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By Karsh - MEMBER - March 11, 2018, 20:20:46

Hello everyone!!!

clinging to life needed a change bacause was over powered... BUT the nerf is way too much, making it totally useless...  and let me explain why:

1) when you reach 20% life u get a bonus of 2 pa, 20% damage and -1pm, for ONE TURN! 20% damage is way too small for being activated only once in a combat.... and also there is a problem whit that, u can damage yourself while hitting your enemies and reach 20% of your own life in the middle of your turn... "activating" clinging to life in the midle of that turn or even at the end of your turn, if that happends, you dont really get a turn of bonus, you can get "half a turn" of bonus or  even "no bonus" at all... 
CHANGE i recomend: forget about 20% bonus damage... and give 10-15% damage when in berzerk.... 

2) The fixed amount of shield is way too small, it doesnt help much, also there is a lot of clases that bypass armor making that pasive useless, at lvl 200 most of the classes will lower 20% of life and that amount of fixed shield with a single blow...  also the skill give 50 resist everytime you are under 20% of life...
CHANGES i recomend: Forget about the shield and give a greater bonus of resist, about 75 or so, that last for at least one turn and activates everytime your reach 20% again...

3) The changes done to flame return are quite interesting... now flame return heals when you reach 20% of life... BUT having this pasive is too dangerous at 20% of life... in the next turn you will die anyway with only 20% of your life, and there is no doubt of that...
- CHANGE i recomend:  instead of healing when you reach 20% of your life, is that flame return start healing when you reach 50% of your life, like that you can stay in berzerk mode more time, like a REAL berzerk.

The changes i recomend is to make the sacrier more berzerk and try to make him stay in the berzerk mode.... just like it suppose to be... a real berzerker...

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Score : 186

The nerf isn't enough, it still allows Sacrier to be by far the strongest class in PVP and PVE. They also need to nerf how well it combos with Sacrier's other mechanics before it will be balanced.

Score : 221

Face it, cling is overpowered. 20FD and additional 2AP is still more than enough to change the tide of the fight. Often even too much. This mechanic is too abusive, and can be observe from the sudden influx on Sacrier in the PvP scene.. 

Score : 128

Why not just make a separate skill stat in PvP ? I think Ankama is forgetting that some players couldnt care at all of the pvp aspect of the game . Messing up a class just because its suddenly good in Pvp is a terrible idea

Score : 16517

Maybe rebalancing it as a repeatable effect would be fair?

Like, Impending Death is triggered for, and the state lasts for 2 turns.. but you also get something like 5-10 turns of "Scar" which prevents you from getting the "cling" state again.

Score : 145

Isn't 10 a bit too much? most boss fights even higher than st 20 last 14 turns or so. 10 turns cd would mean in practice the same as if the state was once per fight, what's the point? Or was the suggestion aimed at pvp aspect again? Lol, even such a useful (unlike this new cling) spell like masq double has less cd. 

Score : 156

well maybe it should be underpowered because the character overall makes up for it ;o 

Score : 175

hai, according to 1.59 patch about sacrier, i have suggestions for it,
hope these will be making more sinergy in sacrier playstyle.

Changing of Sacrier Heart passive
1. when sacrier activated Daring Heart, daring heart will no longer reduce sacrier resistance, instead of it, daring heart will storing the hit taken by sacrier to add final damage bonus, (at lvl 100 daring heart give 25 final damage done), also store flame return as heal to sacrier when they use fire spell that damage himself, also addition 25% heal received (lifesteal included).

2. when sacrier activated Sanguine Heart, it will give 25 bonus resistance instantly (instead of 50) , Sanguine heart will not longer storing damage taken by sacrier and consume sacrier's armor per turn, instead of it, storing hit taken by sacrier to give bonus resistance (at lvl 100 it will give another 50 resistance to sacrier) and also sacrier get bonus 25% armor when using earth branch skill that add armor to sacrier.

Score : 350
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