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[1.57 Feedback] The Mineral Tower

By [Flatops] - ADMINISTRATOR - November 23, 2017, 04:56:35

Hi everyone,

Please post your feedback here for the Mineral Tower.

Note that only low-level content will be accessible for testing on the Beta's initial update this 24 November.

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I like the idea of the tower but it's really broken atm.

- Everything is only in french.
- Players can't join each other. So you have to do the fight solo. Literally every attempt I've tried nobody has been able to join anybody else.
- If you do win solo, then the fight doesn't end and the only way to end it is to surrender the fight.
- The boss can summon a seemingly infinite number of minions, with no apparent cap on how many they have out on the map at one time (so can have like 9 minions out if you don't kill them).
- Rocks used for boss mechanics don't scale properly with stasis difficulty. On s11 they have 400 hp and taking them to 200 hp makes them immune to damage and disables part of the boss mehanics. On s1 they have 200 hp and are always immune to damage so you have no way to disable those boss mechanics.

I question what the point is of opening beta like this, since within 5 minutes of trying it you reach the conclusion "Yup, it's broken".

Some items look nice, but the interface for checking them is EXTREMELY cumbersome (it pops up for everyone in the room, not just the player checking it). However I do like how the rewards from a given box seem to be of similar value/power.
The special tickets should be tradeable IMO.
I kinda like the idea of the weekly quests (or what I can deciper from them), since it seems to encourage mixing up your strategy and trying different team compositions.


Score : 6142

Beta always was all in FR (Unfortunately), Devs explain it. They do beta only in FR cos that information will change, combining it with the fact that Ankama is 100% FR that makes their work faster and they don't spend $ on translations.

I get into group once, dun mechanic is broken at this moment as Haylen said. Huh it's beta i wish they fix it as soon as possible.
I also agree, tickets should be tradeable.

Score : 7956

a sorry try to force ppl to buy stats, equip, spell pages and booster so you can run it with heroes, thats why sidekicks are not allowed. Content i'll skip unless you allow sidekicks. Oh yeah, plus extra tries cost money.... wakfu is becoming P2W at a slow pace.

Score : 3215

Extra tries cost money? As in, real life currency?

Score : 3125

Pretty nice, from what I experienced. Yes, instructions in French are iffy for those of us who speak English and only know 20 or so words in French, but I get by by simply mindlessly clicking instructions/options. For all I know, my character signed away their weapons, first born, and any hot, red sports car they may get as a drop. Still, I liked what I saw.

Score : 7956

if you are not going to fix or revamp sidekicks, you should allow them there, so anyone can do this tower thing, i mean, servers are almost dead, even finding 2 more ppl is hard

Score : 5660

May I suggest changing the level bracket from 50 and 185 to 65 and 185. I think the content would fit much better there than that at level 50.

Score : 5184

[BUG] Killing Agony first with clone's mechanic won't complete its quest's requisite (level 36-50)
Fix please {3

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