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[1.64 Feedback] Enchantment System

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 14, 2019, 07:02:51
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Score : -22

I tested the system, a couple of things.

Let us reroll number of sockets, colors, and order with shards, because people won't stop crying about this in game and on the discord. Maybe make it so that rerolling with shards is crazy, like double the amount to fully rune an item or something, but at least have the option there for the people screaming about Shadowfang items. 

Increase the number of shards obtained from white and green gear: it's practically nothing.

Most importantly; 

Allow PVP gear to have a maximum of 3 Slots so they can use Sublimations, and decrease the set bonuses to compensate. As it stands right now, a fully decked out PVE character would be able to absolutely obliterate a character with full PVP gear with the bonus. Giving that handicap would allow players to use PVP gear effectively in PVP areas, while also being worse in PVE areas because all slots are missing a rune slot. 

If I get any more ideas while I play around with the system, I'll post further. As it stands right now, my feelings about the system is that it's an incredible improvement to the current system, but it does crap all over the work we've done in the last 2 years. It is a necessary sacrifice, imo. 

1 -8
Score : 142

The worst. You ruined all my sets. Not only because of sockets and whatever, you also made up new rules for having minus critical hits biggrin Are you serious? 

1 -1
Score : 739

Nothing else remains except spamming beta is end.

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Score : 45

Why are you ignoring us? Can't you see this update is a bad idea? CHANGE IT

3 -1

Hello Mirobiro,

We are not ignoring you, we appreciate all the constructive feedback shared and we've taken note of them. This new system is still in alpha testing so basically it is still in the lab.


Score : 2290

After testing a lot of things with different clases, in general what Ankama is telling us with this system is: Do you want Balance? Balance yourself! . Not something bad at all! With this new system, we get a lot of new combinations available, wheter you are a healer, glass cannon or tank, you can build your stats the way you want without having to sacrifice sets (like, swapping pieces). All you need to do is pick the best gear available for you and leave the tiny adjustments to the Sockets. You can be an aggressive Healer or a Healer DD/Tank. Cool.

Now, seeing how this new system is so adaptable, I have some concerns:

1.- I think that it is important that the new Enchantment system comes with a Passive Skill adjustment for some classes. Having tested some stuff, I'd like to refer to Fecas who can take a big advantaje of Ruin I & II considering that they already have access to passives which increases their indirect damage done, this added to the fact that they can easily stack-up Block% and sublimations that also reinforce this aspect the class just gets too many benefits and can easily get a deadly combo "Damager Tank" (a good and simple solution would be to make the glyphs trigger at the end of the enemy turn). 

2.- The thin line that defines roles is blurry.

3.- I'm worried that the new meta/tactic is Raze everything down and the strategy only takes place on the Boss Room. I mean, we already can complete S50 dungeons, I just wonder what will happen having all this power.

Concerning to the system as a whole:

The RNG is too much IF you are going for a fully optimized build (e.g: 4 sockets and full sublimations), if you have 2-3 sockets and 1 sublimation you are good to go, really, the system let's you get a lot of stats easily and you can even pick what you want

Having said that, you can still feel the hardcore RNG. Just by trying to get 1 sublimation on the Beta (Ruin II), I had to sacrifice a lot of copies of the same item which in the official server would be a real pain and I might even add that the Server can't fulfill the demand of an item, that is to say, you need more copies of the items than the number you tend to see being sold at the market. It is just unreal to think that I will be able to buy 5 Pandawa Hats when the reality is that this item is very scarse and you rarely see it at the market. Yeah, I won't be buying all of them and I can craft it but you see how the grind is doubled and even triplie with this new update.

I DO agree that there must be some sort of complexity and effort behind a strong character, but RNG isn't the way, at least not this way. Even if the RNG stays, everything can be balanced adding the right conditions, but asking the player to break their stuff for a chance is just frustrating making this game less and less casual. It DO works in other games, but those are fast paced and open world ones, in Wakfu a dungeon can take a lot to complete and the Time vs Reward doens't seem to be fair.


I feel it will be hard to sell and buy things. The Sockets and Sublimations narrow the possible buyers of an item. Now we will be looking for specific color, number and order of the sockets and some Sublimations will be more demanded than others (Ruin for example).

Other point is that Legendary and Sourvenir items will be a gamble, one that not many people will want to take. If your item gets indentified with 1 socket the price will be reduced a lot, personally I wouldn't risk to spend millions of kamas buying them just for a single roll, I'd rather start from 0 and raise from there with everything in place and kamas intact. Many players are considering to sell their stuff already and save the kamas.


Not a bad update, I'm excited to see how it develops. The possiblities are many but without the right modifications it can be very easily exploitable. This system must be implemented along with a Passive Skills adjustment for many classes.

The Roll system as it is right now won't work, not because we want to have it easy, but because it really is annoying. I really wouldn't mind it if the game had more players to play with (which also means more people to group up and more items at the market), but it isn't the case making us very dependable of others and easily getting stucked.

I really encourage you (Ankama, Siu, staff) to continue improving the system, it promises a lot and is something that the game needed: personalization. 
3 -3
Score : 658

So as a returning player here's my thoughts:
1).Overall this new system is a blessing for new players. Whites/Greens/Oranges will sell for a lot more and players sitting on wealth will redistribute it back into the games economy instead of it floating from one 200 player to the next 200 player. It also adds a uniform magic shard that is shared between level brackets so players at lower brackets can buy from players at higher level brackets where shards are gathered easier.
2). In terms of current strength VS. alpha strength characters will on average be stronger at the get go.
3). Build diversity. You might drop a bad gear piece but it could have 3-4 sockets making it better than your current best in slot piece. Depending on how easy sublimations are to get, dropping a 3+ Socket item would freshen up your playstyle.
4). Easier to clear content and therefore catch up in level.
5). Easier to fill in resistance gaps.

1). Having 1 socket on defensive items.
2). Having the wrong colour sockets on defensive items.
To match current levels of resistance from runing you need 100 resistance from 4 different elemental resistance runes. So you need 2R/4B/2G sockets on double bonus and 1R/2B/1G on no bonus to get 100 general resistance. You'll need 2R on Boots/BP, 2B on Cloak/BP, 2B on Epaul/BP and 2G on Cloak/BP and then 1R/2B/1G on any other piece.
3). PvP would be more RNG based because of sublimations.

1). In terms of the number of sockets I think two things should happen:
They should remove the possibility of getting 4 sockets
They increase the chance of getting 2 sockets while lowering the chance of getting 1 and 3 so there's less RNG involved.
2). I think increasing the chance of certain colour sockets on certain gear pieces would reduce frustrations. IE Boots have a higher chance of gettings Reds, Cloak and Epaul having higher chance of having Blues and Breastplates having a higher chance of having Greens. As this system is still in alpha I don't know if this is already in place. 
3). A token that unidentifies gear with the amount of tokens going up with each try. This gives people with poor RNG bad luck protection while not being abusable. Possible places the token could drop: Month Learderboards Reward/Boss Smasher Achievement/Weekly PvP Cache/Boss Hunt Weekly/Modulox Weekly.
4). Another option would be using the token from 3). as a free reroll of your choice only from Number of Sockets and Socket Colours. Since the Number of Sockets and Socket Colours are the only negative RNG factor. Being able to reroll Order without a cost would make players a bit too strong with sublimations. With this option I'd recommend following recommendation 1). as 4 sockets would be too strong with a method of easier rerolling.
5). Increase the amount of resistance from runes by 50%-100%, so instead of 20 have it as 30-40 AND/OR
6) And then put in diminishing returns that factors in your lowest Elemental Resistance. For example if your highest resistance (Fire)  is 70% but your lowest resistance (Air) is 60%, make it harder for players to increase Fire% while their lowest resistance of 5-7% or more away.

4 -2
Score : 160

Seeing the new enchanment thing was both a deception and a surprise, I saw good things and bad things about it, and so, I will start with the good things:

1. The fact that now one specific equipment can have all kind of runes instead of just bein dedicated to one color is amazing cause it brings more variety to the game, now two characters with the same gear and full enchantments can have different stats.

2. There is no 2.

Now, the bad things:

1. The RNG, this system as many have said it, is going to destroy wakfu and make everyone leave at one point, it would be better if it worked different for colors and order, at least leave that to customization, and only the numbers of rune would work by the laws of RNG

2. Going back to the RNG, especially with the numbers of rune, it is not fair that, when you want to change the numbers of runes you get the same number but just with different colors, Let say I have my sarcophacape Wit runes B-R And then i finally get my second cape to change the number just to get runes G-B. As a suggestion you can make it work by making that everytime you want to change the number of runes it will make just one slot more, 'cause it doesn't seem fair that to 3 runes i go back to 1. 
So, for example, I loot the helmet I need, I identify it, and I get 2 slots, so after i get the second helmet, it will upgrade to 3 slots, and then to 4 slots with another helmet and that's it, and to make it more complicate, because I know wakfu likes to do things the complicate way, the upgrade besides the second helmet will ask for more powder depending on the number of slots you have.

3. Breeze, What the F**k is going on with breeze, more like hurricane tortilla, 20% of Damage inflicted but it seems like 200% that should get a revision, it most certainly be bugged

4. Fan shield, being a shield is ok that it does not have the runes slots, but you can't put a relic sublimation either, is that how is going to be or is that a mistake. (I also saw what you did there taking away 10 elemental resistance from the shield)

5. The sublimations, i think they are bugged, I like the concept, not gonna lie, but when I used it, I put three ambush sublimations and I was supposed to have 15% DI melee, but on the screen corner it says I only have 5%, same with healing, and those are just the sublimations I was using, I don't know about the rest of them.

I think that one of the principal problems is the low drop rate of gear, if it would be easier to drop things, everything wouldn't be as bad as it already is. Because 2% of drop rate for a White equipment in Zinit 200 is extremely low, gear should be easier to loot.

White 75%
Green 50%
Orange 15%
Yellow 1%
Epic 0.5%
Relic 0.1% 

This is how drop should work, this way, things would be simplier, but as I said Ankama likes to complicate things. If the goal of this enchantment thing is to decrease the prices of everything you should work on drop rate too.

I believe there are more things to say but for now that's all you'll read from me, maybe with more testing more things would be found.

Pd: Being this an Alpha, I hope ankama do the right things and make happy the community by giving what is asked if it's possible. I hope they won't be just taking this to the original servers and saying "Is all we could do 'cause if we were to do what you ask it will take time" Realize The community don't have a problem in witing 5 months or more if the content will be perfect, because if you take more than 5 months we are expecting perfection.
Remember, the players is what keep alive the game, if you don't give what is asked, players will leave and the game will be forgotten

2 0
Score : 2290

Heals are bugged.

I have 2.5k Elemental Mastery, 2.1k healing mastery and 55% final heals and Healing Word just heals 1.3k...

It happens regardless of the build, I also tried with a single-target damage one and changing class to Sadida but happened the same, low heals.

2 0
Score : 34

I spent some time playing on the beta server. I can say this does interest me in a lot of ways. Fights won last for over 30 to 45 minutes anymore, this pleases me for then anything. After some time playing with sockets and the like. I realized there is so much customization with gear now. The one thing that worries me is this.

As it stands you will have to hoard massive amounts of items to get the sockets you truly want. The RNG on the sockets seems to be too high. I would suggest this but it;s not likely to happen. With how you get/add sockets I would say just like how you can improve a four slot with %s. Such as this. If you have a two slot item have a chance to get another slot with addition using another two slot item. With a small chance to fail and lose a shot. And a small chance to gain a slot. The way the system is not it makes the wakfu population look like fools who don't know how to improve items. Makes it seem like we are duct taping two things together and hoping for the best.When we have professions and can create items from other things without a problem.

This is the only thing I can see that is wrong with the current state of this new system in my opinion. Other then that only way this system will survive in the current state is drops % will have to increase some but not a lot. End game content that is.  As for the lower end content I hope this system improves it as well.

0 -1
Score : 551

How about adding other ways to reroll the equip ?

ex 1
Equipment exp system:
When you kill a mob which is  +-15 lv around your equip, that equip gain 1 exp, and when it gets each 100 exp, it can have a chance to get a free reroll. Reroll-chances are stackable.

ex 2
Reroll item:
Collect certain resource to create reroll item recipe.

2 0
Score : 2352

The main point of this update is that players destroy more resources and items so that the markets flood of items change right?

Allow an

Item to reroll with same item of different rarity.
That means we can use orange and green gear to reroll our white gear. I think it is reasonable since mobs will drop all types of differenty rarity items and it will be annoying to just try and stack white ones. The rest would be practicly wasted.

Additionally it is helpful for transitioning from current rune system to new system because we don't have to remake all our legendary gear. We can reroll the enchantments with dropped orange and yellow gear (for rare items that only have these 2 options and UB gear)
This could potentially stop a little bit of the rage everyone feels right now

Inorder to keep the value of high rarity items (legendary)  they can grant different amounts of rerolls.

For example
white 1
orange 5
legendary 10

This would reward ppl who run s21+ and would be a good use for legendary items.

Because in the current state of the alpha it's just best to powerfarm in HW pen and drop white stuff.  I am sure you don't want this to happen.

5 -1
Score : 117

These are my suggestions after testing the alpha:

  • Remove any trace of randomness from the equation and let the players progress, this is not a roguelike. That will make things fair and way less frustrating. There are tons of options to replace the RNG system present in the rerolls:
    • Example a) Consumables that can be crafted/dropeed and let us increase the number of sockets and consumables that let us choose the color of a socket / multiple sockets (smithmagic hammers?). Those consumables could be really difficult to craft/drop if you prefer it that way.
    • Example b) If you really insist with the item breaking nonsense, let us use any rarity of any item in the same level-range to warantee an increase in sockets, making lower rarities give an inferior boost (half-a-socket? a quarter of a socket? a sixteenth part of a socket?).
    • Example c) Something similar to the runes system: make each number of sockets fixed, item rarity/level dependant.
    • Example d) What Shemee mentioned before is an excellent idea. Some kind of experience system for equipment. The more you use it / the strongest enemies you kill = more XP. Certain number of XP can be traded for socket increases / color changes.
    • Example e) An NPC that is able to increase our sockets or change the colors if we do certain quests or give some kind of resource in exchange.
    • Example f) Any mix of those, or whatever you want, but again, remove any trace of randomness.
  • Add more balance to the socket bonuses. The resistances are laughable compared with what we had before, and damage bonuses are way higher in comparison. Glass cannons everywhere. Resistances are too important to nerf them like this. If you want to give us more power, do it correctly and in a balanced way.
  • Make every item already in game retain its runes. Let us be able to do the transition, but turning their already present rune bonuses into equivalent new system bonuses (instead of resetting them). Berserk = berserk, ST = ST, Ele res. = Ele. res. Give us the option to keep boosting them if they aren't at full power after the transition.
  • Reconsider your already planned nerfs, present in the French forums patchnotes. I'm not going to detail them, but you've not even released the beta and you're already planning nerfs to compensate the "supposed" power increase? See how good the new system works, and then nerf as needed, that's what the alpha/beta is for.

I and many, many friends will stop playing if you insist updating the game as is, that's for sure. The forums are full of upset users, and even a fool can notice that your changes aren't being correctly implemented. The new system is great, the implementation sucks to the point to insult the playerbase.

Att., someones alt account.

Ricardoflip|2019-05-16 17:24:08
Could you post a link to the french patch notes?

Sure, here you have: link

Worth mentioning:
- Goodbye to "a bit of elemental mastery..." quests and their bonuses.
- Critical chance restrictions in equipment.
5 0
Score : 871[left]The Forgemagia system is replaced by a new enchantment system.

The equipment has locations (called " Sockets") that can accommodate additional effects (enchantments).
The pods have a shape that determines the type of effect they can accommodate.

You will be able to break equipment to get magic chips that are needed to add (and evolve) the effects placed in the shawks.

Combinations of pod shapes can unlock additional effects called sublimations.

A devBlog article on this topic is available: here.

Alpha version : an enchantment workshop is available in the Ecaflipus area.

Attention : the enchantment system is offered in alpha version, all the changes presented in the devBlog article are not yet present.
For example, the conversion of runes, powders, Metamorfos, fabulous runes, Metamorfrag and Forgemagy hammers is not yet active. The recycling system is completely redone, it is now accessible from the inventory of the characters, it allows to recycle very quickly any object to free space in the inventory while generating value.

The recycled equipment will generate magical bursts necessary to add and advance the enchantment effects (present in the shawks).
All other recycled objects (resources, etc.) will generate necessary powders in many of the game's recipes (to increase the rarity of some equipment for example).
Magic shards can themselves be recycled into powders.

The quantities of magic chips and powders obtained depend on the level and the rarity of the object.
During recycling, the quantities of magic chips or powders obtained are previewed when hovering over each object.

Recycling unidentified equipment makes it possible to obtain 20% more magic chips.The world is getting more alive! Many elements of scenery become animated: grass, water, flowers, etc.
  • All chromaticity effects are replaced by light effects.
  • Many descriptions of effects and reports on care and damage are improved.
  • The visibility of the floating values displayed above the characters in combat is improved.
  • Armor gains and losses during battles are now displayed in floating value above the characters.
  • The elemental mastery bonus (+ 40% to 100%) given by the quests "a bit of elemental mastery..." available from level 40 to 120 is withdrawn. It had been put in place to compensate for the loss of mastery during the withdrawal of spell levels (which brought mastery into their element according to their level) and no longer has to be today.
  • The scalded state changes operation and now increases all indirect damage. The increase value is reduced (from 40% to 30%). Indirect damages are damage inflicted by an entity out of the game.
  • The elementary gains of Max PV of the blocks are now increased by the single-target and melee masteries.
  • The spell Cador no longer causes a Visual copy of the Chienchien if the latter throws the spell on a target possessing prey.
  • The passive art Canin properly immunizes the Ouginak with PM withdrawals from canine glyph.
  • Bombs can no longer be killed by external effects that are played during the detonation phase (example: an effect of damage around a monster to his death destroys bombs that were to explode).
  • The spell Coeur de Feu no longer plays its animation twice.
  • The Rafale combo no longer allows you to give PA twice to the same target.
  • The advanced geology liability only changes the scope of excavation from level 2.
  • The common spells mastery of weapons, mass charm and bone marrow have a cost in PM under Phorzerker.
  • The animation of the spell is no longer played in a loop in view of the back.
  • The Zobal recovers its good static animation in combat after a move.
  • The spell of the cracker can no longer be launched on the Osamodas if it is not in Draconic form.
  • Krosmoglob
  • The healing effects of the Pulsion spell now have a cross-effect area of size 1 (rather than a treatment with 1 bounce up to 3 inches).
  • The effect of alternating gravity in case of higher air control is no longer to add a second line of damage, but to increase the damage achieved by the trigger effect.
  • Euphourbe
  • [*] The fury toxin spell is used to steal a quantity of armor from the target (Allied or enemy), instead of its previous effects
    Level 1: -2 armor and fly 150% level 200:-400 armor and fly 150%
  • Dungeon Roublards:
  • Characters can no longer move anywhere in the battle bubble against the boss.
  • Reduced damage bases on certain Remington Smisse spells. This change is for the spells fierce, coup du Roublard and you do not look good.
  • The Roublard Tiste does not return to life abnormally when he dies under the influence of the mark Itsade.
  • Hooded Dungeon:
  • The hooded Mages can no longer double their gain of will due to the State of bonus stasis.
  • Hooded assassins can inflict damage to ordinary invocations insensitive to localized damage.
  • Dark Abraknydes Dungeon:
  • The PV of the soft oak is doubled. The armor generated each round remains the same, compared to before. This modification on the mechanics of the boss makes it less punitive.
  • Added mechanical information in the States of the family monsters (they undergo 50% more damage when they no longer have armor).
  • Dungeons of the whispering realm: the four dungeons of the whispering realm are altered in their operation.
  • [*] Global mechanics: to accomplish a Dungeon inevitably gives a haiku loot to the characters who defeated the boss. As long as a character owns the haiku corresponding to a Dungeon, he cannot return to the Dungeon again.
    It is always necessary to possess the three haikus to go into the Chuchobase. The three haikus are removed from the inventory of the character to the victory against master whisper.
    A new weekly quest, available upon arrival on the island, asks to defeat master whisper and gives a great amount of experience. [*] Chuchantier: Sergeant Porte-Etendard has characteristics closer to a boss of his level (about-20% compared to a classic boss).
    Killing Sergeant Porte-Etendard instantly eliminates all sleeping crackers.
  • Chuchamps de TIR: the Lieutenant Craqueboule whispered has characteristics closer to a boss of his level (about-20% compared to a classic boss).
  • Whisper: the General whispered cracker has characteristics closer to those of a boss of his level (they are increased, but remain below about-20% compared to those of a classic boss).
  • Added loot emblems to the bosses.
  • Scaraboss: the aerial barrage condition no longer reduces melee damage in addition to damage distance.
  • Kanniboul ette: the elimination State works as described in the report.
  • Deperlouzage in good standing: the exploit is valid correctly.
  • A place under the sea-Nekark: correction on the animation of characters possessing a Harpoon.
  • Spores? : Ogrest appears correctly at the end of the corridor when the quest is performed as a group.
  • The character card of the companions correctly takes into account the characteristics given by the equipments.
  • The shields and daggers of epic or relic rarities see their characteristics reduced by 10% of their total weight. This modification is intended not to make these objects too powerful, compared to epic and relic objects including shawks.
  • Special quests relics:
  • The anger relic of Ogrest can be obtained in loot on Ogrest, for the characters who completed the quest and scored a score of 5 million damage.
  • The Dofus prismatic relic can be again obtained in loot on Nogord, for the characters who have completed the quest.
  • The shadow belt relic can be obtained as loot on shading, for the characters who have completed the quest.
  • The relic liner of Otomaï can be made from a plan given to the characters who completed the quest. The characteristics of the relic change to make it more offensive.
  • The Kel'Dwa relic can be obtained from the Phorreur croupier against the imperfect Kel'Dwa for the characters who completed the quest. It can also be obtained in loot on Fripon.
  • The Kel'Dwa imperfect relic can be obtained from the Smare croupier against the weakened Kel'Dwa for the characters who completed the quest. It can also be obtained in loot on Smarillion.
  • The Otomaï disciple's armor relic can be made from a plan given to the characters who completed the quest.
  • The eternal sword reduces or increases the damage of 800, instead of 400 previously.
  • Investment Science: increase in Malus to-200 resistance back.
  • Inflexible: reduced bonus to 15% damage inflicted.
  • Excess: is no longer consumed by launching a velocity bonus.
  • Objects bearing a critical strike Malus in their features now have the equipment condition "% critical strike >-10".
  • Enutrosor breastplate: can be improved from common rarity to rare.
  • Javého amulet: can be worn by all classes.
  • The high flank mercenary counter (Kali minions area) is available for characters at the zone level.
  • The Phorzerker no longer invalidates the manic combat challenge.
1 0
Score : 427

So I want to propose a small change to the Alpha proposed system, that should make the transition more smooth, logic and safe (for both players and developers/game designers).

Reroll by sacrificing the same item but of at most same rarity (instead of exactly same rarity as it is in the Alpha proposed system):

Unusual: unusual version of the same item.
Rare: rare or unusual version of the same item.
Mythical: mythical, rare or unusual version of the same item.
Legendary: legendary, mythical, rare or unusual version of the same item.
Souvenir: souvenir, legendary, mythical, rare or unusual version of the same item.
Relic/Epic: epic/relic (? - open for suggestions, or the same way we don't know now how they'll be handled, as there is no information on that yet).

In the Alpha proposed system the best way to go fully optimized items is:

  1. Get unusual item.
  2. Keep rerolling using unusual items for 4 slots.
  3. Keep rerolling using unusual items for 4 best colors.
  4. Keep rerolling using unusual items for the best order (for sublimations).
  5. Upgrade to desired rarity: typically legendary or souvenir.

The most problematic is (paradoxically) the point "1. Get unusual item". Why? Because it makes really strange inversion of items' rarity value. Suddenly the unusual items are the best of them all (better than rare/mythical/legendary/souvenir) solely because you are able to optimize them in a realistic way. It has really major negative effect on many aspects of the game: 
  • Should drop rates still be lower for higher rarity items?
  • Should the cost of items from PVP machines still be higher for higher rarity items? (I don't mean pvp-set items which will not have rune slots, but e.g. items like Krds)
  • Should lower rarities be added for items that don't have them?
  • etc. etc. etc.

How many of those will be left "as is" without careful planning or investigation (potentially on per-item basis)?

After applying this suggestion to the system the best way to go fully optimized items is:
  1. Get unusual item or keep the one you already have.
  2. Keep rerolling using unusual items for 4 slots.
  3. Keep rerolling using unusual items for 4 best colors.
  4. Keep rerolling using unusual items for the best order (for sublimations).
  5. Upgrade to desired rarity: typically legendary or souvenir only if necessary.

So what are the benefits of this system in comparison to the Alpha proposed one?

Here are (some of) the advantages (feel free to expand this list):
  • Players that already have gear in place can keep it and can try to improve it if they wish so - in the Alpha proposed system if they don't succeed at the very first try (highly unlikely) they won't be able to reasonably upgrade it (cost is way too high).
  • The cost, probability, amount of time for optimizing both old and newly dropped gear is exactly the same (apart from the cost of increasing the rarity itself which players who own already items of higher rarity already paid) - in the Alpha proposed system the cost of updating old items is way higher than the newly dropped ones of lower rarity.
  • The rarity of items will still be logical: the legendary items will be better than mythical ones, mythical will be better than rares, and rare will be better than unusual (when they have exactly same slots/colors/combinations). There won't be any need to rethink or readjust drop rates, costs in PVP tokens or anything at all. Plain and simple.
  • Thanks to the part "at most same rarity" during rerolling it will be impossible to make mistake, e.g. reroll rare item by sacrificing souvenir, legendary or mythical item (because it should be always better to do the opposite).
  • More fluent market
    • The old players with old gear will actually have a reason to buy items of lower rarity.
    • The trade of items will be realistic - in the Alpha proposed system if someone drops legendary items with 3 slots (but for example 0 double buff slots), and another one with 3 slots (but with all 3 double buff slots), then he'll have one totally useless item. Then he would want to sell it, but of course no one will really want to buy it, since they won't be able to optimize it further (in a realistic way). That way majority of current items and the newly dropped ones as well (apart from the lowest rarities) will be dead weight with no way to be sold. Another factor will of course be sublimations (so the order of colors) which will prevent any trade on the market even further. With this proposition every item will be viable, and in a logical way. That means people will actually want to buy legendary items/souvenirs, so they can start their optimization from there, e.g. reroll order to the one they want. It will also encourage trade of items more: one player might want legendary item with given colors and will just want to reroll order, while another player would like to do the same with his item. That way they can exchange and both only reroll the thing they want, meaning less dead items in game.
  • The souvenirs will be handled automatically without any need to think for exceptions. They can be optimized exactly the same way as any other items in the proposed system (as they are all crafted from items of lower rarity), e.g. Zinit Hat (souvenir) -> reroll using legendary or mythical Zinit Hat, Czarina (souvenir) -> reroll using mythical Tsarina.
3 -2
Score : 142

Not only the RNG guys; the whole system will kill the game. Of course not some days after the update, but a year from it many people (if any remains...) will have things almost full. Guess what that means? Unbalanced game at it most. If having a full equipment of the lvl makes you totally op now (just look at 200s equipment...) just imagine after this update. It will make no sense, pvps will be won by whoever starts first. Pvm will not have strategy anymore. Just kill fast. Its boring.
I already tested the beta and made my ecaflip have about 600 resistances (like 71-72%) and with some skills even 80%. With of course critical hits and about 5000 total damage. It’s insane and unnecessary.
But guess what? I got deleted every. Time I didn’t start first. Of course, if I did I would kill my opponent before they played.
Its terrible, you’re killing your own game.
Rankings will be for whoever finishes a dungeon first every month, and of course forget to enjoy battlefields anymore(even though these werent even that enjoyable)
This update is a bad idea at its most. Nobody asked for this. And not only this stupid system, but you will also remove or nerf SO many things that were OKAY. It’s so unfair. I will not start all over again. If you make all my equipment be garbage, then I’m leaving. You dont even understand how much time, stress and effort it takes to progress in your game actually, and you will make it even harder now, destroying everyone progress.

7 0
Score : 161

Remove the stat initiative from the game.Its the only way to make sure people don't go for high initiative one turn kill builds,these builds kills the strategy part of the game during fights. Make it random toss on who goes first in every fight, at least during pvp fights.

0 -2
Score : 142

I believe that wouldn’t even change the fact that whoever starts first wins. Initiative is very important for PvM strategies and supreme bosses for every 200 dungeon. It’s a secure death if you mess up the initiatives.
If they remove it, it will be the strawberry to the shitcake.

2 0
Score : 22

I miss RNG so keep it in. Items already are too boring with fixed stats. 

0 -12
Score : 234

tested in alpha and found 3 problems:

1 To balance the current smithmagic system and the new enchantment (transition)
2 To balance equip system and the new enchantment
3 To balance RNG and the long-term goal

For 1, Ankama has already left the current smithmagic system until players try to identify equips by themselves. It seems that Ankama finally realized u would be weaker when the updates come, especially u have a well designed build now. This problem has been solved for now I think.

For 2, since u must use the same quality one to reroll a equip, the higher quality(more rare) equip it is, the more useless it is. Because it is hard to drop/make high quality equips, the identified legendary equips would be trash. That means the more work u pay in the past, the more loss u would suffer in the new enchantment system. it is unfair and most high quality and rare equips would be a waste. Update should be a update based on the past, not resetting all efforts to noting.

For 3,  the current probability to get what u want is too small (3 slots at least, right colors and right orders), thus u need a huge time cost. Most players would benefit little from the new system in several years. it is not suitable for a game like Wakfu, which has little population and low drop rate considering the long-time battle. 

Also the value provided by slots is as high as equip itself. So basicly quantity is much more important than quality. u loss some from equip itself but u get much more from slots, if only u have enough equips to enchant. it will lead to a result that more ppl tend to do easy dungeon at low stasis which they can get low quality equips quickly, while less ppl will do hard dungeon although the dropped equip itself is more powerful . Actually lots of game content will be abandoned by players. it is not consistent with the last 1.63 update, which encourages players to do higher level dungeon even in normal mode.

One suggestion for 2 and 3:
The limitation of the same quality equips rule when enchanting should be broken down.

For slot numbers, different quality equips should have different lower bounds. For example, common and rare ones' slots number ranges from 0 to 4, mythical ranges from 1 to 4,  legendary ranges from 2 to 4, and epic/relic ranges from 3 to 4. When u want to reroll slot numbers, the lower bound should be the max one between the original equip and the sacrificed one.

For colors and orders, players should preserve some slots' color and position based on the quality of the sacrificed equip.  For example, if u sacrifice a common/rare equip, u can preserve noting, which means colors and orders are all random.  a sacrificed mythical equip can preserve 1 slot at most. a sacrificed legendary equip can preserve 2 slots at most, and epic/relic can preserve 3 slots at most.

That would balance the RNG and the long-term goal, and make the current equip quality system(common/rare/mythical/legendary and epic/relic) still works.  


1 0
Score : 1203

I don't need or want to say my gripes with the whole "RNG" thing of this. Just gonna talk about sublimations.

Outside of the 2 that don't work (Breeze and Light Weapon), Critical Hit Expert is unpowered. Make it a simple "% of max hp" instead of "missing % of hp". Missing % of HP barely gives anything back even at 2 stacks. You should really change all effects that have "missing % of hp" to just "% of max hp" and cap it at 10% or 15%. On the same note there's no sublimation that gives life steal in general. Could easily change the "30% to health steal effects" to a plain "30% health steal".
Life steal is very rare and in most cases its either easy to get and low, or hard to get and very expensive (ap/wp cost). Or just take it out entirely and replace it with another one.

Topology is also in the same boat. Replace it with "50% of your dodge is converted to armor at the start/end of your turn". Even 100% would be fine because the way people are stating right now, the average dodge is less than 600.  It's really an undervalued stat for most classes and this would make it more appealing. Yes, you can get a high armor of amount "for free" but they would be sacrificing other stats for it. 


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Score : 5300

You now get 5 rerolls per sacrificed item and cannot get less slots in a reroll.
But now you reset the item if you upgrade it to a higher rarity.

1 -2
Score : 12618

Oh man, so first it was "get white items, roll their sockets, upgrade", and now it would be "get white items, upgrade them all, and re-roll"? Or are the charges kept on the item when upgrading?

A good thing that the extra charges rolls are consumed and the sockets can't be reduced, however.

1 0
Score : 871

I'm disappointed about the "reset the item if you upgrade it to a higher rarity".

3 0
Score : 943

Agreed. I'm not sure how they think people will invest time into Mythical gear (since Yellow slot'd is unreasonable for the average player) and then never be able to go to yellow, since it will destroy all of their previous work. The time gap between a well gear'd mythical and a well gear'd yellow piece of gear has been exploded. It's too big of a gap. 

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