, but unless the intent is also to stifle trade then this is approach just needlessly bludgeons already struggling marketplaces by discouraging people from posting at all (especially more obscure items).

3 -1
Score : 403

This is good so that more items can appear in market. 

0 0
Score : 8953

I hope that Osa revive will be treated the same like elio revive. cheesing double turn is extremly unhealthy and should never exist in the game. 

2 0
Score : 596


1 0
Score : 153

tldr for those allergic to scrollbars: shard costs are excruciating, rune conversion rates are worse, and if you survive that you'd best be sure to shoot first because you're probably a glass cannon.

If the shard payout rate for converting runed gear on beta is what's intended for live, I'm going to go ahead and preempt the cry of outrage. We've literally received the term "no loss of value", but what I'm getting for a maxed out resist rune is less than 1/7th of the shards needed to cap a socket in the new system. I realize the curve is much steeper, but as we've also had resists kicked halfway back into the dirt (without mention), it would take the full upgrade and a doubling position for a new resist socket to break even over the current.

Once upon a time I'd have been certain the beta just hadn't been updated to reflect the promise... even though it's been updated multiple times since. Now I'm just hoping really hard, and wondering if I should be telling everyone I know to rune for their lives while there's still time.

Potentially obliterating years of dedicated player investment aside (a mistake you really only get to make once), we're being asked to embrace this idea that while yes it's a lot more work and a lot more rng, we'll also have more control over building our characters the way we want to. Yet no matter how much we scream, someone over there's allergic to resistances, willpower is a bad joke, healers I suppose forgot to submit their existence to sublimations, and there are so many new ways to boost damage at everything else's (already-limited) expense that I may start sending funny looks toward anyone who does anything else.

Not that many of those things particularly matter if the conversion rate stays, because most people will be lucky to finish a single piece of gear... if they can even be convinced to try.

I realize that we're fantastic at ignoring or trivializing good responses and positive changes, and I'm certainly guilty of that also, but I hope too that it's clear to anyone brave enough to wade through our whiny morass that while we do have a (fitting) reputation for complaining about absolutely everything, there is a very real, very relevant terror about the state of this one even after many steps in the right direction. That and I have enough trouble convincing people to scroll down as is. Thank you for continuing to suffer our oft-toxic stupidity--I'm certain I wouldn't have had the mind or the patience to, yet I don't know that we'd still have a game to talk (or complain) about if you didn't.

If anyone's still here, well done, and much obliged. I'm afraid I don't have cookies but in retrospect I really should. I'm going to beg now, and then the wordsplosion will be over.

Please do not ask us to embrace a new system with no realistic endpoint without properly accounting for the people who did exactly that on the old system, and trusted you not to punish them for it.

Please give us options that do not amount to crying in a corner if glass cannon wasn't the plan.

Please show us that anyone making any of these decisions actually plays the game or speaks to anyone that does.

Please do not swing that mallet at the game I love. It's sort of like home.

7 0
Score : 403

Wow, thanks that for the thought, old player should not deserve to punish to re-grind again to fully-runed their gears lol

Agree that the old-rune/powder conversion in new system should be state more clearly. By the way, what is the exchange ratio? They are no mention it in this changelog too. 

1 0
Score : 5444

Now that 1.64 Alpha is officially moved on to 1.64 Beta. There are several things I'd like to point out before it moves on to Live Server.

Nothing was mentioned about 1.63 to 1.64 gear transition compensation. "Transition at your own pace" is nothing but just that. It still doesn't address the Resource used to upgrade and rune these gears, Resource including Kamas, Ogrest Tears, Rare monster material drops, Rare Zinit Fishes, among other grindy valuable materials.

Players who have yet to reach end game may not feel the impact as much, but for those who has already invested fair amount of time into grinding, ie. Multiple Ogrest Wrath, Tramo Rings, several sets of Legendary Maxed Runed Lv.200 gears...etc, we're talking about upwards of billions of Kamas in value, poof into nothingness the moment they're converted into sockets, even then, the Shards returned are not even close to match the actual value invested into 1.63 Maxed rune slot. In a way, it's telling existing players to grind much much more for something they already have, if they're not willing to lose all their previous progress, the only remaining logical option is to grind an entirely new sets of their existing gears. That causes duplication, cluttered inventory, unnecessary additional grind, false sense of choice. In order to stay relevant in 1.64, existing players are forced to re-grind all the progress they've made so far. Again, I'd like to point out that the patch note says we can "Transition at our own pace", but that doesn't change the fact re-grind is necessary since all previous progress / effort will be erase right after "Identifying" the item. Namely Kamas used to upgrading Rune Slots, and Rare Valuable Materials used to upgrade Epic Relic Slot. It may feel insignificant when it's only one or two maxed Lv.200 Item, but think of it from the perspective of someone with over 50+ maxed runed Lv.200 Legendary Items, and over 10 Upgraded Lv.200 Epic Relics. Let's not forget about all the ALS gears, I have Max gear for every Level Category with Maxed Runed slots, Item rarity, fully upgraded Epic and Relics, fully embedded with Epic Relics Runes. You get the idea. Lots of Kamas and Rare resource that'll just go missing the moment you "Identify" those items, A.K.A Progress Rollback. One would think if there's any reason to continue playing, If Ankama can't even get this 1.63 to 1.64 Transition phase right for existing players, what is there to say in future update, similar case would just repeat itself. The last thing a MMORPG player would want to see is, all their previous progress / hardwork being erase for absolutely no reason.

In developer term, that's something we call fragmentation, where feature creeping adds function on top of existing function completely ignoring, or do not fully address previous iteration, leaving fragments / traces of them everywhere, eventually causing the system to be cluttered and bloated.

Now that's bad design, the current implementation is essentially band-aids slapped around a system that's clearly not ready.

- Reg

16 0
Score : 721

Totally agree with your points.
You pointed out what has been ignored from the patch and people who only see a bright side.
It seems like they think those points as ignorable minority reports.

1 0
Score : 403
  • You can put the "level of detail" option to its lowest setting to disable these environmental animations.

This is good as playing from Asia area over different region really need smoother gameplay over quality graphic~ 
0 0
Score : 300

Character that can revive on its own turn is a broken system that can easily be abused.So this mechanic should be modified on Osamodas revive too.On near death they just kill them self and revive with fully restored Ap  pool is just too much..

1 0
Score : 1040

Siu, from the french forum translated automatically:


We made the decision to put a linear increment to the enchantments of resistances, in order to better follow the old progression curve. In other words, the resistors will rise earlier, but will remain as now to a maximum of 25 at level 10 of the enchantment.

In addition, we shifted the progression of enchantments. It will be possible to ascend to level 3 of an enchantment from the level 51, and at level 6 of an enchantment from the level 96 (against 3 at level 66, and 6 at level 111).

The changes will be visible in a future beta.


1 0

Hi there,

For future feedback, kindly post them in our latest changelog.