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[1.64 Feedback] General

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 14, 2019, 07:04:16

Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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My feedback is simple.
After i saw the update i didnt run the game even once.

Now im just watching and waiting, what you do Ankama.

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Why did you add these conditions?

What was the need?
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They rebalanced a ton of items and runes, there will be a changelog later

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Bold move but definitely interesting.
Probably needs some more tweaking before it's ready though.

Animated textures:
The flowers are way too bouncy, it looks weird compared to herbalist flowers who aren't animated. On that point animated trees would be sweet.
The grass is nice but tall grass-bushes aren't animated which is again odd.

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Animated ressources would be cool and I was expecting that to be honest. I love how the grass looks now, it truly gives the enviroment a nice touch and more life.

Good work there Ankama, if you could also animate trees and flowers (ressources) that would be awesome. happy

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After trying out the beta I've noticed the same problem as last few times. If you want us to test things out for you, then let us actually test them out.

I wanted to see if enchanting a low rarity item and then upgrading it will keep the rune slots as promised by devs, except that the beta machines only contain the highest rarity version of items. On top of that I'm supposed to grind the upgrade resources myself just to perform a test? Give us crafting resources machines as well, since anything crafting related can't be tested like this.

Ecaflipus was overcrowded with people to the point that the game had 3s pauses every few seconds. And in order to use the Enchantment machine I had to run around it every time I wanted to access it. Using it again after closing the dialog wasn't possible until I changed position.

Melee runes give bonus until +32, then just stop giving any bonus when reaching max level.

Sometimes after applying bonuses I received a ton of shards instead of spending them. Usualy happened when I was enchanting relics.

One of my items has 8 lines of pink text describing rune bonuses even though it only had 4 rune slots.

If an item doubles the rune effect, the pink text in item description doesn't reflect that.

An epic/relic item that has both regular and epic/relic sublimation only shows the regular one in the item description window. It shows both sublimations by name, but only the regular one has the mouse hover ability description (or maybe just the first instered one, I haven't tried adding sublimations in opposite order).

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Hello all!

A little bit of feedback.
I personally like the new feature and think it will help a lot in making the game more of a looter RPG which IMO fits Wakfu a lot. The game is very grindy as we all know but currently doesn't reward the grind with "unique" builds or loot, you just end up like everyone else, same build and stats. This new system does a lot in changing this and this is the main reason why I like it. But at the current state, it has many rough corners (makes sense it is alpha).

The main issue IMO is the cost of rerolling and the randomness of the outcome as many players have mentioned before. The fact that you need to use the same item to reroll gives it a "Gacha game" feel where you can only improve using copies of what you already have, but in Wakfu it is worse because you can use a copy and end up with a worse item due to RNG. Not to mention that it forces you to use items that start from a white or green rarity and avoid craftable and other equipment that starts from mythic and higher because they are simply not worth the investment unless you are 1000+ hours in your equipment farming or something, and generally in a game when you only have one best universal strategy, it isn't a good design.

I would suggest a mixed approach, with one part guaranteed and another random based on the rarity of the item, let me explain:

White items are farmable for a low effort which favors RNG because you have more chances and you don't have to focus that much during the process, which makes random rolls on white items justifiable and an appealing strategy to people who play wakfu on the side or while doing other stuff.
Suggestion for white items:

  • White + White = 1 to 4 slots
  • White + White = 1 to 4 random colors

Green items are less available and pretty much the starting point of almost all craftable equipment. This should IMO guarantee at least 2 slots when rolled and for colors you get to pick 1 color and the rest are random.
Suggestion for green items:
  • Green + Green = 2 to 4 slots
  • Green + Green = 1 color picked + 1 to 3 random colors

By the same logic, as we go in rarity we get some guarantee and some RNG. Mythics are medium effort and I think they should have 50% guarantee and 50% RNG.
  • Mythic + Mythic = 2 to 4 slots (I believe a guarantee 3 would be a bit overpowered at this level)
  • Mythic + Mythic = 2 color picked + 0 to 2 random colors

Legendaries are a lot harder to come by, first, you need to do stasis 21+ to drop them and if you take the crafting route, the cost is 3x or 4x times the cost of a mythic I think. this means using 2 legendaries should have a good level of guarantee of around 75% with a margin for RNG.
  • Legendary + Legendary = 3 to 4 slots
  • Legendary + Legendary = 3 colors picked + 0 to 1 random color

I believe some version of these suggestions would be healthy and would offer multiple styles. you can choose the lazy easy route focusing on RNG and white items or go for a less RNG focus by planning and doing higher content, crafting and so on, up to the player.

The roll chance should also be increasing with rarity, I guess this is a given.
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Visually annoying Item describtion :

There is no need in repeating resistance 3 times.
on Alpha its like
Fire Resistance Water Resistance Earth Resistance
but you can change it back to
Fire Water Earth Resistance

Just do it like the mastery. It's visually more exhausting to check resistance on alpha

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Although no patchnotes had been posted here, I saw on the French forums that changes have been made to the hitpoint value of the Dark Treechnid boss (Doubling it), as to make the dungeon more forgiving:
Of all the problems that dungeon has, I think that was one of the smaller ones. I'd like to mention that:

1) Even with a group of people higher level, at normal difficulty, the amount of armour generated can be unreasonably high - meaning that the dungeon can often not be beaten anymore the moment a single player falls in battle.

2) While I get that 'armour breaking' is the core concept of the dungeon, and a group should be tailored as such, way too many classes are incapable of withering down armour. Perhaps a mechanic should be included that allows spells to break through armour better within the entire dungeon (Not just the boss room, the normal trees prior to the boss room are incredibly annoying and tedious to fight as well)

3) The experience given in the boss room is hilariously low (1/4th or so of other boss fights at that level range). Perhaps because there are no extra minions giving experience? - The battle takes really long and is proper difficulty, if not too hard for its intended level, the total sum of experience gained should match that of other dungeons.

I was happy to see a new dungeon being included to the notoriously horrible lvl 124 dungeon range, yet quickly realized it one-upped the already horrific Lenald dungeon with its constant high armour spamming mechanics.
In fact, why are 'all' dungeons in Wakfu with a defensive or high-resistance based mechanic so incredibly tedious and annoying? (Lenald, Dark Treechnid, Blop) They usually end up taking twice/thrice the amount of time and don't reward as such. They're basically always overtuned in that concept in such a way that they become the kind of dungeon no one wants to spend time on anymore in favour of others.

Monsters like Ancestral Treechnid (Gaining armour every single round despite his info saying he should only get it each other round) and the little round flute playing blop (Insanely high resistance, halving damage to it quite a lot and buffing damage by 50% of enemies/itself around it) are actually the biggest reasons for those dungeons being horrendous.

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If a dungeon has an invincibility mechanic, the boss should be easy to take down once you break trough it, in my opinion.

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What is going to happen with equipments bought from the Store like the Makabra items? I use my ring that reflects damage and the one that increases PP a lot, but I can't find them at the Store and even if they were, I wouldn't be buying a bunch of them just to roll mine.

Will they be obtained through other methods?

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Weird one here but: Not into the loss of hair on Osa dragon form.

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You now get 5 rerolls per sacrificed item and cannot get less slots in a reroll.
But now you reset the item if you upgrade it to a higher rarity.

Is this better or worse?
I personally like this version better.

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no if you upgrade through a recipe, so some items reset. So i think they are talking about souvenirs.

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some general feedback:
- too much movement on flowers and harvestable plants (maybe some time in it when they don't move
and overall a bit slower, would be good), movement of water is fine
- please display AP and MP loss of dodge/lock with floating values, so you see, if you actually removed ressources of the target, if you try to lock it


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5 charges is not enough. Just don't incluide the sacrifice of an identical item.

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