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[1.61 Feedback] Shadofang Items

By [Flatops] - ADMINISTRATOR - August 15, 2018, 06:33:20

Hello everyone,

Please post your general feedback here.

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Score : 808

Here's a quick screenshot of Ombrage's new item and conditions

personally, I love the epp with a range biggrin

Score : 1858

this epic item doesn't really look interesting.
Agony companion give similar mastery without any defecit. If you get such a bit minus it should be more elemental mastery.
also the WP ring and the shovel look pretty weak and unusable compared to the amazing other gear.

Score : 7689

I really like flexible ressit in items, but the problem is, when u try to change them u change mastery as well. So I spend 7 min just to fit my needs with ress and mastery with only one item. Just realize sytuation when u need to change ress before pvp fight bc enemy have main idk air dmg. And u need to spend dozens of transmut to adjust both mastery and ress on items.
Would be nice with option to chose if u wanna change mastery or ressistance.

Score : 1858

items resistance changed with the newest patch. 
just posting here since there was no annoucement to it in the changelog.

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