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Dear Amakna: Give us a way to report/deal with trolls

By July 13, 2014, 08:51:12
So just now, I was being harrassed by trolls who turned out to be clearly more stronger than myself, and turned out to both be in the same nation as myself (Bonta) which is a disgrace.

I cannot remember who they were, but they resorted to juvinile tactics such as 'your mom' jokes and the like. I tried to ward them off by counter-trolling (In this case, going the Fundamentalist Christian route), but they seemed to be unphased. In fact they followed me around the map and continued to harass me.

Now, I realize this Free-to-Play marketing plan may not help the community, but will in fact:

A) Actually make the environment worse. By endorsing things like griefing (the practice of killing off weaker players for fun) alongside the regular trolling as examplified above.
cool May not actually pad out player numbers if this behavior were to continue. In fact players will just as likely abandon the game.

And now I have uninstalled the game, and will be unable to return to it in the near future unless the playerbase is given a means to report and block trolling within the game.

Furthermore, this will be the only post I make on the forum. I will not be reading it, and will not be expecting any pleasant replies to it if any at all. That's the kind of cynicism toxic behavior in a game will endorse; trolling others even within the game's forums.

A now departed player
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You said "I will not be reading this post" which for me its basically saying I want to ask a questions and spout nonsense and don't have the backbone to read the replies which may not agree with me 100%.

Firstly trolls exist on the internet get over it already. If you do not want to be trolled perhaps you should not use the internet.

They are not a problem unique to Wakfu are they? want to bet some money you will experience trolls on other forums/games.

I always believe players should be able to settle most disputes and if its fails then report people to Ankama. To do this its easy for us we can go here OR submit a ticket to Ankama support with some evidence such as a screenshot. Of course greifing is against the rules.

Here is a good way to deal with a troll ignore them it really is that simple. On the forums you can block players and you wont see their posts OR you can see the name of the post who posted the topic and if you know there are a troll then ignore it.

In game there was tons of ways to lose a player for example use a zapp or a dragonturkey, switch players/characters, go to the alamax, go to your phoenix,go into a dungeon, go into your guilds haven world.

Now to clarify writing off an entire game because of one person or a forum for me demonstrates a weakness of their own character. If you can not deal with a little adversity on a game how on earth are you going to cope within the real world?. Are you seriously crying over "your momma jokes?".
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simple fix really, they aren't physically screaming in your ear only in text. So, here is a solution don't read the chat, and or let them attack you. Bandit symbols tend to be huge kill me signs.
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