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[1.59 Feedback] Sacrier

By Miichaelle - MEMBER - March 09, 2018, 22:18:57

Since there isn't any feedback threads made yet I will make my own. 

First of all these recent changes have made it so the so called "synergies" between the elemental branches are mostly gone. I feel like this kinda have defeated the purpose of the rework that was some months ago. Anyways enough of my rambling.

The changes itself:

Burning blood: This spell DID not need a buff to the amount of armor it consumes, this spell needed a buff to its dmg and it should have been buffed by amounts of mp left or something like that. Another way to fix this spell and make it more usable is by making the armor scorching scaled with single target mastery aswell. OR make it consume 25% of the shields like it does on beta, but instead it deals 200% more dmg of the armor consumed, this is kinda like the enutrofs new life steal which life steals 200% of the dmg done.

Colonnades: A really niche spell and personally I've not used it enough due to the ridiculous AP cost and the low amounts of armor gains. Armor gains as a whole is actually quite low for sacriers, even when at low hp, a Sacrier with 20k hp will build approximately 500 armor with the 3ap spell when at 20% hp. 

Motion sickness: This change is actually quite good and it opens up for different combos, but the base dmg on it needs to be buffed. As of right now its 23 dmg/ap, this is quite low for a spell with 0 - 4 fixed range. Albeit it got the same amount of base dmg on the live server, I felt it prolly should be more in line with the other 2ap spells now which got at least 25 dmg/ap.

Lightspeed: Gonna agree here, since it was a really cheap way to teleport around, but I think moving the motion sickness + lightspeed synergy to a passive is quite interesting. Although I believe the base dmg for the non modified version should get a buff since it got the "once per turn" condition, 23 dmg/ap is not what I call a good/decent spell and especially a WP spell.

Mobility: I think its a nice idea to separate the positioned role out a little bit, this limits sacriers a bit in terms of movement, but it will make for some more defined roles for sacriers. 

Blood pact: The changes to this passive is actually quite interesting, and sets up for easier sacrifice swaps due to it making bloodthirsty fury cost 1ap and doesn't require line of sight.

Clinging to life: While I see that being able to invulnerable for 1 turn is way to strong, this iteration is actually quite interesting or at least for the lvl 200 version. This is because flame return heals and resistance buffs applies at ALL times when the scarier is below 20% hp. The good thing is that we can't die from our own spells anymore. 

I do think the AP and dmg dealt buffs is quite small for a once per fight buff. It should at least give the sacrier the old buffs 3AP and 30% dmg dealt at lvl 200. Or another idea would to reward sacriers that play around 20% hp, give the scarier a permanent boost of 20/30% dmg dealt when at 100 angrr, this does clash a bit with the angrred passive, but the that passive is a gradual increase while this can be a constant one for being at really low hp. The fixed amount of armor also needs some buffing, as of right now its 600% of lvl which means 1.2k armor at lvl 200, I REALLY think it should be higher, 1.2k is not enough at high lvls for both pvp and pve activities. Making it 1000% of lvl would make it more practical for the sacrier and I really do think it should be permanent armor like the rest of sacriers kit.

And a quick side note on the passive is that its probably useless for any sacrier that is below lvl 200, this is due to it actually not having any secondary effects from lvl 100 to 199 adding in the 20% when under 20% hp would make it more useful for lower lvl sacriers.

another idea would be to let the res/healing buff from cling lvl 2 to actually become a REAL buff that lasts for 1 turn whenever the sacrier reaches 20% hp or at least let the resistance buff stay for 1 turn so that the sacrier doesnt accidentally heal themselves out of 20% area making them lose the buff.

Although as a final note, I do hope there will be made some changes to clinging to life, while yes it was really overpowered, now its kinda underpowered to some extent. And I'd wish sacrier could get higher damage on the smasher spell or at least be able to apply incurable, current earth branch is kinda uninteresting its either small amounts of shields or a mediocre amount of shields, adding additional effects like -dodge and incurable would make it more interesting.


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even with clinge geting nerfed(reworked) lets not forget that sacrier still:
1) is only class that has easy access to 18000+ hp
2) and is only class that can get 130 dmg inflicted bonus just from 2 class mechanics (30% dmg deal from 100 Angrrr + 100% dmg from Daring Heart and Flame Return as bonus) 
imo, nerfed clinge is small payment compared to things that sacriers will still remain ( ofc if ankama will not decide to nerf sac even more).

Score : 1510

Both the things you just stated come with enormous costs though
Angrr at 100 means you are at 20% health, and with no cling makes that extremely high risk
Daring heart at max means -200 resistance
Since most sacriers have around 650 res, which is 76%
this puts their res at 450, which is 63%
An iop or a sram can kill you at full hp with that amount of resistance, i think even an ouginak can do that now, even with 18k hp

Score : 1510

Gonna add my thoughts on this too but i'm going to prioritize the new cling.
First off i'll start by saying that this nerf was deserved, Sacrier had almost no skill scaling, with everyone and their mother playing the class.
Now the Class will require some serious thought to actually be good.
But there's a slight issue with the new cling.
I'm not going to reference the above notion because this will be my own thoughts, if myself and they agree with anything it's going to be coincidence.
At 20% hp the average zinit geared sacrier will have around 4.5k health, which of course is incredibly high risk, but this can be a good thing.
There are two main sacrier builds that will utilize this
Tank sacrier, high resistance and Block
Berserk sacrier, high damage % and mastery
Cling now offers some stat boosts which can benefit both variations
2ap, 20% damage dealt, 50 resistance, flame return becomes heals but at the cost of -1mp.

Tank sacrier can make use of the resistance a lot, achieving Feca level resistance while under the 20% limit, not only that but if they build for Fire and Earth they can generate a lot of armor and a lot of heals with flame return, allowing for some good sustain, Tank sacrier will never do a lot of damage but the 20% will surely be appreciated, and the ap allows for wider combo's.

Berserk sacrier Cannot make use of the resistance, if daring heart is maxed out by this time, which it likely will, -200 res and -150 res are simply not a big enough difference to prevent you from behind nuked into the floor, since Iop is capable of one turning anything with below 68% resistance at zinit.
The heals allow for slight sustain but it will often take a full three uses of blood rush to gain back any health lost to the opponents turn, 3 blood rushes are 9ap, healing for about 1000 flame return per use, as i stated prior Berserk sacriers have about 4.5k hp at 20%, a berserk sacrier would be confined to using blood rush on their turn and not anything else.
However the Berserk Sacrier has an advantage that evens this out! they gain 20% damage dealt and 2ap!
But here lies the problem

The 20% damage dealt and +2ap is for one turn
Now im not sure if this was intentional but im going to bring it up regardless, the reason i don't know if it was intentional is because when sacrier is below 20% hp they the flame return to heals buff and the resistance buff are "permanent" in the sense that as long as you stay below 20% hp you will have those buffs.
However, the damage dealt% and 2ap are finite, they will only last a single turn
What's more, if you happen to knock YOURSELF below 20% hp for the buffs, it vanishes that same turn when it ends, making that turn of cling, become half a turn of cling.

What's more is now Sacrier's cling seems much more similar to Eliotrope's rage passive, where if they are under 50% health they gain 1ap and 1mp
I feel that Sacrier should be getting similar treatment when in such a high risk situation, gaining 2ap and 20% damage dealt when under 20% hp for as long as they are under 20%, rewarding players properly for this type of play.

Burning blood needs to restyled, consuming more armor doesn't help it, Maybe make it so the more people you hit the more flame return you generate, or increase the scaling of damage when armor or even mp is consumed, because right now its not worth taking in even situational areas.

Colonnades needs some kind of secondary effect, right now due to its cost in ap and situational capabilities its barely worth bringing due to how small spell decks are, perhaps a stabilization to people hit in the AoE? that would warrant its obnoxious cost in AP and perhaps even a cooldown, it would also fit aesthetically with how the sacriers stomps on the ground, but thats more of a side point and something that would be fun in my opinion.

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Dude, it’s ”A iop” not ”an iop”

Iop is not I / op. It’s like the yogurt. If you need more confirmation watch the anime. It’s like yop, not I-hop.

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Light Speed change is fair as hell and the Motion Sickness change adds some more possible combos.

Cling nerfs seems a bit too extreme though. Yes cling was extremely powerful and sac now has a strong enough toolkit that it doesn't really need a super powerful cling, but it was also kinda iconic so it seems a bit of a shame if the passive becomes weak.

+2 ap, +20% FD, -1mp is a TINY bonus considering it applies only once per fight and needing to be below 20% health for it to proc makes it high risk small reward. Carnage is +15% fd EVERY turn without any HP requirements.
+ 600% of level in armour is too small to make much of a difference. 1200 armour at lvl 200 is unlikely to make much of a difference.
Getting healed instead of hurt by flame return is interesting and makes the passive worth considering, but that effect is only present on the level 200 version so cling is looking like a pretty bad passive right the way up until level 199.

It also feels like sac will have to build as full tank because daring heart will be too risky now without the cling safety net. Which means sacs will probably take about 3 turns to ramp up to dealing good damage, which is uhhh a bit of a problem when most fights are over in 3 turns.

Score : 127

This may offend some people but I personally think changing flame return to healing is an extremely bad idea. Let's be real for a minute here, Nerfing cling is already bad enough and nerfing lightspeed I see fair, but 2 things bother me how underpowered they made cling, and how theyre gonna make flame return go to heal instead of dmg. I don't agree with that go to plan at all. Like cmon, your already killing berserk sacriers with this nerf, soon gonna see sacriers as tanks now.

Score : 192

Aboout clinging to life: 
The ultimate sacrier´s skill will be useless now... 
Is way too risky use it when u hace 20% life left...

I recomend this:
- Flame return start healing when u reach 50% life instead of 20% life left
- Bonus 50 resist everytime u are in berzerk (under 50% life) and not only when u are 20%  life, and last for one turn.
- Permanent 10-15% damage in berzerk (50% life), instead of 20% damage when you are 20% life.

Actually, the changes i recomend are not bad at all, and will make sacriers more berzerkers... trying to stay in berzerk mode, just like it supose to be

Remember that is an skill that get lvl 2 at lvl 200... guys please dont screw up the ultimate passive of a sacrier...
The changes you had made to clinging to life, the way they are right now,  make it totally useless skill... 

I hope you listen this...
Thanks you

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ty for this thread ,i wonder why ankama didn't open first....
btw let's get to this wonderfull changes of the sac, ironic very ironic
i'm guessing that ankama want to nerf sac to prevent him to have a turn with invincibility while he can sacrifice everyone in the team; so if you only want this move it in another way.
even if i have a sac and i'm kinda unfair....i can agree to nerf sac in that way, but in the beta the sac really lost every advantage:
let me explain: i saw someone said :but sac has more than 18k hp and can reach 130%damage
1    yes it has more hp than others but sac has to balance himself with 49%of his hp at max for the bonuses
2    ye sac can reach the top of the daring hearth only if he take hits...lots of hits
if you ankama prevent a damager sac from taking others hits.....since sac has good res at the beginning of the fight nonone will attack him first and bye bye to daring heart and million damages.
so...this new clinging life,as anyone says it's unbalanced,but even if you will bring theese buffs everytime we will reach the 100 angreed....this will be totally pointless for a some reason:
1    at lv 200 a damager melee take 5k hits from a single mob more or less,what do we have to do with 1200 hp of shield?and what do we have to do with 50 res more? at least a damager melee has to survive and a berserk one has to mantein his berserk status
2   if a sac only start to hit in a cc with mobs he will take 2 hits more or less, means 6 of daring hearth from each mobs, means that if we want to have at least a 30 or 40% damage we have to take hits from 6 mobs (2 hits evey mob....kinda unreal) and still stay alive to you really think this can be possible?
so sac won't be invincible anymore for 1 turn and won't reach a good damage
This is the way to screw the sac i don't know why some fanboy still scream about the overpower of the has only 1 huge advantage usable once, take it off and you lose the singolarity of the class,take it off and we will see the rerising of the yop.....yop's brain

Score : 186

This is interesting. It's a shame that Sacrier will still continue to be the strongest class in PVP and PVE though until they fix the broken combinations that Cling allows.

Score : 119

yes dude... i mean we can see you for what you wrote...ty for your advices, precious and constructive advices, and go to be weaping baby somewhere else 

Score : 1510


Gelgy|2018-03-14 07:47:08
Sacrier is only exceptionally strong in PVP because of the Impending Death turn.

It's a strong class but it's not the top DD, top tank or top positioner. After the Insanity + Motion Sickness fix Sacrier isn't even that special as a DD in PVE anymore.

I realize when a class is at the top of a meta there's a bit of a tendency to start viewing every strength they have as broken... but that's simply not the case with Sacrier. For the actual power curve of PVE content Sacrier sits squarely at "fine." For PVP, Sacrier is a tank, and tanks tend to stand out a lot in PVP.

So let it go. Clinging to Life is being absolutely destroyed by these changes. Nerf them too much harder and they'll be a joke class like they were before their revamp.

You're right but stop, all this cold hard truth is gonna make me crysad


Score : 103

bumping this

Score : 1510
Sac feedback, revised:
Leaving another comment on why this new cling will kill damage dealer sacriers.
My first comment missed some good points so hear i go again.
So, im going to talk about what rewards does a sacrier get while at 20% health
First off sacrier will gain 30% damage dealt from the Angrr passive at 20% health
If they have taken the smasher passive, they gain another 15% damage dealt if their opponent has higher Hp in % than them
Carnage is an option of course an option but thats true for everyone, still, thats another 15% damage dealt
60% damage dealt in total for the cost of 3 passive slots.
And then there is Daring heart, even without a passive slot, this will increase you damage dealt by 3% for ever bit of damage you recieve, for a total of 100%
So a sacrier at its max will receive 160% damage dealt, it can technically go higher if you include major points, relic and epic runes, and the such for simplicity we will stop here
And now, what are the risks for this?
3 passive slots on a sacrier is no joke when you sacrifice them for damage.
Most sacriers have 15000 health and at 20% they're at 3000 health
If a sacrier takes Tattooed blood, they reach 19000, making that 20% health 3800
If they want to benefit from the flame return they inflict on themselves with blood rush they bring sacrier's heart, turning the daring heart into a storage of damage they inflict on themself.
And they need the cling passive, for that extra damage.
That is all their passive slots taken up.
At a cost they sacrifice passives like Transcendence, which is their key to efficient wakfu point regen
They lose their versatility to hit well from a distance with the melee mastery conversion
they also lose their efficient lightspeed with the lack of mobility
They lose HP from bloodpact, and the mobility to use bloodthirsty fury to swap places
They lose potential regen from Carrier and that extra range
But even with all this
Daring heart, will remove a total of 200 resistance as it increases, for every 3% it goes up, resistance goes down by 6
Most damage dealer sacriers, have 630 resistance which is 75%
Losing 200 resistance puts them at 430, which is 61%
And with 3800 health
A current ouginak with 3500 total mastery, using 1 cast of fits and starts on 61% resistance, does 2025 damage, without the non reducible damage bonus
So two uses of that, and sacrier is dead
all those damage bonuses, for nothing
But lets be fair, and say daring heart was never brought up to 100%
You instead have about 60%, roughly half
Thats -120 resistance, thats 510 resistance putting you at 67%
Fits and starts does 1714 damage to 67% without the non-reducible damage bonus
with the bonus it does +428 extra
So if they have you under Prey, you still die in 2 casts of fits and starts
So daring heart is too risky for that health level
So ditching it entirely we still have 60% damage dealt, with 75% resistance
Fits and starts still does 1246 damage to 75% resistance without the non-reducible bonus
But even if we move away from ouginak
Iop can kill us if we dont kite, but we cant do that now without the mobility passive
Sram can catch us no matter where we go due to its teleportation.

Sacrier needs more ways to stay alive at this level low health, or increase the % in which cling activates
Or it needs away to compensate for its low health and be correctly rewarded since most of our damage comes from close combat, and in close combat we need to compete with classes like Iop, Sram, Ougi

So what needs to change?
This is purely my opinion on it but here are some things that need to be fixed
Cling on one side needs that damage boost and AP boost to be permanent so long as the sacrier is below 20% health, not a one time thing that if self activated, vanishes the same turn its activated, i said it before but make cling function in a similar way to Eliotropes rage passive

Cling needs to trigger at a higher level of health %, 20% leaves us stranded and starved for ways to survive, OR if not that, give a sacrier another way to survive at such low HP, healing isnt going to matter if we can be destroyed regardless of whether we are at that full 20% margine

Spells like Burning Blood, Colonnades,  Spiritual Tempest, need some kind of extra effect to make them worth bringing in even situational areas
Burning blood takes away armor, something we NEED if we want to live at lower hp, and the armor taken to damage ratio is NEVER worth it, even if you build a pure AoE Sacrier
Colonnades is too situational for its armor generation and is completely unneeded when it comes to rocky foot and smasher as its abhorrent cost in AP makes it useless
Tempest is probably the one in need of the least tweaks but we need more utility to get through armored opponents, maybe give it an armor pierce.

In honesty for the tank side of things all the earth spells should give some degree of armor, even sac fist and insanity.
Insanity especially if we are planning to increase our lock to keep enemies near us.

All of my ideas hear are just that, ideas, im not trying to tell ankama how to build their class but if any of these work, then im really glad
I admit to not knowing how to balance a class but i can see that the damage dealer and berserker playstyle WILL die with such small rewards for such an enormous risk
And i love this class too much to allow that without speaking up
Score : 501

sorry for off-topic but i just needed to say it

It disappoints me that ppl started noticing ouginak only when sacrier is about to lose his op pasive. Ouginaks are ingame for +-4months, while amount of ougi players that actualy pvp is super small. If you open pvp ranking, on remington server, you will see that there is only one lvl 200 ouginak in it.

+Finaly sacriers will become killable for other melee classes (with made alot of sac players upsetfire ). But will it be easy target? - i doubt (from my experience,  if sac started first and already activated Daring Heart just straight using 4x fits + extra 2 with summon isn't good thing to do).

And *ouginak with 3500 total mastery* when i saw this huge number, 1st thing i did - tried to recreate it in builder:

build needs to be fully dmg runed and have most expensive epic and relic to reach 3450* mastery (or mb there is some other build with this mastery, while having ok-ish resist?).
Anyway, can average player get it?  Dont think so.
So i suggest calculating ougis dmg on some more realistic build. And counting in that for battlegrounds both sac and ougi would consider geting 3 gears from defender set.

Score : 16519

For Collonades, the increased armor generation is nice, but to make the spell more competitive I think some additional changes should be considered:

  • Increase damage to [5-115]. It's a melee AOE, after all.
  • OR increase base armor generation by 20% (6-120 fixed armor per enemy hit)

I think the air changes are completely fair and welcome.

Now for Cling...
To be blunt.. this is bad. I appreciate the thinking behind the nerf, but it's also wayyy too weak to be a once per fight effect. Also, the additional effects are no where near strong enough to be restricted to the level 200 evolution.

My suggestions for this, in order to make it work within the spirit of the changes without being a dud passive would be:

Scar state: The Sacrier can no longer enter Impending Death
Impending Death state:
  • -1 MP Max
  • 2 AP
  • 10% max HP as Armor

Lvl. 1:
  • On attaining 100 Angrr:
    • Impending Death (1 turn)
    • Scar (8 turns)
  • While the Sacrier has 100 Angrr:
    • 5% damage inflicted
    • Flame Return heals the Sacrier
    • 50 elemental resistance
    • Lvl 2:
      • (Impending death unchanged)
      • While the Sacrier has 100 Angrr:
        • 15% damage inflicted
        • Flame Return heals the Sacrier
        • 50 elemental resistance
        • 20% armor generated

        Making the armor under Impending Death scale to HP will make it more likely to be useful, but a low percentage keeps it from being too strong on the classic "suicide Sacrier" build, since Sacrier's max HP and resistances tend to be lower when in a full damage build.

        I'm also thinking a long faux-cooldown on Impending Death will be better suited to its revised mechanics than the once-per-fight limitation. Something like 8 turns is long enough that it won't be abusable in PVP unless the opponent already stood no chance of beating the Sacrier, while in PVE it would make the passive actually useful for a tanking Sacrier.

        Additional thoughts.. make the Impending Death effect vary based on your active punishment. Maybe something like...

        With Bold Punishment at 100 Angrr:
        • 2 AP (at the start of each turn)
        • 20-30% damage dealt
        • -50 Elemental resistance
        With Bloodthirsty Punishment at 100 Angrr:
        • 50 elemental resistance
        • Flame return heals the sacrier
        • 0-20% armor generated

        Generating a small chunk of extra armor at 20% HP could happen regardless of punishment, and still be constrained by a faux cooldown. But the basic idea is.. in one state you go hard on the high risk high reward approach, and with the other you become slightly harder to kill, getting a better chance to bounce back.
        Score : 192

        the problem with clinging to life is that wait to have 20% of life (100 agrrr) is way to risky... and sacriers cannot make a good use of it, or even not use it at all never.. because they will die before use it... the solution of this is to activate the passiva at 50% HP or maybe at 60 agrrr.... that skill should activate before 20% of life... 

        Score : 176

        hai, according to 1.59 patch about sacrier, i have suggestions for it,
        hope these will be making more sinergy in sacrier playstyle.

        Changing of Sacrier Heart passive
        1. when sacrier activated Daring Heart, daring heart will no longer reduce sacrier resistance, instead of it, daring heart will storing the hit taken by sacrier to add final damage bonus, (at lvl 100 daring heart give 25 final damage done), also store flame return as heal to sacrier when they use fire spell that damage himself, also addition 25% heal received (lifesteal included).

        2. when sacrier activated Sanguine Heart, it will give 25 bonus resistance instantly (instead of 50) , Sanguine heart will not longer storing damage taken by sacrier and consume sacrier's armor per turn, instead of it, storing hit taken by sacrier to give bonus resistance (at lvl 100 it will give another 50 resistance to sacrier) and also sacrier get bonus 25% armor when using earth branch skill that add armor to sacrier.

        Score : 2107

        Another interesting cling buff could be permanent increase to base damage on spells when the sacrier is below 20% hp, this could be an increase of 10% or maybe 15% base dmg.

        Or it could change the behaviour of the spells, feks make colonnades cover all the melee tiles around sacrier, or make it so that rippling tattoo would push in the direction sacrier is facing.

        Score : -2657


        Karsh|2018-03-12 22:00:35
        you are totally wrong men... many clases can go over 18000hp... it depends on the build... and also, dont forget about the shield, hp pool plus shield from caracteristics, most of the  clases have ove 18000 hp+shield... remember that sacriers usually dont waste points in shield. i have seen osamodas, yops, uginaks, feca, ecaflips, pandawas, sadidas, with  over 18000 hp+shield... 

        im a sram and i (am able to) have 18k hp in fight with eni, you are right. even 20k if i change Willpower runes to HP.

        But sacriers can theoretically have 40k, but lets not get into that -- a sacrier can easily trade damage for HP, other classes can not. so the original statement holds merit, but a bit more complex huehue.
        Score : 853

        fuck wrong acc 

        Score : 540

        I dislike the changes to Lightspeed, from a purely PVE perspective. What I would suggest instead would be to have normal 6ap Lightspeed still usable twice per turn, and add a "while under Motion Sickness, only usable 1 per turn". That way you can still do decent AoE to a group of mobs and/or fly across the map in PvE to position at the cost of basically all your AP.

        Score : 16519

        Some more Cling thoughts:

        What if the passive created an effect where, if the Sacrier is above 20% HP and takes damage that would reduce them below 20%, that attack cannot reduce their HP below 1. No free revive or invulnerability though, if another attack comes and it's more than the Cling armor can soak up, or bypasses the armor, the Sac's still toast.

        Put the "once per battle" or cooldown effect on a cling like that and I think people would be OK. It would protect the Sacrier from large hits on occasion, but wouldn't give them nearly as much of a safety net as the old invulnerable cling.

        EDIT: Conceptual phrasing for this idea...

        Clinging to Life

        • On reaching 100 Angrr:
          • This damage cannot reduce HP to 0
          • [Clinging to Life]
          • [Scar]
        • At 75 Angrr (Multi-arm Level 1 graphic)
          • 5-10% damage inflicted
          • At 100 Angrr (Multi-arm level 2 graphic)
            • 10-20% damage inflicted
            • Melee damage reduced by 50% of level
            • Flame return heals the Sacrier

            • Scar: Lasts X turns, Sacrier cannot cling to life.
              Clinging to Life
              • Armor equal to 20% max HP
              • 2 AP
              • -1 max MP

              The idea here is, it still acts as a bit of a safety net for a berserker Sacrier, especially in melee (where they're supposed to be scariest!), but it's not as absolute a safety net as the old Cling. A melee barrier when at low HP would give the Sacrier some protection against chip damage, but indirect damage and armor bypassing attacks would present a significant threat to Sacrier.
              Score : 2107

              On further testing I've found out that heals performed also affects the heals from being in clinging to life. I wonder if this is intentional or not since heals performed doesnt affect the heals from carrier.

              Score : 16519

              It kind of makes sense, design wise.. If you turn Flame Return into healing, it becomes an elemental heal.

              Carrier is a percentage based heal and those usually aren't affected by Heals Performed. Same as how Cage of Blood is a life steal.

              It's just a bit odd since Flame Return ends up being Sacrier's only elemental heal effect.

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