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[1.60 Feedback] General

By [Zorel] - ADMINISTRATOR - May 22, 2018, 18:33:32

Hello everyone,

Please post your general feedback here.

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Score : 1189
Can I post interface improvement suggestion here?

Is it possible to add a hotkey that toggle hide/show chat window ?
for people with lower resolution, chat window blocked a part of screen
Score : 4060

If I can ask for an UI improvement here, I would like to ask for Ecaflip getting an info spot, which tells the amount of critical hit chance. It is needed because Ecaflip can variate his critical hit chance by 56% (at max.) in a fight and most of the time, it would be a good idea to know, if you reached already 100%, but the character window is a lot too big for that. I could imagine it for example on this spot (maybe you have a good idea for an icon):

Thanks a lot for reading and maybe considering it.
Score : 26

"When the Foggernaut is in Grace mode" fix this
Fogginator spells:
"Activates/Deactivates Transformation into Fogginator(Lvl. 0)" It isn't show real status when transform to Fogginator mode, like how much Stasis damage, resistance and range i gained when transform.

Score : 823

His Zorel,

I just read that you are allowing 9cell bosses to be hit by previously untargetable spells, are you able to tell me which spells? 

Elio incandescent? (The one I care most about)


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