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Battlefields Overview: What's wrong and what's right

By NewHook - MEMBER - January 25, 2018, 22:50:11

So after testing the Battlefields for a good amount, I am happy to say this will satisfy most players in Wakfu. That being said, one of the two battlefields can be barely considered PVP.

For those who don't know, there's two primary Battlefields. One is called Iop Battlefield, which is a kind of long escort quest, and the Eni Battlefield, which is the obligatory capture the flag game. So out of the two, one would immediately think that the escort quest one is the broken one, but no it's the capture the flag one that's broken. 

So the Iop BG, you kill NPCs, plant supply crates, and then get your escort NPC. Defend the NPC from enemy players because he's worth a ton of points. Generally speaking, there's a lot of engagement, since you can plant a supply crate, have it stolen from you by the enemy team, and they get their NPC first. Overall, this game mode is a lot of fun, even with just a few players the game mode is very playable and with it packed, I can enjoy the chaos. Even in a small 3v3 setting, it could be enjoyable.

The Eni BG is many things, PVP isn't one of them. I've never seen capture the flag so bad in my life. For one, the flags are at the entrance of each team's base. For another, there's infinite flags. A team of 17 people can charge from their base, to the enemy team side, get the flags, and then run back to capture the flag. This running takes about 3 minutes, and if that situation were to happen, the battleground would end right there and then. I've seen this happen several times in the beta. If you capture a flag, you get a whooping 300 points to your team. If you kill a flag goer, they get a state where they can't interact with anything for 5 minutes, and your team gets 30-50 points. So what happens when you throw 80 people into this BG? All 80 are going to race to try to capture a flag without any defense. There is no point to defense in this game mode. Hypothetically speaking, if everybody on one team of 40 defended, killed all the 40 attackers at the exact same time, then maybe it could be a decent PVP BG. But that type of coordination doesn't make sense in this game mode, since people are rushing to cap flags and not bothering to attack anyone. What's worse, if there's nobody in the BG, you could, technically, win the BG solo by just running, picking up a flower, and capturing it, and then get absolutely fat rewards when they win a solo game. We're talking several hundred mil XP and tons of orange/yellow level relevant gear.

In short, I would say the Iop BG is decent while the Eni BG is in dire need of rework, It can barely be called PVP. 

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Terribly unbalanced pvp

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