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[1.57 Feedback] General Comments

By [Flatops] - ADMINISTRATOR - November 23, 2017, 04:54:08

Hi everyone,

Please post your feedback here regarding your general comments for Update 1.57.

First Ankama intervention

Hello folks,

Thanks for the enquiries, we'll share them with the team.

See message in context
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Are there any plans on tweaking the crafting/profession system?

These are some threads where people provided some feedback on the issues and what is there to be fixed. Most of the suggestions are about tweaking and changing a few minor things, not completely revamping the system. Particularly, I am a fan of the idea of condensing rare resources into a single one per tier, and being able to crush all the common gear dropped into profession exp and/or resources.

Thanks for the attention.

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At the very least it wold be nice if the resource requirements for upgrades from the Refined tier and up were reviewed (and hopefully lowered).

Prior to 1.56 players were able to artificially reduce the difficulty of collecting the required resources by exploiting haven world farming mechanics. With that fixed, the resources needed to upgrade items are now significantly more daunting.

...I'd also like to suggest that the kama cost for improving runes on items have the same rarity factor for items between Uncommon and Legendary rarity. It doesn't make sense for smithmagic to get more expensive on an higher quality versions of the same item.

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Where's the mineral tower?

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talk to ur nation archeologyst i think, if not, amakna

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any reason you removed the drago turkey next to the temple? other than making non booster ppl waste kamas on zaaps....


Hello folks,

Thanks for the enquiries, we'll share them with the team.

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Will there be class rebalancing alongside 1.57? Specifically Enu feels overcomplicated and unwieldy and unfinished, some tools in the Cra/Feca arsenal didn't exactly become useless with the changes but they do feel kinda overcosted now, Xelor AP steal feels extremely underwhelming, and I don't think the Sram tweaks really changed that much beyond perfidious attack and better self-sustain (whilst arguably losing a lot of flexibility in the process). I think Sacrier could also be toned down a little bit (sacrifice still applying during the clinging-to-life state seems kinda broken). Also with more focussed PvP systems and in the context of the provoke nerf I do think other targetted stabilizes should be checked over, because stabilize can shut down some classes REALLY hard. I'm mainly thinking of Panda Ether here (cus with passive costs just 1 wp and no cooldown on it), and Iop Focus (which is more costly at 2 ap 1 wp and has a cooldown, but Stabilize + Incurable + 100 front/side res chip + triple damage 2nd punch which is an absurd number of effects considering that stabilize alone can basically ruin a player's turn.)

Will there be fixes to the willpower system? Specifically I think it's unfair that mobs got ~20 willpower for free which players didn't get and didn't get a restat to assign it manually... especially when all mob AP/MP removals were doubled up (to account for the halved removal chance) yet a lot of player removals weren't. There is also a problem that willpower is only "less random" on large steals.. which is actually a tiny minority of player spells and most of them only steal 1 or maybe 2. Which in practice makes willpower MORE random than what came before (unless you're casting those spells many many times, but a lot of those spells either have high costs or casts limits so that's not viable and mobs die to concentrated fire anyway whilst bosses are bugged so gain hyperimmunity per removal attempt rather than per successful removal). Players being forced onto 0 willpower on automatic ALS builds also feels unfair. And it's also unfair how willpower applies to summons. An 85 willpower Sram will summon a 0 willpower Sram double, but a 0 willpower Osa will summon a 20 willpower badgeroxxor (which also got doubled removal chance on its MP chip). Willpower also interacts badly with boss mechanics that rely on collision damage. And I still think it's extremely annoying and anti-fun that Ogrest can remove up to 6mp from you or up to 10ap. That's basically a full turn denial.

Score : 16536

Yeah. All of this needs consideration.

Making Sacrifice not work when the Sacrier is under Impending Death makes perfect sense, for example. Works for the same reason you can't just apply other immunity states to the Sac.

For Stabilize...

  • Ether usually costs the same as Focus, and Panda has arguably worse WP regen than Iop so. I think that's a wash. Weirder thing is that Ether doesn't apply Destabilized like other, similar spells.
  • For PVP I think one of the bigger issues is that the classes that most need a way to apply "destabilized" to themselves.. can't.
  • For PVE I think it's almost the opposite problem. Stabilize can be a vital mechanic for a lot of higher level content, but so few classes have solid stabilize spells. Heck, stabilize spells are highly concentrated on classes that are already strong in a high level PVE meta.

For class balance..
  • Something needs to be done for bosses like Nyl King, Kannilooni or Minibulia that can shut down melee classes so hard.
  • I think after the nerfs, Cra needs some closer consideration. The nerfs to Plaguing and Explosive Arrows exposed some other deficiencies in the class. ... Also I still think Plaguing should be redone as whatever would constitute a 'balanced' non-LOS air spell. Arcing over obstacles is that spell's identity. It feels weird and wrong that it was hijacked by a spell in Cra's already dominant Earth element.
  • Melee classes, for PVE, could stand in general to move more toward the model set by Ecaflip and Sacrier. Those two classes are still "melee" and they shine best at close ranges, but they have tools that make them functional in all content.
  • Also: Enutrof, after the revamp, leans heavily toward playing like a melee class, and has similar constraints.. but aside from Cutting hitting hard, Enutrof has limited tools to actually function at melee range (no armor, no recovery)
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Any plans on adjusting sidekicks AP/Damage ratio on spells and tweaking their status adjustment up so they become more decent at damage dealing?

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