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[1.59 Feedback] Huppermage

By [Owlie] - ADMINISTRATOR - February 16, 2018, 17:21:54

Hello everyone,

Please post your feedback here for the Huppermage.

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Score : 228

So they nerf hup for nogord?ohmy

Score : -22

Literally the only good thing about huppermage was Visio Imperum and Light Arrow. They were the viable things to use, granting high mobility after you bursted out 2/3 light arrow's to the enemy's face. Now I have to use a passive slot if I want to have the a bit of the same burst and then will be stuck with someone on my face for the next 2 turns due to the visio nerf.
I have an hupper almost lvl 200 and honestly this is making me feel like I wasted 1700h on this game (Look up Staryme on steam if you have doubts.) to then have the same fate as Cra or Enu.

Score : 856

RIP light arrow, c'mon ankama you ruined cra aoe, and now hupper single target burst? realy? 
revert that or you better just delete hupermages.

Score : 59

Huppers needed a guidance, or a buff. Not to grind them into ground.

So many spells loose their meaning.

  • Shiny Orbs - I literally cannot find any use for this spell anymore. Its AoE potential is destroyed, its debuffing potential removed, range is a joke.
  • Glistening Tears - I do not understand this.. So we gain +60% dmg that has no chance to trigger for a turn? Who'd use this spell? I could throw it in as an alternative to a 2nd or 3rd Light Arrow, but I just don't understand the crit aspect. "Oh here's a shiny magic sword, but it's like.. made of balloon."
  • All the Line spells. With a bit of buff on damage to make them comparable to other classes' spells, and making position even more important, but taking away most mobility we had? Sad.
  • Wisps could actually be an interesting mechanic, considering it eases out the shortage of spell slots, but then again, it's random. The potential +4 AP per turn sounds really nice, but you have taken away all means to use all those additional AP with constant "per turn" limitations.
  • Glistening Halo rework sounds really nice, it never had an efficient aoe use, and now it gives us a unique versatile tool. I just hope we can use it on ourselves, makes our tanking capabilities much better, or lowering enemies' threat. (unlike Tears lol)
  • Light Sword and Moonbeam do too little damage, % increase in heal probably won't make a difference.
  • All armor destruction/stealing spells were altered.
  • The new cheap pushing-pulling/stabilization mechanics sound like a new niche we can set ourselves into.

To me, it seems they intended to pronounce the damage aspect and tanking capabilities of Huppermage, and to force us more into melee, but I don't think it will work this way. Light Sword will not recover enough, and armor generation must be better if we intended to tank.

Principio Valere seems to save spell slots by cramming all functions into it, but the 2 turn cooldown literally annihilates its usefulness I will keep it in my deck, but I will regret it.

I don't see what we are supposed to do and what our role is anymore. I agree they should just delete the class instead lest more new players decide to accidentally play it.
Score : -0

I agree with any problems that you were telling Ankama about and i would prefer the old Huppermages and thế Visio Imperium

Score : 40

To be honest, I think that this changelog kills all the beauty of this class. I'm an Hupper lvl 200, so I could say that the only thing I like is the new work of runes and the fact that it makes easier to give to light spells the right element (my english is a mess, sorry guys). 
For the rest, I'm very disappointed of some points : 
1. Visio Imperium was the only way to get out of troubles and handle mobs\dung in solo too. Also it was nice to have a range bonus and give it to allies too. 
2. Light Arrow was the best damage spell on our deck (in my opinion ofc) and now we can only cast it one time...all that pain to get 4 runes to just shoot one arrow. It's a pity don't you think? 
3. Glistening Tear has no sense for me. Like another player said, maybe it could be used instead of arrows, but I don't get the point of that crit debuff. Also I liked to heal my allies when in troubles, it gave me (and to all huppermages) the chance to be useful in a team and supportive.I really miss that. 
4. The self heal of Moonbeam and LightSword is ridiculous...come on, about 200hp at lvl 200? 
5. Same for the armor stealing. 
6. It could be interesting to use Will o the wisp in a new way, but it's a shame that it only save just one rune. It was useful to use it to recover runes for the arrow...but now that the arrow is gone maybe it won't be needed anymore xD 
7. Shiny Orbs has no meaning anymore. It was already weak, but at least it could be useful as a debuff combined with air\water skills and passives. It also had a nice aoe with the Will. But now? Small aoe and weak damage. What's the sense in that?

I hope you will listen us and find a way to make everyone happy. Good work and thanks for reading. 

Score : 3163

I love it for the most part but I am actually not too fond of the "last rune made" buff. Yes, I guess it can be seen as a bit easier to some people however I find it a bit annoying when I want to set up a certain turns. I a lot more comfortable with just following the chromatic order.

Glistening Halo's change hurt me a bit since I am an AOE Huppermage and I find the chaining of explosions to be very unique and visually appealing. I don't think the new way is all that useful but that's just me.

Downpour becoming linear is actually silly and should be changed back to how it was before. Vestige is not as good now in my honest opinion and should be changed back to -ap.  Gaining the amount of crit gained for just that turn doesn't make it worth using. At least extend the crit gain to "until the end of next turn."

Light Sword? I main this spell and honestly it's only gotten better so thank you.

Visio's teleportation part needs to be revisited. Increase the range of Visio or change the cost of the spell to 2 or something, iunno man.

Wisp is really nifty now and I like where you guys are going with it. Being able to have multiple out is nice but please make it range modifiable. The range in general is pretty bad honestly.

Edit: Also yeah Shiny Orb is even worse now, bring back the original aoe size or give it bonus damage when used on a wisp. Heck, do both! The spell in general has always been a bit of a turn off to most of us.

Score : -22

So you're an AOE huppermage but somehow you manage to main a single target spell such as Light Arrow? That's lack of consistency right there.
The spell isn't any good now, and 1 use per turn wont ever be worth the bother to get 4 runes. Don't even get me started on how much you'd have to sacrifice in terms of damage for that pityfull 2nd cast. How can you even say the spell's better? 

Score : 2102

The Huppermage rework does seem quite interesting from the initial testing:

I like how the different elemental spell actually steals mastery, at lvl 200 this can be +300 to 600 mastery in any given element(the elemental mastery stealing spells got 3 uses per target). Apart from this they're kinda lacking in terms of being quite generic, but I think that is fair for the mastery stealing they do.

For the fire branch it would be a nice idea if the air rune would make these ST spells hit AOE instead of ST and when used it will consume the rune, just like how it consumes the fire rune in the spell light of dawn(5AP).

In the water branch Vestige only steals critical chance from enemies, is this intended since the spell also deals dmg to allies but doesn't steal critical chance.

The huppermage rework information states that moonbeam should steal 30% of the dmg inflicted, but on the beta server its only stealing 20%. Also love the change to light sword, being able to steal 120% of the damage inflicted with 4 runes will make it more viable for those melee/aoe builds.

Eclipse which is a spell you get when using the passive soul development(3rd hotbar shenanigans). This quite the tactical spell removing -3000 armor at lvl 200 which is basically ALL the armor from most armor generating classes is quite good.

And I love the change to huppermage armor, making it last forever until depleted just like sacriers and ouginaks armor.

Score : -0

Yeah the mastery stealing seems good but actually Huppermages are quite not tanky. They just exchange Huppermages's mobility with some armor that could be stolen. Thats why reworking Visio Imperium is such a wasting way and this gonna ruin this class so bad that noone might enjoy playing it anymore

Score : 3163

My main complaint after messing with the class more is rune management. With no real viable way to consume our runes we end up with weird turns where we cannot generate new runes in order to gain that "last rune generated" buff that gives us 10% mastery but is also important for a handful of the skills you guys have provided us with.

Now, let me say that the 100 mastery steals are nice, it COULD be very useful for helping us control the damage our Light spells would do. However, in the end-game, the 10% boost to an element from the "Last Rune" buff can easily exceed a +100 you can get from one of the thief skills. You would have to use these stealing skills several times before they would be higher than the "Last Rune". It's just awkward to manage.

Yes, I get we can consume them, one by one, with spells like vestige, faille/rift, etc but that isn't exactly all that cost effective. Heck, the old visio besides letting us teleport, would consume all of our runes allowing us to make the most of Universality passive or letting us re-cast our spells in order to generate runes and maintain them.

Wisp are one way to empty out one of our runes however they are very particular, only storing away the last rune we generated. I can see what you guys are trying to do however at the moment rune management is actually a bit clunky compared to the current way.

Honestly, if you guys could add a better way to manage runes and increase Light Arrow's damage since you guys limited its usage anyways I think this update for the most part will be spot on.

ST Huppermage's are kinda suffering right now. Yes they have Tear but with how strong Light Arrow is they'd really want to at least use that too and the problem is Tear and Light Arrow have different conditions that need to be met to maximize their efficiency.

I'll be back later with more to say, probably. I have the flu or something so I can't test as thoroughly as I would like.

Score : 2102

Btw I do think Tear and Light arrow can be combined easier now, due to tear not having the rune requirement to deal dmg, but gotta use tear last in a any rotation to avoid gimping oneself with the -20% crit when you crit tongue

Score : 143

First things I noticed is
Downpour and Wallopping went from My Single Best range Spells to Crap Line spells that also require Line of Sight.
Then I noticed My passive Dynamo Took a 5% nerf, orignally 15% to elementals/20% at lvl 2 Now 10/15 Yet They Spoke of Improving Elemental Damage  But thats a Straight 5% nerf off the top..

I do Like The Mastery Stealing Mechanic Its A Nice Feature and I like some of the rune changes.. But for me More Line spells is No Fun, As is the Nerf to The Core mechanics for My Omni Build Huppermage.

Okay So I went ahead and spent a hour or 2 Looking at the Update  and here is a Point by Point Opinion. 

I Bolded My responses to each Change, Overall I am Disappointed with Quite a few of the changes myself. It Leaves me with  a Overly Homogenized Feeling for Every Tier, Very Similar Spells with Little to No useful effects on Most. 3 elemental spells per Element 2 Light, I would Be willing to Say I;d prefer 4 Elemental Spells Per Branch and 1 Light making it an Even 4 Spells to each Element Earth air water fire Light.

Noticed My Actives Spells Seem to remain Mostly Useless, With 1 or 2 Standouts.  My Passives Have Some Severe Problems which need to be Looked at.  Some classes get the Luxury of Having a hard time picking between Passives Cause they are all So Good, Not us we Basically Pick the 3 or so Useful passives and then Just Choose Filler Crap cause ours are So Meh.

Damage is Up Overall. Dislike The Changes to More Line based Spells.. Water Tree Ruined. Water is Supposed to be Fluid and Flow everywhere not In Straight Lines!

Below is My patch Note Likes Response Psmile

The Runes mechanic:
* - I like The Change No longer do My elements get nerfed for being Omni and net a 3% total Buff to damage if i have all runes.
The runes no longer generate %Mastery bonus/penalty.
The last rune applied by the Huppermage grants them a mastery bonus in the rune’s element (10%).

Elementary spells:
We increased the damage of all the elementary spells.
* - At my level 150 I noticed an average of 6 HP Increase which is a Solid 20% base damage Increase on my 2 ap Spells.
  * With The Dynamo NERF of 5% it nets out to not quite as high as they say.

Energy Flux
* I see the 20% Damage Buff and The Mastery Theft is a welcome Modifier.
Steals fire mastery (2 turns) to the target in addition to the other effects.
We increased the damage by 20%.
* -  I see the Damage Change and The reduction to 2 uses per turn As this is a Very Limited Use spell Given Huppermages Lack Much Area Damage I feel it Could use a Complete Rework to be more Useful. Perhaps a Ranged Fireball Effect with a 2 AOE X Akin TO a Cras Explosive arrow Etc..  Or Applying a Burning Affect Since its Like a burning hands spell.
Now costs 3 AP instead of 4.
Limited to 2 uses per turn.
We balanced the damage due to its cost being reduced.
Light of Dawn
*- As I personally found it difficult to Use Incurable much This is a Solid Damage Upgrade  on the base  a Huppermage can make a Pure firebuild 100% around just Spamming this and energy Flux.
No longer applies incurable.
We increased the damage by 5%.
* -  The Line Mechanic is HORRIBLE - You left it Line of sight based  and put it into a line added the steal Effect Overall this spell recieved a Very Negative Change it used to be a Go to ranged damage spell, Now its in practice very Tricky to use and Not good. due to the LOS requirement and being line. Either remove the LOS or Go back to the old attack pattern.

Steals water mastery (2 turns) to the target in addition to the other effects.
Downpour is now cast in line.
No longer teleports the target onto the Will-o-wisp.
Can only be cast 3 times on a same target per turn.
We increased the damage by 20%.

* Again They made a Perfectly Good Spell which i liked into a Crappy line spell With LOS issues, not happy with that But the critical Change Is Quite nice and I feel In exchange for line That this is More Palatable than the Downpour Changes.
The spell no longer removes % critical hit to the target but give a %critical hit bonus to the caster instead.
Walloping is now cast in line.
We increased the damage by 20%.
* - Missed opportunity to make this spell More Used as Currently Its Not very Good as Hupper mages are VERY single target based  Removing 4% crit from an enemy is OKAY but far from something going to make me use this Spell like Ever.. 
No longer removes AP but removes %critial hit to the targets (in area) instead.
We increased the damage by 20%.

* - I like the AP change to bring it more In line with other trees i do not like that its Been Homogenized to the Point that every element seems to have an Identical Spell 2 ap Steal Mastery do damage. Thats 4 Identical Spells.. alot of wasted Slots. - Never found Armour Removing to be very useful so not missed.

Costs 2 AP instead of 3.
Steals earth mastery (2 turns) to the target in addition to the other effects.
No longer removes armor to the target.
Can only be cast 3 times on a same target per turn.
We balanced the damage due to its cost being reduced.

* - I like The change from Stealing armor to generating it But i Think requiring a fire rune for this effect when Fire has Really nothing to do with Armour is out of character.

Costs 3 AP instead of 4.
No longer steals armor. Instead, the huppermage will gain armor for each impacted target if the Huppermage has the fire rune.
We balanced the damage due to its cost being reduced. 

Rift (Faille on the Beta)
*-  While very similar to the Original Spell, It drops the aoe and also Kills one of our Larger Damage spells. I would prefer they Make it Cost similar 5 AP Much Like The Light of Dawn Spell and Make The Armor Gained Equal to the Damage That Spell Gains. 
Replaces Eclipse. Rift (Faille on the Beta) is a single-target distance damage spell that costs 4 AP. It consumes the earth rune to generate an earth armor on the Huppermage.
Diurnal Butterflies
* I found this Spell As utility Always  And So this Modification Was Welcomed  different runes Causing Push or Pull or Doubling the effects of Said Push/pull. The Cost reduction and damage is fine to me.
Also Damage was Tuned to be In line with the fire water and earth 2 AP Spells. 
Costs 2 AP instead of 3.
It requires an air rune to push from 1 cell or a water rune to attract from 1 cell.
If the Huppermage has a fire rune, the spell’s capacities will de doubled. As an example, it will push from 2 cells instead of one.
Can only be cast 3 times on a same target per turn.
We balanced the damage due to its cost being reduced.
Dancing Shadows
Not sure why the Cost change And Damage Change The effect Needs work In my Opinion to work in more elemental effects for having different elements.  Very Minor Unneeded Change. Unless your Going to add effects When I have a water/earth/fire rune to the spell.
Costs 3 AP instead of 4.
We balanced the damage due to its cost being reduced. 
Light Spells:
Shiny Orbs
 - * This Spell was Categorically nerfed when it was Already Weak. Range Nerf Check, Aoe  nerf after i do all that work setting it up Check.. This Spell Now will never see the light of Day In My Spell Deck EVER you need to go back to the drawing board as its a waste of  a Slot.
We reduced the basic range of the spell (1-4 instead of 1-6).
We reduced the spell’s area of effect when cast on a Will-o-the-Wisp: the spell will deal damage in a cross shaped AoE (size 1). The propagation visual will be different.
-* - Very Minor Changes  Removed the propagation which was More Eliotrope like than Huppermage and Added a Mostly  Useless Life steal Effect - In the earth Branch I would expect Something to do with Armor Not life Gain - Life Steal is usually Fire Based in What i have seen from my other classes. Again effect and Branch Do not match Up. 
Is now part of the earth branch (instead of Light Arrow).
No longer spreads on the Will-o-the-Wisp. Lifesteal: 30% of the damage dealt to the targets in the spell’s area.
Light Sword
*- Again this is a Very Low usage spell for me  Lifesteal Earth branch Mismatch effect  and Meelee based? Somehow I think Armor or some other effect is More in Line. 
We increased the life steal potential of the spell from 20% to 30% for each active rune. The spell now deals two lines of damage (for the same amount of damage dealt by one spell before). 
Light Arrow
* - Ah The Big Light arrow nerf, - Why is it being Nerfed ? Damage remains the Same Useage Change to once Per turn.. It already has the Built In Limiter of the QB you have Built Up so further limiting its useage Seems Heavy Handed.  But if its Going to be Limited to 1 Useage Per Enemy per Turn i would Like to See a Buff to the Spell itself. Otherwise It becomes Hard to Justify in My Spell Deck.
Is now part of the water branch (instead of Glistening Halo).
Limited to 1 use per target, per turn.
Glistening Tears
 - *  - I like this Rework as It works Well In Tune with the Walloping Changes and Might allow for a More critical based Hupper mage Build. But it does make the spell Kinda Pointless to cast more than once per turn at all.
The Huppermage’s critical damage are increased by 60% (instead of 25%) but loses 20% critical hit for one turn.
Glistening Halo 
- I liked the Old mechanic of this spell.  The Lock/dodge Swap Mechanic Seems Like something that i will Find Utterly Useless.  This was One of the Very FEW aoes my Hupper mage used. Would be nice if they could rework it in a more useable Fashion than a useless effect.

The spell no longer puts a mark dealing AoE damage around the target. Instead, the spell now inverts the target’s amount of dodge and lock. It also inflicts light damage if the target is an enemy. 
Active spells

* This was a Pain to use before for Limited Returns and Continues to Be a pain to use with Even more Limited / Pointless Returns Definitely Not worth Using in my deck with the Shiny orbs Nerf. and lack of Synergy

Costs 1 AP. The spell can be cast twice per turn. Range 1-3 (cannot be modified, no line of sight).
Onto an empty cell: Puts a Will-o-the-Wisp and transfers the last rune created by the Huppermage onto it.
On a Will-o-the-Wisp: Removes the Will-o-the-Wisp. The Huppermage receives a random spell from the rune’s element (that they don’t already have in their spell deck), the rune and 2 AP.
The number of Will-o-the-Wisp on the field depends on the Huppermage’s control.
Visio Imperum, is renamed as Principio Valere
* I used this Primarily as a Teleport spell whenever i used it I like the No Los Modifier  But most of the elemental Effects Listed are Just Plain Strange and All But useless Except in very Specific Situations  I am trying to think of a Way to combo The Fire Effect with my Enripsa To Create Aoe heals. but for what it is Seems Like a Lot of hassle to Gain the effect Though the Incurable Could be useful against Certain Enemy's.
I like The Air and The Earth Effects for this. The water Which Not Only requires I have a Water Element Up but also Use the all But Useless Willowisp Spell Needs to be Looked at.
Costs 3 AP. Cooldown of 2 turns. Range 1-4 (cannot be modified, no line of sight).
Praecipio Valere applies an effect to the target depending on the last rune created by the Huppermage.
Fire: Applies “incurable” (level 5) and “sharing” (Partage on the Beta): When the target receives healings, everyone around it in a size 2 circle will also receive them (for 1 turn).
Water : Teleports the target onto the closest Will-o-the-Wisp (maximum 6 cells).
Terre : Stabilises the target (1 turn). 
Air : Teleports the Huppermage onto the targeted cell.
Passive spells

New Breath
- Increases Damage Received by 3% lvl 1 and 5% Respectively From The Hupper Mage on the next Turn Not a bad modifier But Not friendly for allies to do any Damage. Very Selfish overall.
No longer removes elemental resistances.
When the Huppermage has an air rune, when dealing air damage, the Huppermage will also apply levels of a new state " New Breath" depending on the level of the passive spell.
New Breath increases the damage received by the target (that have the state) during the next turn of the Huppermage.
Soul development
-* Interesting  Modification - Basically You require me to have a Passive that Has NO effect to give me a Big anti Armor spell. Not sure its usefulness and Doesn't seem Like this should be a Passive to me. Seems Like i am Missing out if i use this. on more useful things.

No longer heals the Huppermage depending on the earth damage dealt. No longer deals damage to the Huppermage depending on the Light spell they cast. 
Unlock the spell “Eclipse”. 


Costs 2 AP, range 1-4 (can be modified).
Eclipse removes a big amount of armor in an cross-shaped area (size 1): from -100 (level 1) to – 3000 (level 200). Cooldown: 4 turns.

- This is at least a Passive effect modifying an Existing Spell but I feel this passive is merely being made this way so they Can Justify nerfing us. and saying that u can Fix it by wasting a passive slot.  Not that I particularly used its previous form.
Increases Light Arrow's limitation to 2 uses per target, per turn.

* - So In effect You Buffed Elemental spells.  to Increase our Damage and then proceded to nerf The Core Elemental Hupper mage Passive.. to Turn around and Nerf Our Damage. This Makes Little to No Sense. It remains Overall a Slight Buff but This Nerf Seems Strange to me. The Only Possible reason I can see is to allow Folks to not use this passive at all. and still have a better elemental damage. Which makes little sense unless your saying to many of us Use Dynamo.
We decreased the amount of damage given by the passive (from 15 to 10 at level 1, and from 20 to 15 at level 2 of the passive).


theSpellweaver|2018-02-18 08:13:08
Mind you, Antithesis still reduces QB cost of light spells by 25% and applies a -20% damage penalty, so it's essentially it's 2x Light arrow for 279 QB and 6 AP cost that deals 160% of a single Light Arrow damage.
Though it does better damage per QB cost:
With Antithesis: 0.5735
Without Antithesis: 0.5376

And Soul Development reduces cost of Light Spells by 15% which actually makes it more viable than some, at least it's destined for pvp.

I saw No Such 15% Reduction to light spells of 15% that would make it much nicer for Soul Development!
Score : 59

Mind you, Antithesis still reduces QB cost of light spells by 25% and applies a -20% damage penalty, so it's essentially it's 2x Light arrow for 279 QB and 6 AP cost that deals 160% of a single Light Arrow damage.
Though it does better damage per QB cost:
With Antithesis: 0.5735
Without Antithesis: 0.5376

And Soul Development reduces cost of Light Spells by 15% which actually makes it more viable than some, at least it's destined for pvp.

Score : 426

Hello here is my feedback, I am a level 185 huppermage. I put both good things and bad things. I know the post is quite long. So please if you are looking for the critical feedback...

POINTS 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 14. These are the points that I feel should truly be examined.

1. It is much harder to get rid of runes. This makes it harder to achieve certain effects. For instance, if I want to use diurnal butterflies to push or pull someone, it is very hard to do if I have the water and the air rune. Or, if I want to use the principio skill to do a certain action, like teleport, it is very hard to do if I already have an air rune, but then acquired a water rune.

2. I do not like the water skills now. I have to cast the skills in a line now. This makes the skills worse, but I do not think water got "buffed" as a result. The water element skills feel harder to use than the other elements, but they don't feel stronger. If a skill is hard to use, it should be stronger when you do use it correctly I think.

3. I like the light arrow restriction. I think it is too powerful not to be restricted. Now I have to find other light skills to use, which can be fun.

4. I like that it is easier to change the element of the light skills if you have no runes active. I do wish I could change the element easily when I had runes already though, because I cannot get the 10% bonus for generating the rune, if I already have the rune.

5. I like the earth tree more now that is has more lifesteal and armor generating capabilities.

6. I am conflicted about the changes to visio imperum. I think it has many uses now besides self teleporting, which is good. I even think that it is alright for it to cost 3 AP. I dislike the cooldown a lot though. I do not like thinking... "If I give my ally stability now, I might be attacked and need to teleport next turn..." I know that the free teleporting was too strong, but I think it is enough to simply make it cost 3 AP. I think 3 AP and a 2 turn cooldown is too much.

7. I think, with the changes to New Breath passive, that you should look at the special build of huppermage that uses many items with -WP. This is the build that gets so much -WP, that they can maintain heart of fire state and Solar Stronghold skill forever. Because the elemental skills became stronger, and new breath looks very strong too, this build might become too strong.

8. Related to the visio imperum changes, it can be much harder for the huppermage to effectively do damage. Because of visio imperum, we could reposition offensively in order to attack the enemy. If our ally was in the way, we could teleport to the side. Now that we have principio, it is harder to do this. I am concerned that it will be overly difficult to do damage to an enemy if our ally is in the way. Huppermage only has a few skills that work when the line of sight is blocked. Perhaps make principio cause transparency, or provide an additional elemental skill that does not require line of sight?

9. I would like diurnal butterflies to have a slightly increased range, or to have modifiable range. This is a selfish desire of mine.

10. I miss the "Glistening Tears" healing. Perhaps it was too strong with the new principio "healing splash" effect. I miss being able to heal people in emergencies.

11. I think the spell "Twilight Beam" should be looked at. I do not know what it should do instead. However, it seems to be weak in the current game, and it is unchanged, so perhaps it should be changed to have some use.

12. I think it might be interesting to have the option to create a "4 element" huppermage, where all elements are equally strong. Perhaps this would be too powerful however.

13. I do not like the "Glistening Halo" change. I used the glistening halo because it did a large amount of damage, even to single targets, at the cost of the runes. It is possible the new version will have use, but it seems to be a very special use that will be uncommon.

14. I am fascinated by will-o-wisp, but I am concerned it will not be useful. The spell generated is random. We are not ecaflip. Perhaps it could only recover a light spell from the tree? In this manner, a huppermage could take one light spell from water, and then rely on the will-o-wisp to access the other light spell from water without randomness. As it is, I am concerned that the randomness will make the skill hard to use effectively, so I would ask that you look at ways to make it effective in a consistent way.

15. I think you did a very good job making the class better at lower levels. Thank you. A very large hurdle for new players of huppermage is that the class requires a relatively high level (100+) with good gear.

I would like to thank the translator or the community director who posted the detailed information about the rework. In the past, important information was sometimes not conveyed. The post was concise and seemed to include all the relevant information, so thank you very much.

Score : 59


Morisato36|2018-02-17 22:36:27

I saw No Such 15% Reduction to light spells of 15% that would make it much nicer for Soul Development!

It says so on tooltip on Beta server, which is where I'm taking this info from.
Score : 119

hello everyone i've got an huppermage too so i tested in beta(too) as many of you and like you i have some doubts.
first of all i like the new buffed version of it,
but like someoneelse said you take off the only funny things of it: the visio imperium free teleport and the huge multiarrow
principio valere is  not so usefull for a cost of 3 ap and hupper really lose any chance to move if someone lock him(like  new enu :/).
i tried some tests and yes maybe with a right amount of qb and a right rotation hupper would make a good damage  but ....i mean... an hupper should be an hupper and not an harder to manage and lesser to make damage version of a steamer.
if i have to use a char hard to manage to get damage,.at least i want more it damager than a steamer.
In that way,since i still appreciate some new things,i have some suggestion:
1- 500 qb are 6 wakfu but 1 wakfu is 75 qb......why?
2- flux and reflux still isn't usefull permanently and only a little change can make people like me very              happy:make flux and reflux usable only once x turn,i mean in the same turn i can's activate flux and 
    reflux,if i satisfied the reflux it will be applied the next  turn.
    alternatively it should be a buff that stand for2 turn, so basicaly the same
3-give us back the old visio imperium
4-light arrow is anacronistic now and useless so you can make a new maybe usefull spell,
   otherwise you can bring it back as before XD

Score : 3365

My first thought was Good, light arrow nerfed, wasn't healthy for them. Then I saw everything else and realised they didn't really fix much.

Never was it a problem they things didn't flow well for Hupper. It was that everything that wasn't a certain combo was mad inefficient. You could combine any set of spells and still have lower damage than light of dawn + Light of arrow two turn combo on normal mobs. Or just straight bursting with light arrow. So I don't see why you lowered the overall ap cost of things. But it does make room for use to throw more Light spells in a combo. 

Will-o-Wisp was oddly buffed but I can accept it. Could do some cool things with it on burst turns.  But I do feel like it's very encouraged to break it within the same turn of casting. Nothing encourages the player to leave it on field. (Perhaps it could change element to the opposite the following turn, or increase the value of it's effects)

Good job on New breath. That increases spell diversity. 

Eclipse - I just don't know. It is what it is. The idea of -armor is already niche providing it in a passive just seems like a bad idea, throw that in combo chain between spells. You'd find better results from that. Soul development is still bad.

Moonbeam - Good filler spell.

Shiny orbs - Nope. You nerfed it. Not really good for anything. Water is a bad branch now and non-sense itself isn't good as it's capped. It's a melee spell that's weaker than the range spells.

I honestly don't see the average Hupper changing this spells much. You changed Huppers one time burst and spread it across the rest of the turns.


Score : 28

Hello Owlie and the rest of the English community managers.
First, I'd like to thank you and the rest of the Wakfu dev team for your hard work! happy
I love the Huppermage class, and I'm very glad to see that the dev team took time to analyze it.
I see a lot more negative comments than positive; I understand and relate to most of the players.
I am very passionate about this game too and want to defend what we think is good, but many players forget that there are people working behind this amazing game, and throwing offensive words around is not very constructive.

Now to my review.

I am really interested to know what is the vision the dev team had for this class.
I know it is difficult to get their messages translated into English, but if you can give us the thought process or if they could share why they made certain changes, it will be much easier for the community to comment.

I'm going to breakdown my review into different aspects of this rework, start from the positive and then into some (constructive) criticism:

From a role-playing perspective, the change is VERY GOOD!
I am a huge fan of the spell generated by Will-o-the-Wisp!
This adds a lot to the concept that Huppers not only control all elements, but also borrow spells from other classes biggrin
Also, lowering the spells AP cost and generally increasing most spells viability, means we will see more spell rotations; hopefully we will see more diversity in play-styles!
I am a bit concerned about the changes to their effective range. Mid-range/close combat elemental mages seems a bit strange (more on that in our PvE's role), especially considering our casting animations.

From a gameplay perspective, the change is unclear.
The announcement pointed out these flaws with our class:

  1. A lack of damage early in the game
  2. A lack of fluidity in Rune management
  3. Effects requiring setup over several turns without much reward

Again, I'd love to hear exactly what the devs had in mind, I do not wish to criticize blindly, but the changes do not seem to fix our flaws, instead, they introduce a completely different gameplay, shifting the emphasis from Quad Elemental Light spells builds to Duo/Mono Elemental spells builds.
The changes to our kit shift our functionality towards these roles:
  1. Run & Gun /  High Risk , High Reward mid-range DD (Damage Dealer). (Fire-Air)
  2. CC (close combat) lifesteal tank buster. (Earth)
I have Foggernauts in mind when I think of these roles. blink

I believe that removing the multi-turn setup elements in favor of instant-reward gameplay will turn our class into an unrecognizable, generic class.
Multi-turn Light spells setup is the soul and essence of the Huppermages! wub

I suggest these changes instead (I know this is probably pointless; the devs will not take my suggestion into account, but I have to try! biggrin):
  1. (A lack of damage early in the game) In order to fix the lack of damage early game, make light spells more accessible, instead of buffing the elemental spells. I think Huppermages should start with 100 QB (without any passives) instead of 0, this will give lower level players access to light spells, as new players can not generate enough QB because of their low AP! Which brings me to point 2:
  2. (A lack of fluidity in Rune management) I think elemental spells should maintain low DpAP (damage per AP), but generate more QB! Have more Light spells consume runes to allow full use of Luminescent Disc's rune swap effect (new players struggle with rune management because they cannot make use of this spell in combination with Light of Dawn). This will open many more playstyles and allow us to use more Light spells. I love and want to continue to support the concept that runes should be generated to be consumed by Light spells! I often find myself in a situation where I have QB but cannot use it, or have runes but don't have enough QB. which brings me to the last point:
  3. (Effects requiring setup over several turns without much reward) I'll repeat myself because it is my conviction: Multi-turn Light spells setup is the soul and essence of the Huppermages! Long setup without much reward is a problem, but the solution shouldn't be no setup and no reward, I think it should be long setup is generously rewarded. Implementing my previous 2 suggestions will already make this happen, but I want to take a look at 4 signature spells in particular that require setup:
  • Light Arrow - Limiting Light Arrow casts per turn is understandable, but the setup is long and expensive so DPT is actually worse than using Light of Dawn and Glistening Tears. My suggestion would be: On top of the existing rune mechanism, consume all AP & MP to deal more damage, similar to Rogue's pulsar. This change rewards good positioning and setup, without breaking the game.
  • Twilight Beam - I've never seen any Huppermage use this spell in their main deck, but we all love to play around with it because its awesome! The setup is unrealistic and the DpQB is very low. I think making a simple change will make this spell much more viable: Increase the AP cost to 5 (or 6), but remove the QB cost, allowing the spell to fully utilize its secondary effect (consume all remaining QB and deal damage accordingly).
  • Shiny Orbs - I think the new change to Will-o-the-Wisp is very nice and will make this spell really fun to use, therefore reducing the range is understandable, just have it maintain the original AoE or change it to 1 square AoE (like Glistening Halo). Speaking of which..
  • Glistening Halo - To be honest I never played with this spell enough to have a valid opinion, but removing the mark AoE seems like a very aggressive nerf, and will nullify Glistening Halo's chain-bombing (shoutout to IVTea!). I personally love the concept of marks (shoutout to all Eniripsas!) but maybe the spell should follow its roots (and Role Play elements), and provide more utility rather than pure damage (heal around the marked target OR give lock around the marked target OR prevent all enemies and allies around the target from blocking LoS etc..)

And lastly,

Looking at the spells and runes new stats and mechanism, the change is controversial.  
I think this is where there is a very strong love or hate split in the community.
Since I'm a Single Target light arrow Hupper myself, I can't say I'm very happy about the changes. 
I initially wrote comments about every single change, but I think it is unnecessary (as this post is long enough). It can instead be summed-up as such:

Player versus Player
  • Huppers' survivability and PvP potential has increased immensely!
This is a very nice change, considering Battle Grounds have just been introduced.
New Eclipse is AMAZING! Thank you! (I can smell tanks everywhere shaking in fear laugh)

Player versus Environment's Utility and Damage
  • Huppers' elemental Damage Per AP, cheaper spells, and new Will-o-the-Wisp mechanism are all positive changes. However, multi-arrow, AoE and utility (Glistening Tears's heal, Downpour and Visio Imperum's teleport and Will-o-the-Wisp's minus resistance debuff) is removed. Linear water spells, long cooldown on Principio Valere and short range spells restricts our positioning.
This change is.. well I'm very sad sad
Many other players have pointed out that Huppers are not picked to fulfill the main Damage Dealer role (I still like to pretend I am a DD laugh) their beauty lies in their Chromatic Quad-Elemental Light Damage burst (which I covered in my spell suggestions) and their utility (e.g. Nogord).

The changes to our potential DpAP (damage per AP) and DPT (damage per turn) are NICE, but do not put Huppers in a position to replace other DDs, and the removal of our utility on top of restricted positioning is quite devastating.

*EDIT 19/02/2018*
I originally wanted to add this part, but it took me almost 6 hours to think of and compile this post; I had to take a break. I was also scared to lose the post in case something had happened. I only fixed some typos in my original post.

Some feedback concerning the Elementary Spells:
The new spells are nice and effectively promote more fluidity/diverse spell combination, thank you for these changes happy
However, there is one glaring change, which many other players have already pointed out:
  • Water Branch - I'm not sure why the water branch had to be crippled. The change to Walloping is very interesting and I'm looking forward to play more with it, but, Downpour received a severe nerf and Vestige is still extremely situational (while other branches' high cost elementary spells all received a nice buff).

I suggest the following changes to these spells:
  • Downpour - Giving it no LoS restriction will be an easy fix. I personally would like to see more utility out of the spell; when used on self or an ally, heal and give 1 range (similar to Feca's bubble, but limited to 1 use per friendly target). I think this will make it much more balanced. This will also counteract the removal of range buff from Visio Imperum.
  • Vestige - The rework will remove a lot of AoE potential, so I really want to find a way to make this spell work. My idea is quite extreme, but I love the Role Playing aspect of Wakfu, and since this spell is borrowed from Xelors, I think Vestige should have the following effect: Increase the cost to 5 AP (same as Xelor's clock), if the caster has the water rune, costume all other runes (water rune is never consumed) and give the caster 1 AP for each rune consumed. In other words, if Vestige is used with all 4 runes, it will return 3 AP to the caster, effectively turning the spell into a 2 AP, AoE, medium damage spell. The setup is not easy and the payoff is reasonable, making the spell a lot more attractive, while improving rune management as a bonus.

I think Rift should also have more Utility then just give armor, and it should also be AoE (my AoE Hupper brothers and sisters I'm looking out for you guys!) but I don't think its a bad spell, just a bit bland. unsure

I like the changes to our Passive Spells, good job balancing those!
The only concern I have is that I feel like the Light Arrow limitation should had been added to Pulsation, or, Pulsation needs some kind of buff. The passive's concept is fantastic, and really fits the Elemental Mage design! I know many Huppermages who agree with me and want to use it, but it is just not usable at the moment (unless you consider my changes above, that would be sweet! tongue).
My suggestion for a Pulsation rework would be:
    [*]Pulsation - Increases the QB gain of spells by 25%
    Increases the QB cost of spells by 25% (unchanged)
    From <10% QB to max QB:
    Flux (1 Lvl. per 20 QB generated) (Lvls saved for up to 2 turns) When reached max Lvl. 50, next turn enter a new state (can't think of a name) (1 turn) 25% dmg 10% crit 10% block.
    From max QB to <10% QB:
    - Reflux (1 Lvl. per 30 QB lost) (Lvls saved for 1 turn) When reached max Lvl. 30, next turn enter a new state (1 turn) 15% dmg 10% crit 10% block.
This change will make Pulsation synergize with many spells and actually promote having more WP (as of now, Huppermages do not benefit from having more QB, on the contrary) it also can't be abused by negative WP, 1 turn Flux and Reflux builds as it requires a lot of QB to activate. (Shoutout to ZephyrWiz for that cool guide though!)

I also feel like Gift Incarnation is on the weaker side, all Huppers I know prefer Universality, as The Gift doesn't affect Light spells, but since Will-o-the-Wisp allows us to recycle AP, it should be more powerful. If I could change it, I will add an effect: When The Gift reaches Lvl. 30, give 15% damage inflicted bonus in an AoE around the Huppermage (The Gift Lvl. does not reset).


If I may, lastly I'd like to suggest a different route to our Active Class Spells, to improve Huppers' PvE potential while keeping it as balanced as possible:
  • Principio Valere - Many (and I really mean MANY) fellow Huppermages were outraged at the removal of Visio Imperum, and the introduction of this spell. I am also not a big fan of this change, but there must have been a good reason for this. So instead of just calling for a rollback, I suggest adding some more utility, like removing resistance (I personally used Will-o-the-Wisp solely for this purpose) when used with fire rune on enemies OR add this effect to Wall of Energy as that spell is really situational at the moment. I also think it should maintain the ability to costume runes for better rune management and allow for some way to reduce the spell's cooldown (2 turns is quite harsh).
  • Will-o-the-Wisp - I love the new variation of this spell! The only thing I want to suggest is regarding the "random spell generated" feature. I strongly believe Will-o-the-Wisp should change the generated spell's elemental damage into Light damage! this will be truly feel like we are invoking a borrowed spell and also slightly buff the passives universality and fullness. I also wish it will have a more limited pool of spells to allow us to strategize instead of going Hail Mary, but a part of me also like the complete randomness of it (reminds me of Clefairy's Metronome laugh).

I still welcome all changes, good and bad. Changes are good and keep the game fresh and fun.
I'd like to apologize if my suggestions are not aligned with your Huppermage's build; I do realize a lot of my suggestions are selfish, and promote the way I think Huppermages should be played, but at the same time, I fee like these changes make a lot of room for innovation, unique play styles and builds. 
Thank you for reading!
Score : -0

I like some part of your plan smile but meh i still want the old Visio Imperium more than Principio Valere. Btw i think Visio Imperium sounds better :p

Score : 3163

So after testing for a while I was able to come up with a stronger playstyle for my original AOE build. This can be played for elemental huppermages and close combat huppermages.

So on my second turn I got 30 stacks on the dummy. The turn after I will be getting 40 stacks. How is that possible without spamming Air spells? Welp...This hand of mine glows with an awesome power!Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!TAKE THIS!MY LOVE, MY ANGER, AND ALL OF MY SORROW!SHINING FINGER!That's right folks! Light Sword! For 2 ap you are hitting twice! The changes to Shining Finger Sword Light Sword allow it to hit twice instead of once. If you were to make its damage air via making air your highest element, each hit will grant you 10% more damage for your next turn.

As you can see from the above image, I am prepping 30% damage for my next turn and as I said, on that next turn I was stacking 40% more. Meaning the turn after that I will be doing an extra 40% more damage. Also i would like to add this is all done with a basic 500 QB/Mana build.

(The revamp overall is still awkward though despite all this, so please take what we have all said into consideration. We do remember what you guys did to Enutrof).[/left]
Score : 1

omg blink

Score : 637

first was cra then enu and now hupp? ok

Score : 3163

Just gonna keep saying this cuz we've already said most of it. At least make Visio once per TURN.

You guys took a class with plenty of utility and made it clunky dunky, y'know?

Score : 426

I think the new visio is much more straightforward than it is to get all the effects currently but I agree about visio once per turn. Any of the individual effects could have a two turn cooldown and I wouldn't mind, but locking all of the possibilities down and making you choose with a two turn cooldown feels very painful.

Score : 384
Make Disc the Air Stealing skill, as using a short-range skill like Diurnal Butterflies, coupled with the fact that you MUST target something to steal and get Air and you will also most likely have the other runes active, can get you in trouble because of Diurnal Butterflies' secondary effects. 


As a Lv.200 Hupper which has been my main for a while, this is the only concern so far that i feel needs to be adressed properly in order for the Hupper to be a 110% functioning class.

The rest of the changes look great, even the nerfs are spot on (Visio was too much of a powerful Teleport, but i feel like it could cost 2 AP rather than 3 now). 

The limit to Light Arrow encourages finally using Twilight Beam over other skills since before, there was no incentive at all to use Beam over Arrow Spam. 950 BQ builds will greatly benefit from this change. 
Score : 426

Hi I agree with this post. After I thought about it, twilight beam is looking very nice not only because light arrow was nerfed, but also because elemental skills were buffed. Beam builds do a lot more elemental skills than arrow builds. I personally want visio to have a use per turn instead of 2 turn cooldown though, I am happy with 3 AP cost.

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