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Beta Update 1.57 Changelog

By [Flatops] - ADMINISTRATOR - November 23, 2017, 04:03:58

Player VS Player

  • It is no longer possible to attack or be attacked by another player in any part of the game, except on a battlefield.
  • A system to protect resources has been added: whenever a player plants a resource, only they can harvest it, up to 5 minutes after the resource matures. After that, any player can harvest it.
  • Wings are activated by default on characters belonging to a Nation. They signal a player's allegiance to a Nation without allowing them to be attacked.

The Mineral Tower 

The low-level tier of the Mineral Tower is available. 


  • The description of Elementor has been changed to be consistent with the effects of the passive.
  • The description of Dupery has been changed to be consistent with the effects of the passive.


  • In the previous update, any Forgotten Helmets you already owned came to be linked to your account. To fix this problem, we've created an "Unlinking Machine" that will let you unlink your helmet.
  • The machine can be found in the basement of Astrub Inn.


Moon Island
  • The surface of Moon Island has been divided into two distinct ecosystems: Moon Beach and Moon Jungle. There are new Environmental Quests available in these different sections of the island.

  • Certain Drago-Express points have been relocated to make them more consistent. Drago-Express points are no longer always near Zaaps, boats and dungeons, and are instead more centrally located in the zone served. Some of these had to be removed, while others were moved to new locations. That means certain trips will take slightly longer than before, with the intent to have you travel through a part of the world, but they should last no longer than 30 seconds from start to finish.
  • Zaaps in Ohwymi, Past Xelorium, Present Xelorium, Enurado and Srambad have been relocated to be closer to the center of the zone, and so that players will spend less time running.
  • No changes have been made to Drago-Express points or Zaaps in the Nations.


  • There are new Meta-Achievements for completing Environmental Quests in the level group 171-185 (Moon Island).

Treechnee Dungeon
  • Treechnee Dungeon Achievement - Stasis 41 can now be properly confirmed.

  • We reduced the amount of achievements listed in the achievements page when the player hasn't completed the quest "Follow the Path" so as not to overburden newer players.


Grandmeow's House (Bow Meow Dungeon)
  • This dungeon is now meant for three characters (players, heroes or sidekicks).
  • It is no longer possible to enter with more than the maximum limit of characters.
  • Entering the Dungeon Leaderboard with over 3 characters is no longer possible.


  • Sidekicks no longer consume a key to enter dungeons.
  • Hippolyre gains 1 Range at level 125 as normal.


  • It is now possible to become neutral again. Neutrality is no longer a status that diminishes the players' actions (Astrub's exit, entering a dungeon, zaaps, drago-express, ships).

First Ankama intervention

Replying to Scab

Hi Scab,

It will be available in a future Beta update.

See message in context
Reactions 11
Score : 641

battlefields? wanna see it


Hi Scab,

It will be available in a future Beta update.

Score : 2460

no class revamp?
No rouge, hupper, osa revamp? sad


makeanimegreatagain|2017-11-25 03:11:56
Are you really sure you want them to get the enu treatment?

Make a pvp system with a desbalanced clasess is not a good idea,
do you can see the new teams with iop, sram, osa and sacriers....???? sad
no oportinuties to the other "useless" classes 
Score : 1821

Are you really sure you want them to get the enu treatment?

Score : 281

Can you remove low lvl crafted epic gear from the game?   Only high lvl players with alts even get these.   Nobody who is low lvl and new to a server could even hope to make them, so they are pointless.

Score : 187

Why would they remove them?
Sure only high lvl players get these but you can also use them in competitive mode...
Or give them to a new player that joined your guild to help them out a bit.
But I think competitive mode is the biggest point there, you should not remove them only because you never use them yourself o:


Hi guys,

Thanks for the feedback, we'll share them with the team.

Score : 1989

Any possibility of making Sidekicks stronger? They have been quite forgotten for a while, most of the damage dealers are kinda bad due to their AP/Damage Ratio and the status adjustment being kinda low for them (In the damage side), also some Sidekicks like Krosmoglob, Protoflex and Virulent still doesn't work properly with the level adjustment

"Sidekicks no longer consume a key to enter dungeons."
Hum.. They never did..

Score : 7953

plus 1.56 killed healing sidekicks, drop knight is trash after that patch.

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