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[1.64 Feedback] Enchantment System

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - May 14, 2019, 07:02:51

Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

First Ankama intervention

Replying to Mirobiro

Hello Mirobiro,

We are not ignoring you, we appreciate all the constructive feedback shared and we've taken note of them. This new system is still in alpha testing so basically it is still in the lab.


See message in context
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1. [Lack of motivation] We have to rebuild our all build again, Why?
The main problem of this update is Lack of motivation. The amount of motivation you will have after this update is far less then The amount of time and effort will be needed. You can already reach s50 of almost dungeons with current meta. what's the point of this massive RNG grinding? to reach s50..easier? i know you guys add panda island also but It's too small motivation to rebuild our all 200 and ALS build. and rebuilding seems way harder then before. people give up when they feel their goal is too far away from them. AND~~~AND YEA! The goal is what we already have reached! 

2. [Direct-way-devaluation] Difference between kicking pre-built lego and giving new lego set. 
You guys said that all pre-existing gears would be 'unidentified' status after update. Im pretty sure This is very critical new for every royal player of this game. Because 'Unidentified' Legendary item means Trash. even if you are lucky to get 3 or 4 slot, if you draw wrong color, it's trash. because re-rolling using same legendary item is not considerable option. I knows you will say 'new 2slot item is better then current item in terms of dmg etc', it's not matter of damage. But matter of build. Random color means death of every completed build especially brutality, zerk. so you have to rebuild them all again. but for what? 

compared with nerf of moon gear. enchantment update is far worse. because you guys didn't make moon gear unusable, just added new gears. also moon gears can be used for moon ALS. But pre-existing legendary gear is total trash. 

3. [RNG re-rolling is not suitable system for wakfu] were you guys playing diablo3 or division 2?
RNG Re rolling is common system for diablo3 or division, boarderland...etc. but in wakfu, with same rarity as one tiket? those games i mentioned above have very fast loot table. like, when you get boss or elite monster, legendary items always be droped in most case. But in have to spend a lot more time to get legendary item. souvenir, relic, epic. 


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You get enough feedback on the main topic.
Just abandon your ideas about new system.

Better try to improve old one.

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We need to know what are the probability of getting certain color.
For example the probability of getting RGBW is different of getting BBBB.

How can we reroll old items?

I think you should reduce the maximum mastery from 40 to 25/30. It is better to start low and increase over time if values are too low.

Please consider the possibility of not using the same item for a reroll. Instead, we could use a item of same/bigger level. This could solve many of the problems associated with unique items.

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The re-roll cost is too high and penalizing for Yellow items.

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Well, something i saw in almost every forum and every social group outside of the forum. People may calm down a little if there is a way to re-roll without using another piece of equipment (like a relic or legendary). Dunno, maybe keep the hammers?

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Score : 89

Coming at this with fresh eyes, my highest level is a 148 sram and my largest experience with the current rune system is have 4 elemental mastery in a red slot. I really like all the changes proposed as long as we don't have to munch an item to re-roll the other item. The newer system is easier to follow for me personally, and seems more accessible. When will the beta open to test these changes?

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There's good potential in the theoretic concept for this update - but it still needs a lot of ironing without all of this greatly upsetting basically the entire playerbase! Let's pull up some problems:

Improved equipment value and diversity
I keep seeing a focus on the fact that you guys want to up the relevance of lower grade gear, and effectively making it harder to actually support higher quality gear. The first thought that comes to mind with this is... why?!
The reason why I never equip white or green gear is simple - the stat differences between quality are way too big. I'm already having a hard time with certain dungeons with full orange gear at Difficulty 1 because of this game's poor balancing (Take the Blob dungeon for instance).

This whole change almost feels like someone got angry at the fact that no one actually uses lower quality gear, and then tried to force incentive by making those more attractive while at the same time making higher quality gear less attractive. Its so incredibly backwards - Just boost the stats on lower quality gear a bit so that the differences are less severe if you want people to use Whites and Greens for anything other than runic powder.

Enchantment possible for every level
While nice in theory, the game's droprate is already too low to make sense on basically all level ranges before level 120. Make a new account, roll up a character and simply experience the game without any XP boosts, and you'll quickly notice you will usually outlevel the armour-set you're still actually trying to collect.
No casual player will ever consider trying to acquire duplicates to boost their already hyper-expendable gear until the later levels, meaning this system will only benefit from bored end-gamers going back to those level ranges for High Stasis experiences.

Overall Functioning of the in-game Economy/Cleaning up of economy
This would definitely 'clean up' the economy, as people will suddenly hoard duplicates of good gear instead of selling them, whereas there's even less reason now to sell unwanted stuff (People will favour just crushing things fast instead of going through that effort).
Quality gear might end up on the marketplace, and there will obviously be higher demand sure, but less supply - causing inflation once again.

Random Slots, Random Colours, Random Random Random
Everyone else is already pointing out the biggest problems obviously - I already loath the Elemental/Transmutation Stone system, and this is 100 times worse. We're being told we have more diversity and flexibility, yet in reality this diversity and flexibility is a D1000 diceroll per attempt to try and control it to your wishes.. at the cost of an arm and a leg.

This whole system needs to be less random, and definitely less of a risky gamble (Being able to LOSE slots is simply way too upsetting!). The cost of gear per reroll is rediculous - if its hardly an incentive for any hardcore player already, its definitely never going to be used by a casual player.

As a closing note: I'd be very careful with how to approach this change affecting people's already existing gear. If people put a lot of effort in getting their current gear all runed up, then seeing all of that work being randomised again by the gods of Ankama... yeah, I wouldn't be surprised that it'd make people quit.

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Score : 165

Is Beta 1.64 online? I can't seem to log in.

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Score : 73

I don't understand why I should spend millions and millions on a full legendary built and then all of a sudden a new update comes and I have to respend millions because of its RNG. All legendary item existing should be 4 slots ans we should be able to chose the colors.

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pigochon|2019-05-14 17:44:46
I don't understand why I should spend millions and millions on a full legendary built and then all of a sudden a new update comes and I have to respend millions because of its RNG. All legendary item existing should be 4 slots ans we should be able to chose the colors.

I completely agree. Where is the logic? I spent so much time and money to build a complete full runed build 200 lvl, and your update deprives me of everything, offering an illusion of power. then I will not pay No thanks. 
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Was finally able to fully rune all my gear and get my epic and relic runes then...this? yeah i don't feel like playing anymore ._.

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Score : -243

Makes no sense ... Where did the 20/20/20 st runes go? I can only see my legendary bubble hat with 1 green slot XD
All fully runed items , became normal items after the new update ... Yikes.

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Upgrading 3 runeslots on one of my gear, all to level 8 runes, costs me 1962 shards.
Crushing white gear (Unidentified) gives 0 to 1 shard. Greens around 5 a pop.

Are you guys insane?!?

You can also wreck resources for them, which seems like a way better bargain - especially those easy to acquire.

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I t would be nice, if relic/epic  runes would fall out of their sockets with the new patch, so you can put them in new gear. Old relics/epics could get really bad, because of not the right colors, slot number or slot order, so people would prefer to hunt a new epic/relic instead of hoping for RNG and destroying better epics/relics.

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First, sorry for nosing in, as I don't test the Beta at all, but...

How will the re-roll thing affect to those "once-per-character" equipment items? This one in mind:

Rerolling its sockets and colors would require to make a new char, leveling it to Moon area, completing that quest to get another one, muling it through sidekicks or heroes to the main character because it's linked, and sacrificing it to re-roll? And then repeat again and again? Isn't there any other way than choosing a replacement or winning the jackpot on the first identifying roll?
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In this thread was such an answer received:

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Dear administration, developers and game designers of the game! Due to the immaculate ideality of updates 1.64 (enchantment system) and the players' complete confidence in the innovations, can you add the ability to pause the booster?

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Score : 2716

Still the same opinion: too much grind. This doesn't feel like a fun game anymore (personal opinion)

Yeah, its a nice concept but at the end if the customer isn't happy, is it really worth it? 

Same story with Rogue and Enu revamps, you are too focused on creating weird and complex mechanics that at the end aren't appealing to the majority of the community and you end up missing what is essential. Just give them what they want (of course not everything), there is a lot of feedback and good ideas to improve the system. 

We love the game and we want to play it. Hear us.

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I'd like to see higher levels of enchantment available to lower level gear. If I'm looking to put a good increase to my gear on a level 125 piece as my level 148 I was hoping to see a larger bonus then 14 melee mastery for the investment. Same with lower levels as well, I know that with each of the runes, it'll add up to alot higher, but I was under the impression it was a static increase of 4 per level not 2 then increasing as you get higher up. Just makes it feel like I can't interact with the good part of the system until I'm way higher, which is a gripe I consistently feel about the game.

If I'm looking to make some leveling gear because I make too many alts I want to be able to invest a bunch into a couple pieces to make the journey easier. I don't have anyone near level 200, and I might never, but I'd like to think that at 140~ I'd be able to invest a bunch into my gear to get a significant outcome. Thoughts? Am I completely off base?

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I'm sorry to say that, I know you guys worked really really hard to make the game better, but this is one of the worst patch in Wakfu history.
I was playing since the beta game (maybe 2010?), but I can't play again and I'll just let expire my sub.
This update is the straw that breaks the camel's back.
I'm really disappointed and demotivated with the direction this game is going. It's not the same game anymore. I'll just quit and move on.
I wish you the best,

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