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Improvement suggestion for rolling the new slots

By Gimonfu - MEMBER - May 15, 2019, 16:52:14

I have not played the alpha and i will not simply because the sheer mathematic of the new system is just repelling.

For the maximum amount of 4 slots:
4x4x4x4=256 differnt possible configurations
for 3 slots:
4x4x4=64 differnt possible configurations
for 2 slots:
4x4=16 differnt possible configurations
and 1 slot:
4 differnt possible configurations

This all assuming that the sockets will not order themselves by colour means that there will be 256+64+16+4=340 possible versions of all items that can roll 4 sockets. So good luck rolling the version you need/want. And since R-B-R has a different Sublimation than B-R-R, every configuration counts.

So here is my suggestion:
The game "Path of Exile" also has a socket system on their items. You can roll the number/colour of the sockets with droppable currency 1 try after another
You can "pay" a higher amount of currency all at once to get a specific number/colour of sockets guaranteed
For Example use 5 items at once to get guaranteed B-R set-up or 20 for a B-R-G configuration.

Still does not fix the problem for any epic/relic user, but it is a start...

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Adding more suggestions to this suggestion...

First, if the "similar item" pattern seems to be fixed, keep it. But please, don't make it the only way.

Second, create some new transmutation item (let's call it "T" for now) for these re-rollings, like the Transmutation 200 and such, that can be created with Handyman profession using different kind of resources.

Now, instead of using Transmutations for random rolls, use them to add an extra socket at the cost of the number of current sockets. So, an item with 1 socket would cost 1 T to add another one. One with 2 sockets would cost 2 Ts to add a third one, and one with 3 sockets would cost 3 Ts to add the last socket. All of it done in those new workshops.

For re-rolling colors, same case. Burning as many Ts for the re-roll as colors are in the item (4 colors, 4 Ts being consumer per re-roll).

And if you are feeling generous, same case for altering their order (4 colors, 4 Ts consumed to alter their order).

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That would certainly fix the task of having to drop dozens of relics/epics to roll a single one into a decent version.

Maybe an alteration to align more with Ankamas goals.

The incredients for those Ts will include something you get from crushing items and they only work for one specific rarity.

That way we would still need to get our hands on the same rarity we want to roll, BUT the recipes could be adjusted so that you get SEVERAL rolls out of ONE item.

It would add an extra step to their initial idea, but certainly be an improvement.

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