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Score : 1794

Osamoda NERF?

By Fixxr - MEMBER - November 22, 2018, 03:07:08

hello guys from ankama, one question..

is the badgeroxxor from the osamodas getting nerfed again?
why are you changing the conditions on this spell? what other things are getting done and nerfed in the shadows?
..omg ankama really?

then on beta 1.62 the nerf

..please tell me thats not going to pass to the real game.
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Score : 1766

Do Ankama really hire ninjas anywhere???

Score : 422

Ok, ankama want to make player angry and leave game to focus on dofus.This is the only rational reason of this changes. Ill do it

Score : 86

This is similiar to a 30% nerf of power sad

Score : 10499


DzikiBizon|2018-11-22 10:00:41
Ok, ankama want to make player angry and leave game to focus on dofus.This is the only rational reason of this changes. Ill do it

Or maybe they just want to balance osa without osa mains noticing, so they wouldn't complain as much.

Or just maybe they just decided to nerf badgeroxxors.
Score : 1291

You make it sound like Osa's are OP and deserve a nerf. Makes me think you've never actually played osa before. Osa's are pretty weak as it stands and undesired compared to the much stronger distance DD's such as xelors and foggers.

Score : 7860

show tab from beta 200 lvl condition, and 200 lvl dmg
then show tab from live 200 lvl contition, and 200 lvl dmg

Score : 8

Nice, I just have to remove badgerroxxor from my Gobgob next update...

Score : 3533

Classic ankamalaugh

Score : 262

tell me the average DPT of dragosa counting the DPT pets? 450/500+++ without any form of preparation exept summoning t1 and booosting it ; without counting the back eazy to get for himself his team when he transform and for the badge wich counter the natural debuff from transformation.

U ll see that this amount regarding to newz stuff, runes allowing more power and more power all the time do not feat to the need of balance.

Osa will continue to have a huge dpt 

Score : 1680

Yet 6 Osa teams remain the same

Score : 602

Someone should test the Osa's damage before the update comes to the official server, many people complain about it but:

Is the damage really that high after all the nerfs?
How much is the dmg drop between the actual Osa and the one in the beta?

Score : 10499

Wait, why did it have 2 uses per target if it also has 2 per turn????????

Score : 8

Croc and Kokoloss got the same nerf... sad

Score : 7860

oh really? sad news.
For me it's really weird nerfing end game summons when osa dominate als ladder on lower levels. And ppl who run 6xOsa get all the profit.

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