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[1.63 Feedback] Cosmetic Character Customization

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - March 07, 2019, 09:51:19

Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here.

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First of all, I want to thank you for listening to the players, tiny details can really make a big difference, specially in such a beautiful game as Wakfu.

Now concerning to the topic, I love the increased amount of colors from which we can chose from to customize out characters, there are so much, I'm a bit picky when it comes to customization so I'm glad that now I can chose the right color tone.

As for Hairstyle and "what we expected vs what we got", I am completely dissapointed, not because we only got 5 more hairstyles (10 in total, but you can't really appreciate all of them with 1 character tbh) or the fact that they were generic and not classed based, but because we all know that you guys can do so so so SOOOOO much better than that.

Speaking about the quality of the design, they lack character. As a male character, I don't feel like I'm using something entirely new, they all look kind of the same and Iop-ish to me, I feel like they are all variations of this item. In my opinion,class based style are a better options but if you are going to keep releasing more and more generic hairstyles for all classes equally, then you might as well lift the class restriction of the ones we already have and lets us use whatever we want.

Other problem are the classes that have a "costume" by default such as Srams, Eliotropes, Xelors, Steamer and classes that are animals like Ecaflip, Ouginaks and Pandawas who have to be threated different from the rest.

SramA quick and simple solution for Srams is to remove the cloth that covers the head and the neck so we can see the hair. Lets take Chad for example, our Sram Sidekick who has a nice outfit and visible hair that actually looks good, because he isn't using a pijama that covers his entire body. Srams in Wakfu, as far as I know, aren't skeletons as in the Dofus era, so it is perfectly viable to show their faces or a bit more skin. Just adding hair on top of the default costume looks fake and can't be unseen.

Steamer and Xelor: You can use Steampunk references here, it doesn't have t be hair you can just add ornamets such as cogs and metallic items to their heads. The Xelor can have long bandages simulating hair, but not real hair, otherwise they will just look fake like wigs.

Ecaflip, Ouginak and Pandawa: The animal classes. Here what players want is being able to differenciate from each other not by the hair but for their race (not class, race.). Red Pandas, Ecaflips that resemble a Cheetah with different patterns, Ouginaks with Husky, Fox or even Shiba appearence, etc. They are a different world, they are not humans, they main characteristic is their fur. In my opinion, animals don't look natural with human hair.

Eliotrope: This is the class the most diverse customization options in my opinion. Just because they have a hat doesn't mean they can't have hair. I mean, COME ONE GUYS, remember the game Wakfu Les Gardiens? The NPCs there were so cool, their hats never were an impediment to show off their hair.

This is my feedback, and as closing words I want to say: Don't rush, take your time, the main idea behind the "Expectation for 2019" is that it has to be developed through out the year. We are in the third month of the year, you still got other 9 months to develop this. Players aren't satisfied with the upcoming update in this topic, and the lack of detail is showing really hard.

I love the game, for me you guys are the french Ghibli Studio due to your beautiful art, please show it to us.

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You gotta be f***ing joking, seeing those new hairstyles made me have a very good laugh, but seriously, all those hairstyle are for iops, like the first for the women is literally the one Elely has, who is the IOP daughter of Eva and Pinpan.
When I said I wanted more customization at the-making-of-your-character moment I didn't meant this.

First off, The eliotrop is the same with every hairstyle, and as Bluhen says, you were able to make a great variation in Wakfu Guardians, as a solution, since you're not going to take off his hat, let that be the "hairstyle" that is gonna change.

I agree a lot with Bluhen, her idea of animal variation for the animal class is an awesome idea. The srams, i think is time to let that pijamas behind and make him more of a human/skeleton, as they are supposed to be. Masqueraiders, their masks are not made for those iop's hairstyle (none of the classes). Xelors, their original hairstyles are made with bandages 'cause they are dust, they are suppose to be mummy-like, so do something that goes along with that. Same with the Steamers, A robot with human hair, that's is not normal, not even for this game, nor any other game.

And last but not least, you people should go see this subject on the french forum, there is an image of an hupper that looks just like a sadida, and that an example of the extremely huge lack of variation. Ankama should aim to the body type too with this character customization, so thing like this don't happen, but please, dont make all the body types iop-like and give it to all the classes, it would be funny, but don't, just don't.

Ankama can do way better than this, so I hope that in the end, there is going to be a total of 144 hairstyles (8 for each class)


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Hey don't spread misinformation about xelors, they do have hair, it's usually just hidden under the bandages, just like srams, sacriers and rogues.
Just cause we attack using temporal dust don't go calling us dust.

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New colors are great!
New hairstyles are not really working for now. Same hairstyles for everyone wouldn't be that bad, if not the fact we have xelors and foggers in game (male srams, masqs and rouges also look werid in these...). Most of them look iopish, just like the others said. I can see some other classes use some of them (like the last female one reminds me of enutrof), but that's it. 

Also with new hair, we're stack to faces of 1st variation of sram or masq mask, pandas or ecaflip race, ouginak ears, enutrof beard etc (not to mention that going through 18 ouginak hairstyles is annoying). There should be 3 things to customize body, hair, head. This way we would have more options and easier way to customize our characters.

I personally  would love little extra feature in character creation. Preview of other things that you change while choosing colors (were-ouginak, dragon-osa). It's really annoying when you create character and level it up only to see how ugly its transformation looks. :C

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The hairstyles aren't impressive, half are just an afro with minor variations.
But the most important thing is: add just some hairstyles ISN'T the cosmetic customization that players want.

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The colour changes are great, however I feel the new hairstyles just don't seem very good at all.
Most of them are far too large for the character's head, the style is also a lot softer and lacks detail unlike the orginal styles each class has.
It looks and feels a little rushed and most are just too similar, most of the new male hairstyles are large at the top...and not much else.

for the girls it feels the same way, again they dont seem to fit around the character models too good. 

I would much prefer to see more diverse styles rather than one large mop of a mess ontop of the character's head, for example we have no new long hair.
why not something that covers the character's eyes?
or even pigtails or a low ponytail, there was so many designs in the Ougi contest that you could have taken inspiration from.

I would have much prefered class unique styles; you could have even taken the designs from Dofus. 

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When you transform to dragon osa, you have 2 different colors of hair and it looks like a bug

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I was checking the Feedback thread on the French Forum and I saw an official answer from Ankama about the matter:

In short, it says that they are not able to create 18 class costumes having each 2 different versions (male or female). It is not because they are lazy but because it would take them a lot to do this (more than a year) 

On the bright side, what they are  going to do is allow us to choose the colors for the clothes at will. That means that we would have pink clothes for Iops, Green masks for Xelors and Masqueraiders, etc. Besides this, they are also going to add different elements to personalize Sram's eyes.

In my personal opinion, this doesn't sound bad at all. I mean, yeah we'd loved to have more costumes to choose from when creating our characters, but being able to select the color for them will let us have more control over how we want our character to look. Plus, for those who love to create their own mimisymbic sets, will now be easier to combine your base appearence with them and all the items available in the game.

I think that it would be more productive if we give our feedback/ideas around this instead of keep on suggesting things that they just can't do at the moment. 

Personally, I hope that the color scheme works the same as in Dofus where you can personalize specific parts of the costume (for Iops: 1 color for the cross on the chest, 1 for the cloth and 1 for the metal) and, since srams are going to get some eye features (srams have masks) they should also add some to Xelors and Masq since they share the same accesory.

I think there is still hope for the update happy

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I'm afraid to agree with everyone else here - The new hairstyles (and them being common amongst all classes) is simply not something I was looking for. I understand its the quickest and simplest way to implement new customization content, but it simply 'does not work' in Wakfu given the unique templates and styles that classes have. I mean, we even indeed have quasi-skeletons, robots and mummies amongst our midst.

If new hairstyles do get implemented, it unfortunately needs to be handled per-character. This could be done as an extra over-time, perhaps in conjunction again with community events where players can even aesthetically design them, like was done with the Ouginak.

To summairze: I'd rather there simply not being any extra hairstyles if we can't have them be unique per class. It breaks parts of personality.

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If Ankama creates a tutorial explaining how to create the hair models (program used, file format, etc..), I bet the community would create some files for Ankama to use in less than a month.

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Yes, but they would be in a different artstyle which would look very odd ingame

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cody5|2019-03-21 04:45:20
Yes, but they would be in a different artstyle which would look very odd ingame

Well, that didn't happen when they did the ouginak's hairstyle contest, lots of person did their drawings and look what it got us. So I think that OP idea is not so bad after all.
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The design team didn't just paste it in, they redrew the whole thing before putting it in.
Sure they wouldn't have to come up with hairstyles but it would probably take as much time to run the contest and pick winners as coming with hairstyles themselves.

I do admit our designs would probably be better tho.

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Yeah I have several qualms with the new hairstyles:

1. Why the heck are they locked to a gender? It's not like any of them look particularly feminine or masculine.

2. The male ones all look mostly the same, especially number 2, 4 and 5

3. The new hairstyles got merged with other details certain classes had that were linked to hair:
Foggernaut and Sram: The hair got connected to the color of your accents, so any hair color you choose will also dictate the color of the majority of your body, making them look quite odd
Ecaflip and Pandawa: The old hairstlyes also had fur patterns connected to them, but the new ones just used the default one
Masqueraider and Ouguinak: The masqueraiders hairstyle is linked to the mask pattern they wear, but all the new hairstyles have mask pattern 1 linked with them, same with ouguinaks and their ear shapes
Eliotrope: Not linked, but seriously the new hairstlyes are useless with those sock hats.

So my suggestion is to add a separate option next to clothes and hair options for class details on those classes. 

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